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“Becoming Good: Building Moral Character” by David W. Gill

Becoming good: building moral character” is a book that has received a warm welcome among the Christians. Written by David W. Gill, the book lays fundamental principles on how a Christian can find satisfaction in the ways of GOD as opposed to the current love for money which has become the common way of life. He argues that with the current economic status, Christians are easily lured with money and power hence forgetting the actual teachings of Jesus (Gill 77). The author is well known for his passion to serve GOD and for the many years he has spent in ministry.

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Gill in his book has perfectly used the beatitudes as taught by Jesus to formulate principles that can guide Christians to survive in the 21st century. He has tried to point out biblical principles while applying them in a real world. This is not like the books found in book-stores that give biblical approaches based on the world as it was in the ancient times before Christ. Gill is more realistic by applying biblical principles in the modern world and maintaining relevance.

Illustrations in this book presenting events that are considered to be of the world as acceptable Christian lifestyles are an excellent revelation. He has used dinner invitations and parties as a way of promoting peace while transforming the Ten Commandments as a restaurant menu (Gill 220). Gill has all through the entire book called for ethical renewal in order for Christians to build good moral characters. The title of the book is a profound evidence of his call for the change of human ethical approaches that can help in character transformation. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the basis of Gills teaching where he presents a convincing approach on anchoring Christian ethics to the beatitudes.

In his book, the author is supporting a practical way of life governed by our Christian beliefs in a real life situation. The book inspires the reader to transform, develop and mature in the Christian faith. The author has successfully managed to present theoretical study into a practical real life situation something that very few Christian authors have been able to do. As he calls for Christians to live a life that imitates the life of Jesus, he also gives striking evidences using the bible as a reference. In this, he has managed to demystify the notion that being good in today’s world is impossible.

This however has been achieved through giving an insightful reflection of his personal life. He calls for Christians to embrace a Christ-centered life and flee from hypocrisy and pretentious behaviors. In addition, in his argument in the book, he provides scriptures to support his ideas so that he does not present his own understanding. The references drawn from the bible are the most striking aspects of this book. The author is not out to condemn or present information that will make readers die in guilt and self condemnation. Rather, the author has carefully presented facts and evidences in the bible in a friendly and polite approach that motivates readers to desire a change.

The author has managed to speak to the heart of his audience in a very spiritual yet realistic manner. This basically is how the author has been able to reach out to many Christians through this book owing to the simplicity of the text therein.

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