Art Exhibitions for Maryland Institute College Students

Openings of art exhibitions are usually discussed as important cultural events in any community, and many people become interested in the artworks of young and reputable artists and sculptors. However, if ordinary people just perceive attending art exhibitions as one more approach to improving the leisure time, students of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) are usually obsessed with art exhibitions. There are two main arguments for MICA students’ attention to this specific stuff: to examine the works of other artists and to demonstrate one’s own art pieces.

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MICA students use any opportunity in order to visit a new art exhibition of famous modern artists in any state of the country. It seems that there are no barriers for real fans of art. Nevertheless, it is even more preferable when shows, installations, and exhibits are organized in Maryland. When looking at different artworks, students specializing in art are not just typical spectators, but they are both evaluators and seekers of inspiration (Hudson & Noonan-Morrisey, 2014). Thus, a modern artist can find both loyal fans and strict critics among MICA students because these young people perceive art as the major part of their life.

Additionally, MICA students also like to attend exhibits organized in their institute to enjoy the works of their peers. They discuss these exhibitions as a good chance to understand what culture or art movement they currently belong to. On the one hand, there cannot be any competition among students specializing in art because it is almost impossible to compare their creative works (Kleiner, 2015). For example, art teachers will not be able to find two similar portraits of an artist’s model among students’ works because their approaches to portraying are different. On the other hand, MICA students visit exhibits to compare and contrast their works with their peers’ ones and make conclusions. It is important to understand whether their approach to portraying people or depicting objects is as creative or traditional as their peers’ is.

Furthermore, MICA students represent a community, the members of which support one another on the path to developing a talent and realizing a potential. Therefore, students extremely like exhibits that are organized in order to demonstrate their own works. Artists need the recognition and assessment of their peers and the public to become even more creative and innovative in their choice of specific tools, methods, and messages (Sachant, LeMieux, & Tekippe, 2016). As a result, MICA students regard each exhibition organized in the institute or in Baltimore as an opened door for them to demonstrate particular talents and accomplishments.

In the community of MICA students, the process of selecting and attending art exhibitions can be compared to the process of choosing a movie to watch with a group of friends in the evening. Moreover, it is possible to admit that MICA students can receive even more satisfaction than fans of movies because of the variety of feelings and emotions typical of an exhibition visitor. Pieces of art can provoke a lot of thinking and even boost creativity; therefore, art exhibits are always in MICA students’ lists that include tasks to complete as often as possible. That is why, it is possible to conclude that visiting exhibitions is the stuff that MICA students really like because they continuously need new sources of inspiration and stimulus.


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Sachant, P. J., LeMieux, J., & Tekippe, R. (Eds.). (2016). Introduction to art: Design, context, and meaning. Dahlonega, GA: University of North Georgia.

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