52 HIV Essay Topics

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  1. Immunology: HIV and AIDS in the African-American Community
    HIV/AIDS is major epidemic affecting a large fraction of US population. A great percentage of this population is the blacks. These people are the African American.
  2. HIV/AIDS in Children of Nigeria
    Over the recent years, there has been a slow progress providing healthcare to children infected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
  3. Medicine: HIV Case Management
    The paper presents a HIV case management framework for a 36-year old woman with asymptomatic HIV infection. It contains treatment goals, drug therapy, diet and lifestyle changes.
  4. HIV and AIDS Comparing and Contrasting
    This paper discusses the pathophysiology, clinical manifestation, nursing and medical management, and prognosis of two diseases: HIV and AIDS.
  5. HIV/AIDS Epidemiology and Nursing
    This paper applies the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to HIV/Aids: description of the disease, epidemiologic triangle, the role of the Community Health Nurse.
  6. Addressing HIV Prevalence among Gay Men
    This discussion outlines the strategic measures at the community level to address increased prevalence of HIV cases among Caucasian, African American and Latino gay men.
  7. Women and Men HIV Prevention
    The information on HIV prevention and treatment can be provided in terms of effective interventions. Specific attention should be paid to sexual minorities and HIV in such population.
  8. Influenza A, HIV/AIDS, Giardiasis in Miami, Florida
    Influenza A is a highly contagious communicable disease that severely affects the population of the US and the state of Florida in particular.
  9. HIV/AIDS Awareness in Mississippi Youth Population
    This paper proposes a program that can provide youths with the appropriate awareness as a means to address the risk factors to HIV and AIDS.
  10. The Trend of HIV and AIDS Infection
    This paper analyzes the article that determines the trend of HIV and AIDS infection and the related deaths in the United States.
  11. HIV and AIDS Pathophysiology and Clinical Manifestations
    There are various similarities between HIV and AIDS. For example, the two conditions are related given that the former may lead to the latter.
  12. HIV/AIDS, Respiratory Syndrome, Unhealthy Lifestyle
    This paper discusses three current challenges in public health: HIV/AIDS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and the challenge of an unhealthy lifestyle.
  13. HIV/AIDS Patients’ Prognosis and Affecting Factors
    According to recent researchers, it takes about ten years for HIV to transform to AIDS without appropriate treatment.
  14. HIV/AIDS Trend, Monitoring, Management in the USA
    Although the prevalence rate for HIV in America is relatively low, compared to the country’s general population size, its incidence among some key population groups is high.
  15. Patient Attitudes towards HIV Testing
    This work aims to examine dental patients’ attitudes, beliefs, and perceived barriers to HIV screening to address these factors in an implementation plan.
  16. Old Hispanic Women and HIV Risk Factors
    The current study provides a significant contribution to the existing level of knowledge that involves old Hispanic women (OHW) and the already defined HIV risk factors.
  17. HIV/STI Risk Factors in African-American Students
    The paper analyzes “HIV/STI Risk Factors Among African-American Students Attending Predominantly White Universities” by M. Shegog et al.
  18. Concepts of Biology: HIV and AIDS
    The primary purpose of the paper is to examine the symptoms and the effects that HIV and AIDS have on a human being.
  19. HIV/AIDS Education and Teaching Plan
    There is a lot of evidence that even adolescent students can be involved in risky behavior, and many students are already infected with HIV.
  20. HIV/AIDS: Public Administration of Western Nations
    Despite the numerous misconceptions that characterized the advent of the epidemic, great strides have been undertaken to combat the human immunodeficiency viruses.

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  1. HIV/AIDS, Influenza, and Syphilis Rates in Miami
    The chosen community for the epidemiology assessment is Miami-Dade County, Miami. The selected diseases for the analysis are HIV/AIDS, influenza, and syphilis.
  2. HIV, Gonorrhea, and Tuberculosis in Miami
    HIV, STDs such as gonorrhea, and tuberculosis are among those diseases that have the highest rates and thus the most influence on the community life in Miami.
  3. HIV and AIDS Prevention: Teaching Plan
    In order to ensure that the teaching is of a practical character, it is proposed to narrow the scope of the material to the HIV/AIDS prevention problem.
  4. HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among Latino Population
    The issue of this health care position statement is the HIV/AIDS prevalence among the Hispanic/Latino population of the United States.
  5. The Problem of Addressing HIV in Gay Populations
    The challenges are presented by men’s unawareness of their infection, discrimination and stigma problem, and undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Epidemics of HIV in Gay Men
    Given that epidemics of HIV in gay men are on the rise in most countries, it is essential to diagnose the disease early.
  7. HIV/AIDS Infection among Women
    HIV is the acronym of the human immunodeficiency virus. Of causing AIDS, attacks the immune system, responsible for defending the body from disease.
  8. Prevention of HIV Prevalence among Latinos
    Even though the whole population of the USA is at risk of suffering from HIV, gender and sexual minorities among Latinos belong to the most vulnerable population.
  9. HIV/AIDS Prevalence in African-American Population
    The African-American people feel a disproportionate morbidity rate of the HIV/AIDS virus and fail to receive the necessary health care services that become critical social issues.
  10. Prevention of HIV among Older Adults: Review and Research
    This paper determines the methodological matters utilized by the authors of the article Prevention of HIV among older adults: A literature review and recommendations for future research.
  11. The HIV Risk for Older Hispanic Women
    The authors of the article Unique Factors that Place Older Hispanic Women at Risk for HIV: Intimate Partner Violence, Machismo, and Marianismo clearly state the primary purpose of the research.
  12. Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Songs on Social Issues
    Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS are some of the major social issues affecting society today. Songs have been used in raising awareness about social issues that affect the world.
  13. HIV and AIDS among African American Women
    This essay gives a detailed description of HIV/AIDS among African American women. It also outlines the best leadership practices that can improve the level of social support.
  14. HIV/AIDS Epidemiology in Miami, Florida
    AIDS is defined as a chronic disease caused by an HIV infection that can fast spread in the body and influence the work of different systems.
  15. Reducing HIV amongst Gay and Bisexual Men in Florida
    There are many misconceptions regarding the passage of HIV among men with different sexual preferences.
  16. The Spreading of HIV across the Gay Men
    A thorough study of the age distribution of the HIV-positive gay men population would be the first step to determining an effective prevention strategy.
  17. Adherence to Antiretroviral in HIV Treatment
    The article delves into the relevance of the drugs and narrows down to the reasons why ARVs need consistent usage.
  18. Ethical Health Informatics for HIV Patients
    Privacy concerns should never be inferior to the ultimate performance of the system, especially when it comes to patients with HIV (or any other ethically-marked illness).
  19. HIV Prevention and Education Among Population
    The presence of high HIV rates among the population is a concern that might lead to severe consequences. The problem of HIV can be viewed from multiple angles.
  20. HIV/AIDS as an Epidemiological Problem in the US
    Many people in the United States are affected by the problem of HIV/AIDS. This condition has been observed to catalyze numerous implications such as reduced social problems.

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  1. HIV/AIDS and Safe Sex Behaviors in India
    This article is devoted to the problem of HIV and AIDS in India. It attracts national and international priority, as the rate of spreading the disease has been increased.
  2. HIV/AIDS Treatment Obstacles in Mumbai: Research
    Naik et al.’s article “Cost of treatment” dwells upon the major issues concerning HIV/AIDS treatment in India’s lower-middle class.
  3. HIV Transmission and Syringe Trade-In System
    In the modern societal culture, the transmission of HIV is more commonly found to happen via sexual intercourse rather than sharing of syringes while using narcotics.
  4. HIV: The Impact of Chronic Illness
    The care plan should follow the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2020 program about HIV which are focused on HIV prevention.
  5. Managing the Problem of HIV Among Gay Men at the Community Level
    Since there are noticeable disparities in the degree of HIV contraction among gay men belonging to different ethnicities, a detailed analysis of the factors to which the vulnerable groups are exposed must be due.
  6. HIV Among Caucasian, African American, and Latino Homosexual Men
    Creating awareness at the community level would play a significant role in reducing the number of new HIV infections among Caucasian, African American, and Latino homosexual men.
  7. The International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence
    On June 8, I have attended the International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, which was held in Miami, Florida.
  8. HIV&AIDS Education in Afro-American Community
    The engagement of African American women in discussions about HIV/AIDS is one of the efficient ways to eliminate existing health disparities and promote community well-being.
  9. Communicable Diseases: HIV
    This study aims to investigate HIV from the perspective of epidemiology, addressing various issues related to the selected disease, including its causes and symptoms.
  10. Chronic Illness of Interest: HIV
    HIV, which is human immunodeficiency virus, is a burden for contemporary society and a challenge for healthcare.
  11. Miami-Based Sources for Patients Living With HIV
    This paper reports on three Miami-based sources for patients living with HIV. They include AIDS Drug Assistance Program, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, and South Florida AIDS Network.
  12. HIV Management in African American Residents of Houston, TX
    Due to the drop in health literacy levels among vulnerable groups, along with restricted access to the necessary healthcare resources, the levels of HIV have risen among the specified demographic.
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