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Aspects of Social Injustice

Currently, in the United States, one of the most significant issues that people face is social injustice. The recent protests have shown that many of the social institutions remain to be discriminatory against certain people. However, this is a sensitive topic, which makes it unsuitable for an absurd decision, and it is challenging to come up with a rational solution that would satisfy different communities involved.

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Another problem that requires a solution on a global level is the consequence of the pandemic because many businesses were unable to operate, and some people lost their jobs. These issues can lead to a significant economic decline. Since the United States still has restrictions in many areas, the government needs to come up with a solution that will boost the economy and support people who are struggling. However, this problem is complex and requires an in-depth understanding of the economy.

Next, one problem that is not as widely discussed at the moment, but remains a pressing issue is the use of non-renewable energy sources. These are fuels, such as petrol or oil and gas derived from natural resources or fossils, and are used to provide energy that people use for their cars, technological devices, or homes. This is a problem because these non-renewable resources will end at some point, and currently, no alternative option is good enough to satisfy the demand fully. With this issue, there is a possibility to explore rational decisions, such as alternative fuels, or absurd solutions.

I am more inclined to use the absurd approach because of the contrast it creates between a real problem and a solution that will never be implemented. I think that in this way, the absurd solution encourages the readers to think about rational choices and pay more attention to the problem.

One solution to the non-renewable energy sources depletion is the restrictions on mining these resources and declaring them public property that must remain untouched. The second resolution would be to focus on developing the space travel industry and building a human colony on a different planet with plenty of resources. The final solution is to make it mandatory for people to derive the majority of the energy they use for their daily activities from renewable sources and ban the widespread use of fossil fuels.

When reviewing the strict restrictions of resources mining, the issue of private property and capitalism arises, since most of the non-renewable energy sources are sold by private companies. They have contracts and agreements with governments, or they purchased the land where they mine these energy sources. Imposing restriction, in this case, would mean a bad precedent from a legal perspective, putting other laws and policies regarding private property and business activities at risk.

One may object that space travel is an underdeveloped area, and current developments and technical capabilities do not allow transporting humans into space, let alone moving them to a different planet. A variety of other technical issues arise. For example, it is unclear how one can build housing on a different planet, since its atmosphere and landscape may differ significantly from that on Earth. Finally, when considering a mandatory use of renewable energy sources, one may object that the current infrastructure and capacity of the existing green energy sources are insufficient for the existing demand. Hence, such a requirement would be impossible to adhere to in real life.

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