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Beach’s Benefits


The beach is one of the best places on the earth associated with relaxation and carefree moments. Thus, it is normal to meet people at the beach after a tiresome day in the workplace. Advertising that is aimed at drawing the attention of beach visitors often makes use of images of happy families at the beach. This paper aims at discussing the benefits of the beach in detail.

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Benefits associated with the beach

The seawater is a common feature of the beach, which has been shown to provide some health and therapeutic benefits to beachgoers. The seawater has minerals that are important in the healing process of the body (Hobbs 50). Some of the minerals include magnesium and potassium. Also, many people visit the beach to swim in. Swimming has many health benefits because it makes persons exercise many body muscles.

Body muscles are forced to work harder so that they can counteract water resistance (Chase, Sui, and Blair 215). People with disabilities are also encouraged to swim so that they could improve their health. Research shows that swimming a few hours every week has the potential to reduce the chances of developing chronic heart diseases (Chase et al. 215).

One of the most common features of the beach is the sunshine, which many people utilize for many benefits. When the body is exposed to the sunshine, the skin produces vitamin D, which is needed for some specific physiological functions in the body. However, research has shown that people are subjected to high risks of developing skin cancer when they are exposed to the sunshine for prolonged periods.

Therefore, it would be important for persons to limit their exposures to the sunshine when they are at the beach. The beach has also been associated with improved immunity. This is based on the fact that sunshine leads to the production of some chemicals in the body that are essential in immunity. Thus, people who frequently visit the beach have better immune systems than those who do not visit the beach frequently (Barry, van Rensburg, and Hynes 770).

Research studies about the beach have also correlated sand at the beach with some important health benefits (Hobbs 34). When a person walks with bare feet on the beach, there is a very high probability of the nerve endings on the feet being stimulated. The stimulation of the nerves leads to improved health status. The soles of the feet have a significant number of nerves that are involved in response to stimuli. Walking on the sand has the potential to result in reduced body weight and the right body mass index.

A study on the effects of walking and running on sand found that the process requires around 1.6 to 2.5 times more energy than is required on a hard surface (Hobbs 67). When walking on sand, the sole muscles do much of the work about supporting the body weight, which results in the expenditure of a marginally higher amount of energy than is required when walking on solid surfaces that support much of the bodyweight (Hobbs 67).

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In conclusion, a beach is a place that has many benefits for human beings. It improves both mental and physical aspects of health in people. Although it might not be possible to visit the beach frequently, individuals need to think about going to the beach at least once every month.

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