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Arctic Mining Consultants

Determination and evaluation of alternatives

The problem highlighted in the paper about the company’s work is the lack of employees’ motivation and involvement. This is a significant disadvantage because employees passionate about their work are of great value to any company. A good organization strives to maximize the potential of its employees, creating all the conditions for the complete return of employees at work and the intensive development of their potential.

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Actions that can be taken include:

Material incentives

Financial incentives are one of the easiest ways to motivate employees, which is its advantage. The organization’s head can also give the employee a choice of receiving bonuses: in cash, including training or an extra day off. Increasing the loyalty and personal interest of employees in the results of work and improving the company’s image also seems to be a plus of the monetary motivation.

However, there are also negative aspects of this kind of employee motivation. Thus, there will always be people who are more interested in human interactions and work for the benefit of an idea, not money. Moreover, if there are many employees, the issue of bonuses or salary increases can negatively affect the company’s financial condition. In addition, the enthusiasm of employees fades when they get used to the financial incentive system.

Intangible motivation

The advantage of this approach is the ability to allow employees to manage their careers. In this case, employees work more efficiently and stay in the company longer. Another advantage is creating a system of gradation taking into account employees’ success. In this case, employees will try to improve their performance to raise their place in the ranking. The third advantage is that this type of motivation, through the provision of training opportunities or improving working conditions, will help improve the relationship between employees and management. The disadvantages of non-material motivation include the inability to control the method’s effectiveness, motivation is subject to temporary changes and needs to be systematically updated, and indirect material costs are present.

Hertzberg’s theory

It suggests using external and internal methods to improve the performance of the enterprise. External methods involve creating comfortable working conditions and internal-the emergence of employee satisfaction. The advantages of this theory are the presence of differentiating factors that have different effects on the behavior of employees, the visible effect of using them in the practical activities of organizations through the development of labor enrichment programs, and increasing the responsibility of staff. However, the theory also has its drawbacks, including subjectivism, the lack of a close correlation between satisfaction and productivity, and the lack of consideration of the individual characteristics of employees.


Hertzberg’s theory can be applied as a solution to the problem of organization. This choice was made because it implies factors that determine whether a person enjoys working or not. One of these factors is the interaction of employees and employers, which is the weak point of the organization. Since Parker does not have the leadership skills to engage the team and does not use effective communication to understand the needs for successful motivation, it is worth starting to work directly on this aspect. Actions to improve communication with employees should be applied by the head of the organization as soon as possible. These may include taking various training courses, reading specialized literature, interacting directly with your employees, and tracking their progress. It is essential since the success of the company depends on practical and successful management. Monetary motivation also can be applied, but it will only have a temporary effect.

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People want to feel their importance, to be recognized in society. This encourages them to improve themselves, to improve their professional skills. This can help the manager, if from time to time, for example, will provide the employee with feedback on the quality of the work done and career growth and increased responsibility. That is why it is necessary to improve the communication process. Thus, it can be said that Hertzberg’s theory will help to improve the work of the company and increase the motivational aspect.

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