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Richard Taylor’s Argument for God’s Existence

Introduction Richard Taylor’s cosmological argument for God’s existence is commonly listed among the most convincing justifications of the creationist outlook on the essence/origins of the surrounding physical reality. One of the reasons for this is that the argument’s initial assessment will reveal it being thoroughly exhaustive, in the logical sense of this word – something that stands out as the…

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Topic: Religion

Euthanasia as a Christian Ethical Dilemma

Having to make a complicated choice between two different options is a part and parcel of life. The choices, which people make, define their future spiritual growth and create premises for their evolution. While it would be erroneous to state that the wrong decisions that people make mean that they are bad people, the line between taking the wrong step…

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Topic: Religion

Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative

Background of the Case Study The case study under discussion is focused on a situation faced by a Christian family. The parents had identical twins, but with the course of time, one of them was diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis. It is also known as kidney failure that affects people’s lives adversely and leads to lethal outcomes if no treatment is…

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Topic: Religion

“Islam in America” BBC Documentary

Introduction Atheists around the world are having a field day when it comes to proving their point that religion serves no purpose other than to oppress and prevent the growth of human civilization. It is problematic to mount up a defense of religion, especially when the deplorable acts of corrupt church leaders are grabbing the headlines. However, when it comes…

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The Catholic Church and Western Classical Music

The middle ages were characterized by the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church in many religious and social aspects of the community and society. Therefore, many secular elements of culture like the creation and composition of music had their origins in the Roman Catholic Church or were at least influenced by the style and music of the Catholic Church. Thus,…

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Topic: Religion

Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith in Islam

Introduction Qur’an, Sunnah, and the Hadith are the three sacred texts that Muslims value and use for assessing the ethical behavior to be embraced in their societies. The Quran is the supreme of the three sacred texts. It is taken to be literal word of God and is believed to have been given to Muhammad in a revelation. Hadith on…

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Topic: Religion

The First Islamic State Under Prophet Muhammad

Introduction The rise of Islam was not anticipated or planned. In fact, it had become so common within the first three years since the introduction of the religion that many scholars were shocked by the progress. It should be mentioned that the religion spread immediately after the death of Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam (Rane 31). Currently, Islam is…

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Topic: Religion

Christianity in Western Civilization and Thought

Introduction Christianity is one of the most widespread and developed religious systems. And although it is present on every continent, it is predominantly the religion of the West. The adoption of Christianity as a formal religion by the majority of peoples of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe occurred between the 9th and 11th centuries and was triggered by multiple changes…

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Scientology Religious Beliefs, Rituals, Ethics

Introduction Scientology manifests the eight elements of religion in varying degrees. For example, the most conspicuous elements include a belief system, an ethical system, rituals, community, and material expressions of religion. Sacredness, central myths, and emotional experiences are almost non-existent. Their beliefs are based on the ability to use reason to make decisions. Belief system Scientology’s belief system encompasses numerous…

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Topic: Religion

Zion Revival Church and Its Management

Introduction The effective management of a church organization is crucial for the realization of its vision and goals. Besides fostering the congregation’s spiritual nourishment and growth, the church needs to experience growth that denotes desirable progress (Jackson-Jordan 77). For this reason, church leaders need to consider the demographic elements of its congregation and the overall local population to ensure that…

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Topic: Religion

Christianity Beliefs and Practices

Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world. Generally, Christians believe in the existence of one Supreme Being (God), who is the creator of the universe. In addition, Christians also believe in heaven and hell; the righteous will go to heaven after the end of life while the sinners will go to hell. Moreover, teachings of Christianity…

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Topic: Religion

World Religions: Origins, Core Beliefs and Practices

Judaism Origins and Development Judaism is a monotheistic religion that was founded by Abraham (who was the first to be commanded by God) and Moses (who was also guided by Him as he led the God’s Chosen People from Egypt) (Davis & Velaidium n.d.). As pointed out by Karkra (2012), the majority of major religions have originated in Asia, and…

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Topic: Religion

Islamic State and Values of Human Rights

Introduction Muslims worship a God known as Allah. The believers acknowledge that there are numerous similarities between religion and Christianity. This paper gives a reflection and analysis of Islamic culture using the ideas gained from the movie “Islam in America”. The essay seeks to explain how an Islamic state can be founded on values such as human rights and pluralism.…

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The 95 Theses

The 95 Theses by Martin Luther was the work of art based on the Catholic practices referring to baptism and absolutism. The theses raised in The Ninety-Five Theses were against the idea of indulgence as the church had the power to sell salvation to a sinner. Luther was a famous German monk and the professor of theology at the University…

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Topic: Religion

People’s Religious Beliefs and Their Behavior

Introduction The impact of people’s religious beliefs on their behavior can be listed among the factors that often cause ethical dilemmas in healthcare. The target of the given paper is to present and analyze the ethical dilemma related to the discussed factor. The paper describes the case of a teenager from a deeply religious family who made a suicide attempt…

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Topic: Religion

Christianity and Europe in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages Europe Christianity, namely Catholicism, was the prevailing religion. What is more, it was the only religion recognized and generously financed by the state. Having such robust support, the church has become a dominating institution having a powerful influence on the lives of both noblemen and peasants. During this period of history, the Christian societies in the…

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Topic: Religion

Is Jesus God?

Introduction Diverse religious opinions arise whenever individuals hold different views about a certain spiritual issue. Most people respect the opinion of others about a certain topic. People appreciate that rational individuals can in differ in opinion. However, these sensible and tolerant attitudes lead to the formulation of two distinct lines of thought where people align with groups that share similar…

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Topic: Religion

The Passover Origin, Development, and Practice

The Jewish people started practicing the Passover feast as a religious requirement from Yahweh. It was one of the primary methods they had to adapt on the eve of their exodus from Egypt. From the beginning of this tradition to the current day scenarios, the Jews have passed on this tradition even to the Christians. Once upon a time, the…

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Topic: Religion

Methodist Episcopal Church and Primitive Methodist Church

This essay compares and contrasts two church denominations. The essay looks deeply into the origins of the primitive Methodist church and the Methodist Episcopal church. It further explores the similarities and differences in their beliefs and practices. Conclusively, this essay establishes that save the Methodist Episcopal Church is more polished and sophisticated in their approach to practice e.g., sermon delivery…

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Topic: Religion

Euthanasia in Christianity and Buddhism

Case Study on Death and Dying Nowadays, we live in a multicultural world, where individuals who represent different traditions have to engage in contact and coexistence in a wide array of situations. In particular, patients of clinics may often belong to different cultural and/or religious traditions. This means that it is paramount for medics to take into account the cultural…

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Topic: Religion

The Meaning of Human Existence

Meaning of Spirituality Spirituality refers to the sense of connection to a higher being or purpose that goes beyond normal human understanding. In that regard, it is the connection that humans have to the divine. Spirituality can also be defined as the connection humans have to concepts that are hard to comprehend such as nature, the universe, and eternity (Green,…

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Topic: Religion

Christianity and Buddhism for Terminally Ill Patient

Introduction George was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and in the spinal cord, causing muscle atrophy and leading to eventual complete loss of muscle control. The median life expectancy for this diagnosis is between three and five years, but cases are known in which people lived ten and more…

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Topic: Religion

Is Islamic Spirituality a Key to Psychological Well-Being?

Islam, in general, has three dimensions – Islam, Iman, and Ihsan, or law, theology, and spirituality. In other words, it may be said that the foundations of Islam are submission, faith, and spiritual perfection (Spevack, 2012). The first dimension is based on five pillars of ritual and practice of the Islamic religions such as the comprehensive belief in and worship…

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Topic: Religion

“How God Became Jesus?” a Book by Michael Bird

Introduction How God became Jesus is a masterpiece book by Michael Bird, who is a theology lecturer at the Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry. This book deconstructs various claims by Bart Ehrman in his book, How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. Ehrman argues that the concept of Jesus being God evolved. However,…

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Topic: Religion

Innovate Church: Non-Negotiable Commitments

Which of the non-negotiable commitments to you find most difficult to keep? How do you plan to strengthen your commitment in that area? There are four non-negotiable commitments. Each of them plays an important role in understanding God, human beliefs, and the power of faith. First three commitments are clear, and it is hard for me to believe that one…

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Topic: Religion

Islamic Culture in America

Introduction Islam is one of the major religions in the world. It is highly controversial because of global links to terrorism. Most terrorist groups associated with the religion have taken responsibility for major terror attacks in the United States and other countries around the world. Contemporary American society is comprised of a highly diverse Muslim population. Some top media personalities,…

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Topic: Religion

Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism

Introduction The presented case study indicates that George has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This condition progresses gradually and eventually results in motor neuron deterioration and complete loss of coordination and muscle control. Terminal conditions such as ALS call for appropriate care delivery from competent health professionals. That being the case, healthcare specialists should exhibit culturally competent and sensitive dexterities whenever…

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Topic: Religion

Four Views on the Apostle Paul

Summary of the Book Apostle Paul was an outstanding follower of Jesus Christ. The book “Four Views on the Apostle Paul” is a religious masterpiece. The book describes the achievements of Apostle Paul. Many theologians strongly believe that apostle Paul was a major force in the development and establishment of Christianity. However, Paul’s writings have been interpreted differently by many…

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Topic: Religion

“The Making of a Leader” by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

Abstract The Making of a Leader by Dr. J. Robert Clinton explores the complicated nature of spiritual dynamics. The book provides readers with numerous accounts of leadership stories that are meant to serve as guidance for emerging leaders. In the first chapter of the book, Dr. Clinton describes five main stages that every inexperienced leader has to go through in…

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Topic: Religion

The Christian Worldview: Fundamental Elements

The number of Christians has steadily been growing in the recent past. However, there is a constant gap between the believers of Christian faith and the non-Christians (Cosgrove 34). The perception of the world sometimes does not reflect the exact representation of Christians leading to misunderstanding and conflict in addressing religious, social, and economic concerns. The article below focuses on…

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Topic: Religion

Spiritual Growth Plan: Evaluation and Strategies

Personal and Ministry Spiritual Health at the Start of the Course of Religious Studies and Theology The importance of personal and ministry spiritual health is rather high because it determines a multitude of aspects of the further spiritual development of an individual and a group. Some of the aspects that depend on spiritual health are one’s integrity, attitude, desire to…

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Topic: Religion

Religion in the Public Sphere: Morality and Law

Introduction The relations of Church and secular society have been a matter of discussion for centuries. Both spiritual and civil aspects are important for society. Scholars debate on how to bring them together without running to extremes. There are two dangerous approaches to the relations between church and state, which are privatization and politicization. The first one treats religion as…

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Topic: Religion

“Islamic History as Global History” by R. Eaton

Introduction Eaton’s goal was made evident in the introductory portion of his article. He wanted his readers to realize the failure of Western scholars in particular, and the Western world in general, when it comes to an accurate understanding of the Muslim world and the religion of Islam. He immediately sought shared common ground in order to establish a human…

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Topic: Religion

Religious Movements: Rastafarianism

Rastafarianism was founded by Tafari Makonnen in 1930 in Harer Ethiopia (RMHP 1). The group drew their inspirations from the teachings of Marcus Garvey and aimed at uniting the black race. Rastafarians consider parts of the Holy Bible to be sacred and reject the Bible commonly used by Christians in preference of Holy Piby. The group has between 3000 and…

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Topic: Religion

Why Did God Ask Abraham to Sacrifice His Son Isaac

Introduction Questions about why God asked Abraham to sacrifice his own son have been raised countless times, and for a number of reasons. The most common belief is that by demanding a sacrifice from Abraham, God tested his faith, will, and loyalty in such way. Even though Abraham was committed to fulfilling the task given to him, many people argue…

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Topic: Religion

Covenant with the Israelites

1. In religion, the term covenant differs from its common meaning. Traditionally it is taken as an agreement between different parties. However, in terms of religion and the Bible, the given word “implies more of a formal treaty like a commitment to a relationship” (United Church of God, 2011, para. 1). In other words, God is the one who defines…

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Topic: Religion

The School of Benedictine Spirituality

Introduction People got used to the fact the scientists do not believe in the things that seem to be supernatural and lack substantial evidence. Mainly, they consider religion to be a concept created by the human beings in order to explain the things they do not understand. Still, the absence of belief did not prevent scientists from focusing on the…

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Topic: Religion

American Dream, Religions and Sikhism

The USA represent a unique cultural phenomenon. On the one hand, it is a country of many cultures, nationalities, and religions co-existing in the same area. On the other hand, any culture that comes from outside the United States falls into the melting pot where it is assimilated and becomes part of the general American cultural background (Yeager). It is…

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Topic: Religion

Christian Mentor Interview on Religion or Spirituality

Introduction Mentorship is one of the critical components of the modern understanding of religion or spirituality. Nonetheless, some experts disregard the role of mentors in their lives and consider them as unimportant figures. In this case, it is critical to underline the paramount importance of mentorship in the modern world and highlight the principle benefits of this intervention. In the…

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Topic: Religion

Discipleship in Christianity and Its Five Stages

Introduction Discipleship is a core element of Christianity and it enables believers to start their journey in the companionship of Christ. Nonetheless, before embarking on a journey someone needs to be aware of his/her current location in relation to his/her destination. In this scenario, discipleship will be addressed as a journey from the beginning to the end. In addition, this…

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Topic: Religion

Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation

Abstract The concept of leadership has been examined by many philosophers, sociologists, and theologists throughout history. Various styles and forms of leadership have been described, and several approaches to leadership have been proposed by scholars over the years. The topic of leadership has attracted the widespread attention of writers who provided theoretical and practical assessments of leadership, its role, and…

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Topic: Religion

Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch

The first acknowledgement presented in the book “Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch” is that the decision to begin a new church can be quite frightening. The book goes ahead to narrate the story of Thomas and Searcy who used unpredictable approaches to plant a new church successfully. According to the authors of the book, the first approach that…

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Topic: Religion

Islam: Understanding the Religion

What is the essence of this ancient faith? Islam is followed by fully one-fifth of people in the world, and its essence is encrypted into the Quran, the holy book for all the Muslims. It is possible to suggest that the essence of Islam is in the worship of one and only God—Allah—obeying him, and doing his Will. This is…

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Topic: Religion

“Salvation, Spreading, and Suffering” by B. Tabb

Introduction and Brief Summary The concepts of suffering and salvation remain to be central topics for discussion in Christian theology during a long period. Believers understand that their goal is their salvation, and they want to hope that salvation from sins and their consequences could happen only after a person experiences sufferings. However, such an attitude to the idea of…

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Topic: Religion

Jesus Christ in “Resurrected as Messiah” by Ortlund

Introduction and Brief Summary Much attention is paid to the topic of Christ’s resurrection, and many discussions are developed on the idea of the justification of the events that occurred on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning when Christ’s believers and supporters had to deal with a huge amount of agony and required vindication. It is not enough to describe the…

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Topic: Religion

Apologetics as a Theological Discipline

Introduction Apologetics is a discipline of theology that involves the defense of ones’ religious position by systematically reasoning out disputed issues. This has been there since the time of early Christian writers such as Paul, the apostle. Apologists try to explain that their preferred religion is rational, and it promotes positive human life than other religions, as expressed by Apologetics…

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Topic: Religion

Psychology of Religion: Children’s Religious Views

Explanations concerning how individuals conduct themselves and how they change have troubled men and women of learning all through the centuries. As such, the psychology of religion seeks to provide an explanation of religious behavioral practices based on psychological methods. In two separate interviews, a series of questions were posed to Annie Begaj, 9 years and 2 months of age,…

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Topic: Religion

Disciple-Making Activity in the Local Church

Introduction The Great Commission sent out the apostles to make disciples, but not to build organizations1. This is a fact that the modern church needs to keep in mind in the course of its activities. Making disciples is an activity that has changed greatly since the time of the Great Commission. The church appears to have forgotten that the goal…

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Topic: Religion

Islamic Religion and Culture in America

Introduction Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world. It is projected that by 2050, 2.1% of the U.S. population will be Muslims. Many Americans have not understood the essence of religion. For instance, there is a common suspicion that Islam is anti-Western and supports terrorism. The perception increased after the September 11th attack. According to Ali, Liu,…

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Topic: Religion

Milarepa’s “Life Is Short” Statement Evaluation

Introduction There is often much wisdom to be found in the writings and sayings of ancient philosophers and thinkers. Often, this wisdom can be of great use in one’s life. For example, the following statement belongs to Milarepa, who is one of the most widely known Saints from Tibet: Life is short, and the time of death is uncertain; so…

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Topic: Religion