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Bay View Corporation’s Top Manager’s Skills


Current market trends are becoming complex and chaotic. This presents uncertainties to stakeholders over their investment in companies. It, therefore, requires effective managerial abilities and skills to manage big multinational companies such as Bay View Corporation. Moreover, the need for managerial skills has never been on the rise as it is now. Most corporations would pay what it takes to have a good manager.

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This shows how important Chief Executive Officers are to organizations. Companies require managers with the ability to marshal the execution of tasks most efficiently and effectively. In this regard, companies must acquire only the best possible managers that can improve or continue their progress. The process of acquiring and retaining the services of such influential managers has become quite expensive and time-consuming.

Furthermore, getting such managers has been difficult in the recent past, given the fact that they have to understand the organization to manage it successfully. This paper will therefore try to explore the skills required to be a CEO at Bay View Corporation. Moreover, it will also endeavor to establish why such skills are crucial as well as how they can be used for the betterment of the corporation (Fields and Young 1).

Being a CEO at Bay View Corporation

Bay View, Inc. deals in the manufacturing of frame stats, a substance of high demand throughout the world. It employs over 50000 workers and this emphasizes the need for an influential manager who is up to the task. It is also quite important to note that the company monopolizes the manufacturing and supply of its products, which makes it more attractive and dominant in the market.

It is important to note the vast experience and knowledge acquired after being in the company for the past 25 years However, this is not enough. Furthermore, several staff members have worked for longer periods. It, therefore, follows that a CEO at Bay View Corporation does not only require experience, but also crucial managerial abilities and skills to move it forward. The CEO has a major role to play in this corporation, these include linking with a team of managers that operate the branches all over the globe, given that it is a multinational entity (Robbins and Coulter 22).

According to reports within the company, the manager may retire in two years. This presents an opportunity for one of us to take a managerial role in the corporation. Because I need the job, I will have to fight competition from seven other workmates.

This makes it quite interesting and fulfilling, given that we have all been rising through the ranks. To achieve this, I need to not only possess the skills required for the increased responsibility but also show my leadership ability and the will to move it forward. At this level, with the vast experience, it is quite clear that we all have the know-how of company operations, production, and other activities that are involved in the handling of its productivity (Robbins and Coulter 22).

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Very little separates us in terms of knowledge of the company and experience as well as past performances. It is through these aspects that we are seen as potential candidates. Ultimately, only one candidate takes the position and this makes the competition quite intense. Among the elements that are given close attention is the candidates’ ability to ensure a quality supervisor-employee relationship. Other considerations include the candidates’ ability to coordinate as well as oversee the execution of tasks by others and ensure that they are done effectively and efficiently. These roles can be categorized as managerial, interpersonal, informational, and decisional, among others.

These are important in helping managers to make effective and timely decisions. The right candidate must have the capability of planning, controlling, organizing, and leading the conduct of activities in the organization. Therefore, to stand a chance of becoming Bay View Corporation’s next CEO, I will have to demonstrate these abilities and skills. Furthermore, it is important to follow the progress of our current manager closely to gain more experience and skills in management (Curtis 1).

Why they are required

As has been stated above, the current trends, which are uncertain, have called for effective managerial skills. These are aimed at improving the productivity of corporations. For tasks to be performed effectively and timely, the manager must take control of all company operations. In this regard, potential CEOs must demonstrate an understanding of activities, which are required for the continued progress of the corporation. Among the skills required are related to managerial, interpersonal, informational, and decisional, among others. Managerial skills enable smooth running and execution of operations.

The capability of managing a corporation is very important as it allows one to run the organization efficiently and effectively. Moreover, management skills enable the CEO to coordinate as well as oversee the performance of tasks, for the betterment of the corporation. This will enable the completion of tasks effectively and efficiently, which in turn leads to higher productivity and competitive edge of the company (Curtis 1).

Interpersonal skills are also essential in management; these include being a figurehead, brand, and a leader of the corporation. This is very important in enabling liaison of activities, providing leadership, which is essential to the continuity of Bay View. Another aspect of a CEO is his/her informational skills; these include his/her ability as a spokesperson, disseminator as well as a supervisor. Effective and efficient demonstration of informational skills is crucial to potential CEOs as it enables the smooth flow of information from one department to another. Also, it facilitates the coordination of activities in the corporation as well as marketing.

The flow of information is very important in enabling the efficiency of productivity, as it is crucial to the success of the production. Another ability that appeals to potential managers is their decision making. CEOs are expected to have the competence of a negotiator, an entrepreneur, and a resource allocator as well as a peacemaker. His/her methods of handling conflicts are very crucial in management. Potential candidates should therefore demonstrate the ability to make the right decisions in an efficient and timely manner. These are very important in improving the quality of production, distribution, and supply of framostats throughout the world (Robbins and Coulter 22).


To stand out as the best among potential candidates for the post of CEO at Bay View Corporation, I must demonstrate the ability to manage, plan, control, coordinate, organize and lead the conduct of activities in the organization.

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Decision-making is another attribute that I need, as this is what separates CEOs from other managers. Moreover, the ability to convey informational, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills is also very necessary to improve productivity and hence profitability of the corporation. Since we possess experience and understanding of the corporation, a demonstration of the skills mentioned above would increase my chances of becoming CEO of Bay View Corporation (Gibbons 1).

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