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Baylor Scott & White Health Center’s Recruitment Methods

Recruitment Strategies

Health institutions should have a formal plan for identifying, selecting and hiring practitioners and physicians who possess adequate competencies. A recruitment strategy is essential since it supports an organization’s model. This paper discusses the initiatives Baylor Scott and White uses to attract and employ new health professionals. The discussion goes further to offer suggestions that this institution can implement to expand or improve its recruitment efforts.

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Recruitment Strategies and Effectiveness

The challenging human resources (HR) landscape characterized by workforce shortage and the aging population has forced Baylor Scott and White Healthcare to introduce superior plans for recruiting new employees. The first one revolves around the utilization of digital technologies. This means that the institution tracks emerging needs, turnover, and issues affecting performance. Using sophisticated analytics, this hospital monitors the performance of internal staff members and the availability of talent in Texas (“Career areas,” n.d.).

It goes further to provide online platforms, including emails and portals. This model is effective and affordable since it ensures that this organization attracts more potential nurses, clinicians, and physicians.

The second strategy entails the use of employment recruiters. These are consultants who fill emerging jobs by examining applicants’ resumes, profiles, and past experiences. Most of these experts rely on online platforms and social media networks to advertise new vacancies, including LinkedIn and Facebook. This approach is effective since the organization can identify and acquire new professionals within the shortest time possible.

It is also affordable and capable of supporting the recruitment of skilled people to provide exemplary medical services (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2017). The disadvantage of this approach is that most of these recruiters are in business, thereby being unable to meet the demands of the targeted organization.

The third recruitment model entails the use of this organization’s website. This strategy ensures that visitors of the official page can open the link, “Career Areas” and locate new job openings. Those who possess the required qualifications and skills are required to apply online. This process is essential and effective since many people in Texas might have specific interests in this hospital’s website. Those who learn about the available employment opportunities can share the identified information with their colleagues (“Career areas,” n.d.). Unfortunately, this strategy is inappropriate since many practitioners and professionals will not visit this institution’s webpage.


The recruitment efforts Baylor Scott and White utilize to identify and hire qualified employees are effective and capable of supporting its goals. However, the HR department can consider various measures to improve such initiatives (Antoun, Zhang, Conrad, & Schober, 2016). The first one is combining the use of recruiters and their online presence. This strategy will attract more potential practitioners and physicians to select those who possess advanced competencies.

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The second recommendation is to embrace the idea of college recruiting. This strategy will ensure that the hospital discovers emerging talent since such professionals can use modern health informatics more efficiently. Recruits require appropriate training and empowerment if they are to work for this organization for many years (Antoun et al., 2016). Finally, this institution can introduce advanced applicant tracking systems to automate the entire process, solve potential challenges, and use its database for future vacancies.


The above discussion has described the major recruitment methods Baylor Scott and White use to hire new employees. Although such efforts are effective and capable of delivering positive results, there are specific weaknesses that require new approaches or improvements. The organization can consider the above suggestions to improve its strategies and eventually become a leading provider of high-quality and affordable care in Texas.


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