Bank Loan Manager: Job Analysis and Recruitment

The job under analysis is called Bank Loan Manager. This job was chosen for the analysis in this paper because I have a close friend who works as a bank loan manager. In my opinion, this is a rather profitable and respectable job, and its popularity and prestige have been growing during the last decade. The method used during the job analysis is a combination of prior information, observation, and interviews. The main source of data for the analysis is the job incumbent who was interviewed about their position and duties and observed while working. Preparing for the analysis I kept notes during the interview and observation, made research.

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Job Requirements Job Analysis for Bank Loan Manager

Table 1: Tasks KSAOs.

Specific Tasks Dimensions Time Spent Nature Importance
1. Speak with loan applicants, inform them about various conditions, answer questions, learn about their requirements Work with clients 65% 1. Knowledge of the ethics of work with customers 4.5
2. Ability to recognize people’s needs and offer solutions 4.0
2. Explain different kinds of available loans to clients, their terms and options Work with clients 3. Ability to interact successfully with all kinds of clients 4.3
4. Knowledge of bank’s rules and policies 5.0
3. Approve and refer loans according to the conditions and limits Document preparation 35% 1. Knowledge of bank’s rules and policies 5.0
4. Find credit histories of the loan applicants Document preparation 2. Ability to work with computerized data, to perform search and analysis 4.9
5. Determine the financial status of the applicants to see if a loan can be ranted Document preparation
6. Compile schedules and plans for payments Document preparation 3. Knowledge of document formats, the ability to revise documents 3.0

The career paths that will be analyzed in this paper belong to the hotel business, data entry field, and healthcare. In the hotel business, the individuals occupying administrative positions have good opportunities for hierarchical mobility path. The managers in this industry can develop a career starting with the management of property level and moving upwards to regional and then executive management positions.

At the same time, upwards mobility works only within the departments of this career, for example, housekeeping, guest services, and sales careers in the hotel business each have their upward mobility paths. Data entry specialists also have the opportunity to move upwards in their career paths advancing from a clerk to a supervisor or a team builder involved in the recruitment of new workers. Data entry specialists have limited career paths and little opportunity for moving up to higher managerial or executive positions. To address the limits, they require professional mentoring or coaching, management, and leadership courses and classes.

Although, if the company adopts alternative reward systems, it may help facilitate the professional growth of the employees and allows them to develop new skills and acquire knowledge making them potentially suitable for careers in other fields requiring leadership qualities (Heneman III, Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller 275). Healthcare is an industry with alternative career paths. A medical professional of a certain field cannot advance much, for example, a surgeon may become chief of surgery, or a nurse may advance to chief nurse. For a nurse to become a surgeon re-qualification and years of training and education are required.

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Heneman III, Herbert, Timothy Judge, and John Kammeyer-Mueller. Staffing Organizations. 8th ed. 2012.New York, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Print.

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