Banner Health Organization’s Business Strategies


Banner Health is one of the most famous and productive companies in the American health care system. This non-profitable organization was established in the year 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona, but it diffused all over the United States territory to give its services to as many people as possible. Banner Health runs twenty-eight hospitals and other medical institutions. This company specializes in operating various medical facilities (including laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and others), providing health care services to people who seek help, taking care of challenged citizens that are not able to leave their homes, and giving rehabilitation services as well. Nowadays, this organization is considered to be one of the largest employers in the United States of America, as it gives jobs approximately fifty thousand people from different states and districts. The following paper will cover and discuss Banner Health organization’s readiness to face possible health care problems in the next decade, its business strategies and policies, and other patient services that it is occupied with.

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Health Care Needs of Citizens in the Next Decade

It is a well-known fact that every company in the American health care industry is intended to develop its priorities and plans that will have a positive impact on the country’s citizens’ health and the environment in general. Banner Health is known for its serious and professional approach to cancer, as it has established a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center (“About Banner Health network”, 2017). Therefore, it will invest its finances and other instrumental resources in expanding its cancer treatment facilities and services. Unfortunately, a plethora of American citizens has to deal with oncologic diseases today.

Moreover, it is estimated that such cases will be even more prevalent in the next decade. Nevertheless, the company’s communications and intensive educational courses let their workers gain specific knowledge and experience in the sphere of cancer treatment (“About Banner Health network”, 2017). Moreover, Banner Health is developing its future equipment that is intended to heal people who happened to face radiation without any protection and now suffer from their health biases caused by toxic evaporations (Jakub, 2015). It would be proper to mention that the equipment discussed above requires a lot of investment and time for its development, testing, and registration procedure. However, the American government provides the appropriate amount of money to make these projects efficient and productive.

As it was mentioned above, Banner Health remains one of the leading employers in the USA territory. In particular, it takes the first place among all competing employers of the Arizona state (“About Banner Health network”, 2017). To keep and expand its leading positions and affordable health care services that American residents lack, the organization will invest approximately one billion dollars in building, renovating, and modernizing its hospitals in Phoenix and Tucson (“About Banner Health network”, 2017). This business strategy will be implemented in the nearest future to meet various health care needs of citizens in the next decade.

Strategic Plans

To give services to more customers and make any company bigger, it is essential to develop and implement a certain plan. Such a plan should also include various strategies for improving the number of employees, the quality of resource management, and the patients’ satisfaction. As it was mentioned above, Banner Health is currently investing in finances in building and renovating its facilities. Nevertheless, its strategy is much broader and has particular goals that will have a significant impact on the American health care system and the country’s labor market as well.

It would be proper to explain the primary objectives of the Banner Health organization’s strategies before listing them. Even though the company has a goal to improve various cancer services and treatment, it also works on the plan of teaching young, professional, and ambitious medical personnel that will have a passion for helping other people (“About Banner Health network”, 2017). This goal implementation implies an extended number of the best employees in different states of the country that will fulfill a plethora of new working places with their presence and labor (Drummond, 2015). To make this objective reality, Banner Health is currently working on establishing partnerships with the most prestigious medical universities in the United States of America (Drummond, 2015). These partnerships are intended to add more specific educational degrees and employ the best students after their graduation.

Due to tremendously big amounts of financial and other resources that flow inside the company, a high-quality resource management department is necessary for Banner Health’s productivity (Drummond, 2015). The organization’s strategy as to the issue mentioned above is to teach experienced personnel to cope with new and more efficient methods of accounting and appropriate usage of various resources (Borkowski, 2016). Moreover, some experts in informational technologies are currently working on the company’s website and electronic systems’ renovation.

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The last category that always needs improvement is the satisfaction of the patients of Banner Health’s hospitals and its other medical institutions. Although the company has one of the most efficient services of high quality in the entire country, there are still defects that have to be reconsidered to improve citizens’ relations and concerns about the organization’s work. As this system is non-profitable, its strategy is to reduce the patients’ expenses on medical supplies and treatment in general because this issue remains enormous in the territory of the USA for several decades. Unfortunately, people with minimal salaries or vulnerable populations cannot afford to stay in a hospital for an extended period (Borkowski, 2016). Therefore, Banner Health wants to follow the European health care strategy and regulate the cost of medicaments all over the country (Borkowski, 2016). It is an interesting fact that citizens of some Third World countries are more likely to cover their medical expenses than the same class in the United States of America. Banner Health considers this problem as a discrepancy of the country’s government.

It would also be proper to mention that the organization discussed above has its medical laboratories. These facilities are currently inventing new analogs of the most expensive medicine to introduce these products to the pharmaceutical market. If their plan succeeds, American residents will have more assuredness of their ability to cover various hospital expenses.


Banner Health is a non-profitable organization that was found in the year of 1999. Its primary objectives are intended to improve the quality of health care services in the entire territory of the United States of America. Moreover, it invests finances in particular facilities that will specialize in fighting cancer diseases, as this becomes a widespread problem in today’s society. Banner Health also expands its hospitals and established professional education courses for its future employees in colleges. Nevertheless, this company has a strategic plan that is intended to meet the health care needs of American citizens, address the nurse staffing issues, and to improve the quality of resource management and patient satisfaction.


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