Association of Nurses in AIDS Care and Its Activity

The Function of the Organization, its Mission and Vision

  • ANAC (Association of Nurses in AIDS Care) is one of the leading professional nursing organizations working on the issue of AIDS and HIV (Association of Nurses in AIDS Care [ANAC], 2016).
  • The organization provides its members with valuable information concerning nursing and scientific research on AIDS and HIV (ANAC, 2016).
  • The mission of the association is to enhance the level of both individual and collective professional development of nurses who supply medical services for individuals suffering from HIV or AIDS, as well as to promote the health of infected individuals by stimulating research, sharing information, providing leadership for the nursing community, and so on (ANAC, 2016).
  • The vision of ANAC is to become a globally recognized anti-HIV organization; to battle HIV-related stigma; to educate nurses from low-income countries; to participate in international collaboration; to promote higher quality certification for nurses involved in HIV treatment; to provide networking and educational opportunities for nurses; and to conduct research on HIV, and help novice scholars in their endeavors (ANAC, 2016).

Potential Benefits of Becoming a Member of ANAC

  • A subscription to the organization’s peer-reviewed journal (Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, JANAC) (ANAC, 2016).
  • A discount for passing certification exams (ANAC, 2016).
  • Numerous opportunities to take part in high-level events related to AIDS and HIV prevention and care, both on the local and national levels (ANAC, 2016).
  • Discounts for participating in the ANAC annual conference (ANAC, 2016).
  • A chance to earn ANAC awards related to clinical achievements (ANAC, 2016).
  • Numerous opportunities to establish new contacts and learn from the experiences of one’s colleagues from other cities and countries (ANAC, 2016).

Resource Information for New Members

  • ANAC offers membership for both individuals and companies.
  • The cost of membership depends upon the membership type that one is interested in, but there is also a chance to become a member for free. It is available for those who work in countries with low average incomes (ANAC, 2016).
  • Contacts:
    • Address: 3538 Ridgewood Road, Akron, OH 44333.
    • Phone number: 1-800-260-6780.
  • ANAC has more than two thousand members and collaborates with other medical organizations. When giving their opinions on our Association, these organizations always highlight the importance of the social mission of ANAC (Willard, 2016, p. 235).
  • A large number of authors whose articles are devoted to ANAC agree that this association is one of the main contributors to the development of AIDS and HIV prevention and care strategies (Carbaugh, 2012, p. 9).

An Upcoming ANAC Conference

Members of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, as well as everyone interested in the issues of nursing and health care provision for patients who suffer from HIV/AIDS, have the chance to visit our annual conference on AIDS and HIV issues. This year’s conference takes place in Westin Peachtree Plaza, the State of Atlanta. The rates are different for various types of members. The cost for non-members will be $545. The main goal of this upcoming conference is to discuss different aspects of care for patients with HIV/AIDS, as well as to raise the awareness of the participants and visitors of the new methods and developments in the sphere of HIV/AIDS care. Further information about the event is available on the website of the organization (ANAC, 2016).

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