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  1. Education: Financial Aid for College Students
    Many people are determined by the cost of a college education. Financial aid has been made available so that financially less fortunate students can get the proper training for their careers.
  2. College Student Life: Participation, Perceptions and Satisfaction
    Identifying and assessing the efficacy of learning is difficult and this difficulty increases owing to the constantly evolving standards of quality characteristics.
  3. The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon Among College Students
    It is necessary to note that young people (especially college students) support Bernie Sanders. They launch various campaigns to promote the candidates’ ideas among their peers.
  4. Why College Students Drop Out of School?
    Most students enter colleges with the aim of increasing their future earnings and having more career options, but not every student manages to successfully graduate the college.
  5. Financial Aid for College Students
    Financial aid has been made available so that financially less fortunate students can get the proper training for their careers.
  6. Preparing Students for College
    College life often presents formidable challenges and anxieties to many fresh students. In this perspective, learning how to endure the first year of college life is a challenge for every student.
  7. How is Social Media Affecting College Students?
    The use of social network websites has been extensive that they have not just attracted the interest of industry and academic researchers all over the world.
  8. Computer Skills for College Students
    Advancements in technology have become intense and have given pressure to college students to learn computer skills in order to be relevant in the job market.
  9. College Students’ Weight Gain and Its Causes
    Colleges should not assume that freshmen students immediately know what to do when it comes to their newly independent lifestyles.
  10. College Students and Weight Issues Relations
    The article provides a study of the concordance of self-assessment of college students regarding their height and weight to their actual body weight and height.
  11. College Students’ Weight Management Program
    The inexplicable weight gain among the college students has become a great challenge not only to the students but to the entire healthcare system.
  12. Why College Students Support Bernie Sanders?
    In 2016, presidential elections unveiled various issues. Major fears, hopes, and concerns of Americans have become clear as the candidates bring those issues to the fore.
  13. Schizophrenia in a First-Year College Student
    The paper studies a case of schizophrenia, which manifested in a 39-year-old woman during her first year at college in the form of prodromal symptoms, which caused her to drop out.
  14. Teaching Comparative Politics for College Students
    The topics of the semester are related to the political systems of different nations. The course is based on fundamental processes and concepts of comparative politics.
  15. Haircut Benefits for College Students
    A student needs a really good haircut at the beginning of the semester. This is your introduction to the other students.
  16. Gadgets and Items Useful for College Students
    While a computer is almost always a necessity for a student these days, the kind of computer is a matter of discretion.
  17. College Selection Rules for Student’s Success
    If you want to find more reliable information on how to choose a college properly, you may read this article and make use of the ideas given.
  18. Students’ Life in College: Classes, Exams, Courses
    The attention given to students’ life in college mostly covers its bright side, e.g., parties, sports, etc. This article covers the main side of life in college.
  19. Extracurricular Activities for College Students
    In this article, some facts about extracurricular activities and their worth for students are mentioned to make you believe in the power of these activities.
  20. College Unions as a Part of Student Culture
    College unions are special student organizations where numerous issues may be discussed. You can find more facts about these unions in this article.

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  1. College Student Life, Participation and Perceptions
    The findings indicate that students’ social backgrounds significantly influence their school performance. Previous research studies have presented similar results.
  2. African American Female College Students’ Barriers
    The literature reviewed discussed the barriers and success strategies for African American women to obtain higher education.
  3. Art Exhibitions for Maryland Institute College Students
    In the community of MICA students, the process of selecting and attending art exhibitions can be compared to the process of choosing a movie to watch with friends.
  4. Stress Tolerance: New Challenges for Millennial College Students
    College with its numerous assignments, hectic schedule, and exams requiring total commitment and concentration is more or less stressful for everyone who enters tertiary education.
  5. Mindset of a College Students
    Students’ future depends on their success in college, since it defines whether they will work in a company of their dreams or will be stuck in a hopeless position at a small office.
  6. Note-Taking Styles of College Students
    Each student can favour a different note-taking style, but one thing is common for all of them: they considerably enhance the process of remembering and revising the data.
  7. The Impact of Parent’s Educational Level on College Students
    It has generally never been given enough thought, as to whether the educational backgrounds of the families of students may also have an impact on the way they carry out their studies.
  8. Alcohol Abuse Among Students: Reforming College Drinking
    A large number of works are devoted to the problem of alcohol abuse among students. One of them is Drinking in College: Rethinking a Social Problem by George Dowdall.
  9. College Survival Skills for the Older Student
    Every student that attends college should be an efficient time manager, but for the older student this is especially important.
  10. Body Weight Change in First-Year College Students
    Weight gain in human beings is a very slow process caused by a slow insidious imbalance in energy levels which has caused an overweight crisis in America.
  11. In-State and Out-Of-State College Students’ Dropout and Success Rate
    The results of the proposed research are expected to be of help for educators and families of future college students in their attempts to improve the educational system.
  12. Negative Effects of Stress on a College Student
    This paper dwells more on the effects of negative stress on a college student’s academic performance. Negative stress can affect a student physically and mentally.
  13. The Problem of Anorexia Among College Students
    Anorexia nervosa and eating disorders in college students and adolescents are the problems that require immediate intervention.
  14. The Problem of Anxiety Among the College Students
    College presents multiple points where uncertainty is high combined with stress and responsibility, causing people to experience anxiety and other psychological distress.
  15. The Problem of Technology Addiction Among College Students
    The rapid development of technologies has impacted every aspect of modern people’s lives, from work and education to leisure and recreation.
  16. Mindful Meditation as Reducing College Students Stress
    The study answers the question of what is the reported effect of mindfulness meditation on reducing stress in teenage college students and its overall effectiveness.
  17. Risky Sexual Behaviors Among College Students
    Most college students engage in casual sexual relationships to fit in, save time and money and avoid other long-term relationship constraints.
  18. Mental Health Issues in College Students
    Although some types of mental health issues a college student usually faces might come from childhood traumas, some of them are appropriate in the grown-up period.
  19. Marijuana Use: The Impacts Among College Students
    The significant impacts of marijuana use include mental challenges which inhibit cognitive development and psychological growth among college students.
  20. A Letter to a College Student in the Future
    The paper argues modern society is founded on several social institutions, with family and education being the most important of them.

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  1. Online Education and Its Operational Attractions to Traditional and Non-traditional College Students
  2. Beyond Depression and Suicide: The Mental Health of Transgender College Students
  3. Media Usage and Preferences Among College Students: A Comparison Between Television and Internet
  4. College Students and Credit Card Use: The Role of Parents, Work Experience, Financial Knowledge, and Credit Card Attitudes
  5. Acting for Happiness: Financial Behavior and Life Satisfaction of College Students
  6. Chronotype, Sleep, and Depressive Symptoms Among Chinese College Students
  7. Educational Performance and Persistence of Bereaved College Students
  8. Birth Order and Romantic Relationship Styles and Attitudes in College Students
  9. Factors Affecting Poor Reading Comprehension of College Students
  10. Affective and Daily Event Predictors of Life Satisfaction in College Students
  11. Can Gender and Age Impact on Response Pattern of Depressive Symptoms Among College Students?
  12. Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among College Students: Economic Complements or Substitutes
  13. Financial Education, Financial Knowledge, and Risky Credit Behavior of College Students
  14. Anxiety and Sleep Problems of College Students During the Outbreak of COVID-19
  15. Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Real-Life Violence Exposure Among Chinese College Students
  16. HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors and Perception of Risk Among College Students: Implications for Planning Interventions
  17. College Students’ Attitude Toward Marijuana Use on Campus
  18. Illegal Exchange and Non-Medical Use of Adderall Among College Students
  19. Challenges College Students Face and How They Overcome Them
  20. Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students
  21. Characterizing Cyberbullying Among College Students: Hacking, Dirty Laundry, and Mocking
  22. Individual Attitudes and Social Influences on College Student’s Intent to Participate in Study Abroad Programs
  23. Childhood Maltreatment and Depression in Adulthood in Chinese Female College Students: The Mediating Effect of Coping Style
  24. Market and Nonmarket Influences on Curriculum Choice by College Students
  25. Cognition and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Among College Students in Ireland
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