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  1. Starbucks, Toyota and Google’ Corporations Missions
    The paper identifies the mission statements for Starbucks, Toyota, and Google, and explains how these corporations implement their missions at every level of business.
  2. International Business Machines Corporation Analysis
    This paper explores four elements – leadership, planning, organisation, and control with regard to the International Business Machines Corporation as it operates currently.
  3. Canbide Corporation Operations Management Tools
    This paper focuses on individual problems and potential solutions of Canbide Corporation with an emphasis on the need to have managers who are experienced to use analysis tools efficiently.
  4. Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
    This paper is a supply chain paper with main focus on Great Lakes Chemical Company. It highlights the company history, supply chain configuration, labeling.
  5. Nortel Networks Corporation Accounting Theory
    This paper is an indepth analysis of the possible causes of wrong financial reporting and discussion of the remedies and solutions that can be adopted by the Nortel Networks Corporation.
  6. Unilever Corporation Profile Overview
    Unilever is a multinational corporation that operates in the consumer industry where it sells such products as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  7. Burger King Corporation: Resources and Core Competencies
    Burger King Corporation is specialized on selling low-price fast food items such as flame broiled burgers, French fries, sandwiches and soft drinks.
  8. Multinational Corporations in the International Market
    This paper analysis the survival of multinational corporations in the international market depends on the extent to which they are conversant with the conditions prevailing in the host country.
  9. Teaming of Starbucks and Apple Corporation
    Starbucks, the world’s greatest coffee-producing company preferred to team up with another corporation and has chosen Apple Corporation as its key partner.
  10. SMART Corporation’s Organisational Analysis
    SMART Corporation one of the leading public transport companies in Singapore. The firm has registered massive success over the past decade through its unique management strategies.
  11. Apple Corporation Ethical and Social Responsibility
    The report aims at finding out whether practicing strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility has an impact on the operations of Apple.
  12. McDonald’s Corporation Analysis: Functions of Management
    In this paper, the author evaluates the organizing function of management in McDonalds Corporation basing on the human resources, and monetary assets.
  13. Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation’s Six Sigma Model
    The DFSS concept can be applied to the environment of the manufacturing processes and the Quality Assurance Team at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
  14. Qatar Media Corporation Al-Jazeera: History and Problems
    Al-Jazeera also abbreviated JSC (Jazeera Satellite Channel) is an autonomous broadcaster belonging to the state of Qatar, through Qatar Media Corporation.
  15. Sony Corporation and the New Trade Theory
    The New Trade theory is referred to as an economic theory developed by several economists in the 1970s. This theory has clearly been elucidated by the Sony corporation.
  16. The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Quality Assurance
    At the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, quality assurance (QA) and the related procedures are taken with great seriousness to reduce the risk of an accident to a minimum.
  17. Macy’s Corporation: Strategic Information
    Macy’s representatives have already survived economic crises, promoted the idea of repositioning, and showed how the company may follow its goals and missions.
  18. Deming’s Principles at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
    Deming’s principles serve as the foundation for making not merely a change in the firm’s performance, but a difference in the employees’ perception of quality and customer loyalty.
  19. Use of Six Sigma in the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
    The process of executing control over the essential processes in the organization after the crucial changes of its QA Department are made will be required to maintain high quality rates.
  20. Tesco Corporation’s Internalization Strategies
    Tesco is among the global leaders in the retail business. This paper reviews Tesco’s internalization strategies against the scale of Porter’s Diamond analysis.
  21. Multinational Corporations and Climate Change
    The current essay revolves around the topic of climate change and economic activities. In the essay, the author focuses on MNCs and their role in environmental conservation.
  22. The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Product Quality
    Incorporating an array of tools that allow evaluating the product from several aspects is essential in assuring quality at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
  23. A-Cat Corporation: Statistical Analysis
    A-Cat Corporation is an Indian, not a big company specializing in the production of electrical equipment for private and business use with the orientation on rural area markets.
  24. Saddle Creek Corporation: Food Company Analysis
    The Saddle Creek Corporation has been known as a logistics organization for quite long. The company exports a variety of products, including food.
  25. Costco Wholesale Corporation IT and Data Storage
    The optimal storage method for Costco would be cloud storage. Cloud storage offers several advantages to organizations.
  26. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Global Training Plan
    The paper includes a description of the Tenet Healthcare Corporation and provides reasons for creating a global training and development plan.
  27. Walt Disney Corporation: The Magic of a Proper Marketing
    There is no need in a detailed observation to notice that Walt Disney Company’s marketing approach desperately lacks subtlety. At present, the entrepreneurship is clearly feared toward expansion.
  28. Costco Wholesale Corporation: Working Benefits
    The article under consideration is entitled “11 Reasons to Love Costco that Have Nothing to Do with Shopping”. The author of the article is Kevin Short.
  29. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Intercultural Education
    The paper discusses intercultural competence in the healthcare to determine the gaps in the approaches followed by Tenet Healthcare Corporation while training the employees.
  30. ZTE Corporation Analysis: Background and Development
    The current report makes a research on a Chinese company named ZTE describing its background, financial performance, analyzing its benefits, costs and risks, giving recommendation.

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  1. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Training Plan
    The paper provides a discussion of how the concept of intercultural competence is reflected in the mission and current training plan of Tenet Healthcare Corporation.
  2. Multinational Corporations’ Global Strategies
    The following paper is intended to discuss and identify why multinational corporations must stick to set rules and standards in their business activities.
  3. Human Resource Management Goals in Corporations
    The four goals that all corporations ought to consider are diversity, a long-term strategy, executive compensation, and technology.
  4. Aetna Healthcare Corporation: Performance and Stability
    Aetna Inc. is a differentiated healthcare aids corporation. The company proposes a variety of classic, voluntary, and patient-oriented health insurance goods and associated facilities.
  5. Starbucks Corporation’s Strategic Initiatives
    The paper assesses the strategy and internal initiatives undertaken by Starbucks Company to return to profitable growth.
  6. IBM Corporation: Logistics and Management
    The supply chain and operations design of IBM align with its strategy and competitive priorities. The firm has decided to decentralize its manufacturing operations to various cities around the world.
  7. Lachlin Corporation: Stockholders’ Equity Analysis
    The paper will use the balance sheet for Lachlin Corporation to discuss the items that are recorded in the stockholders’ equity section.
  8. “The Corporation”
    The movie “The Corporation” by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott gives us a good and clear description of the main processes peculiar to the economy of the majority of states in the world nowadays.
  9. Starbucks Corporation’s Commodity Market Risk
    Starbucks is a high-end roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee globally. The company now operates in 65 countries since its inception in 1985.
  10. Selection Criteria in the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
    Determining the project selection criteria is a crucial step toward making sure that the primary objectives are met, the essential goals are accomplished
  11. Global Corporations’ Strategies and Local Communities
    Most MNCs nowadays formulate their arbitrage strategies from the perspective that allows taking the cultural needs of local communities into account.
  12. American Corporations and Family Related Issues
    On the matter of family related issues American corporation always have response. This paper will show how American corporation have attended to family related issues.
  13. Wal-Mart Corporation and American Nation’ Development
    Wal-Mart’s values and marketing strategy take into account necessity of intercultural communication and creation of friendly relationships with foreign partners.
  14. The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation: Quality Improvement
    The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation has been in need for an update of its quality policies for a while. Although the current defects percentage is passable, there are means of reducing it.
  15. Cosmopolitan Corporations and Maslow’s Theory
    Cosmopolitan companies are organizations that acknowledge various differences and use a set of strategies to manage them.
  16. Sony Corporation and Consumer Behaviour in the UK
    The report focuses on Sony Corporation and analyzes the consumer behaviour in the consumer electronics market in the United Kingdom and the influences of various factors.
  17. Burberry Corporation: Job Opportunities and Increasing Income
    Allowing Burberry to invest in a country may help to revolutionize the local textile industry and create job opportunities. It may also assist to boost government revenues.
  18. Costco Wholesale Corporation’s Compensation Philosophy
    This paper seeks to address the issue of compensation philosophy and the factors which influence its development in an American retailer Costco Wholesale.
  19. Tenet Healthcare Corporation: Training and Development
    The paper provides the discussion of how the global training plan was developed for Tenet Healthcare Corporation in order to improve the intercultural competence of employees.
  20. Aramex Corporation’ Diversity Management Strategy
    The diversity management practices spread from the US to other countries. Different countries have adopted a variety of practices to meet diversity management.
  21. Kohl’s Corporation Information Systems Strategy
    The Kohl’s is using the approach to attract, empower, and retain customers. The firm focuses on what every consumer wants.
  22. Canadian Regulation of Multinational Corporations
    The prime principle of globalization is featured by the interconnected holistic phenomenon. The world has become a village in terms of politics and cultural interaction.
  23. Starbucks Corporations’ Transportation and Supply Chain
    The paper describes a mechanism of Starbucks’ supply chain management, inventory control and benefits of transportation economics to define the factors of Starbucks’ success.
  24. Telstra Corporation Limited’s Financial Analysis
    Telstra Corporation Limited has used its resources to increase its operations and investments in new areas and markets, which have produced positive results.
  25. Microsoft Corporation’s Organizational Behaviours
    In the course of time, the Microsoft Corporation structure changed several times. However, mostly, these changes were not significant.
  26. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation and Its Founder
    This paper aims to provide a full review of Shoppers Drug Mart’s internal and external operations. The author examines the history of the company and its founder, Murray Koffler.
  27. Martin-Pullin Bicycle Corporation: Inventory Planning
    Developing the inventory plan for the Martin-Pullin Bicycle Corporation will entail estimating the economic order quantity.
  28. Progressive Corporation’s Entry in Belgium
    This paper performs a comprehensive business environment analysis of Progressive Corporation. The rationale for selecting this company is based on its extensive market coverage.
  29. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation’s Retail and Services
    Shoppers Drug Mart pays significant attention to the development of an efficient retail network that makes the business attractive to customers.
  30. Dong Feng Corporation: International Business Strategy
    The paper analyzes the possibilities of Dong Feng, the Chinese government-owned automobile corporation, to internationalize its business.

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  1. Multinational Corporations’ Golden Global Strategy
    Leading companies and economists have been trying to find the perfect strategy template everyone should follow if they wish to achieve success in the international arena.
  2. Nokia Corporation Strategic Management
    This paper examines strategic management in Nokia Corporation. In particular, it is determined whether this management function corresponds to the current needs of the company.
  3. Progressive Corporation’s International Business Plan
    Progressive Corporation could consider alliances with strategic insurance companies that are already in the Belgian market such as Allianz Belgium, Almarisk, and Belfus.
  4. Starbucks Corporation’s Marketing and Advertisement
    Based in Seattle, Starbucks Corporation specializes in a variety of hot and cold beverages, as well as in coffee equipment and accessories.
  5. Scientific Robotics Equipment Corporation’s Investment
    The paper aims to help the Assistant Production Manager of Scientific Robotics Equipment Corporation select the most profitable investment project.
  6. Adidas Corporation’s Organizational Justice
    Organisations ought to observe organisational justice. This will create a culture of trust, identity and commitment to delivering excellence.
  7. Microsoft Corporation’s Structure, Culture, Power Distribution
    Microsoft Corporation is a renowned software company that has dominated the industry for at least four decades since its inception in 1975.
  8. Partnership- and Corporation-Related Concepts
    A partnership is formed between two or more individuals who enter a contract to invest in a business and share its responsibilities.
  9. Employee Motivation and Retention in Microsoft Corporation
    The individual approach to personnel retention along with a fixed-term contract system could be easily integrated into the existing system.
  10. General Materials and Fabrication Corporation’s Union
    The current paper considers a case of an impasse in negotiations between a labor union and the management of General Materials and Fabrication Corporation.
  11. Ford Motor Corporation and Mexico Risk Assessment
    The paper makes a country risk assessment for Mexico for this year and clarify if it is reasonable to continue operating a franchise in this country.
  12. Cyberlux Corporation’s Report for Shareholders
    This paper presents a letter to shareholders from the Cyberlux Corporation’s CEO to update on the progress in 2010, plans for 2011, and the ongoing challenges facing the company.
  13. Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation: Business Structuring
    The proposed Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation will function on a captivating value statement in product strategy and customer relationships as the core instruments of sustainable operations.
  14. Microsoft Corporation: Lack of Innovation
    Lack of change at Microsoft contributes to the poor performance of the company’s smartphone. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operates on a system that does not support many applications.
  15. Costco Corporation: Porter’s 5-Forces Analysis
    This paper studies the Costco Corporation using Porter’s five forces analysis. The analysis indicates that Costco has good future prospects in competing against others.
  16. Amazon Corporation’s Radio Frequency Identification
    Amazon can embrace the power of RFID technology to become more competitive in the global online marketing sector.
  17. Microsoft Corporation’s Case Analysis
    According to the case study, Microsoft’s world market share is so massive that the company behaves like a monopoly firm.
  18. Microsoft Corporation Strategies
    Microsoft monopoly has ensured that the innovations do not reach the world market by making sure that their users become fully dependent on their services and products.
  19. Nucor Corporation’s Competitive Strategies
    Applying Porter’s Five Forces to the situation of Nucor can lead to the argument that only four out of five competitive forces are working against this company.
  20. General Materials and Fabrication Corporation’s Labor Union
    The current paper discusses potential steps to be taken to create a labor union in a GMFC-CCD plant, as described in the case provided by Fossum.
  21. Sony Corporation’s Failure in the MP3 Industry
    Sony Company found it difficult to improve its technology and implement the new changes that were unfolding. They had done a lot in terms of technology.
  22. A-Cat Corporation’s Sales Forecast and Analysis
    Working on the development of a sales forecast for a company is essential for the further identification of the strategies.
  23. Microsoft Corporation’s Resources and Capabilities
    This paper discusses whether Microsoft Corporation has resources (tangible/intangible) or capabilities that give it a competitive advantage.
  24. Nokia Corporation’s Development and Change
    Change is very important for firms in the current business environment. Nokia has realized the importance of dynamism, and its leadership has been keen to embrace it.
  25. Bay View Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer
    Bay View Corporation requires managers with a wealth of experience in their field. The paper evaluates three possible candidates for the CEO post.
  26. Bay View Corporation’s Top Manager’s Skills
    The ability to convey informational, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills are necessary to improve productivity and hence profitability of the corporation.
  27. Global Corporations and Customers’ Mindsets
    Most customers like to be associated with products and that have an international appeal. International products are known to be of high and superior quality.
  28. Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Communication
    The present document will explore in detail the context of the communication plan for use by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.
  29. Nucor Corporation’s Organizational Structure
    Nucor’s strategic plan included new acquisition and even new joint ventures that had been successfully implemented since the start of the new millennium.
  30. Sara Lee Corporation’s Strategy in 2011
    This paper discusses the case study Sara Lee Corporation in 2011, evaluates its corporate strategy, and examines has its retrenchment strategy Been successful.

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