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Behavior and Relationships in the Workplace

Techniques for Maintaining Positive Relationships

If a person does not achieve the desired results in the workplace, it means that he or she does not fulfill the obligations to an employer. It is necessary to define the methods that will help to bear responsibility for achieving professional goals to avoid such a problem. These techniques will allow not only timely but also qualitatively carry out the assigned work and will help to increase the overall labor performance.

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One of the principles of responsibility I try to follow is to bring the matter to an end. No one should ever stop working on a task if it is already in progress. Perhaps, a correct decision will be to spend more time on its implementation but to achieve a particular result.

For example, I try to do my best and not postpone the work on a complicated report; it is better once to cope with it and feel the pleasure of success. Another method that may help me to be responsible in my workplace is the independent assessment of my degree of professional preparedness. If I realize that I manage to cope with a specific task, it will be easier for me to fulfill it even if it requires considerable effort.

Moreover, a particular place in the process of work is occupied by the relations of employees in the team. As Block (2016) notes, the revolution of the market has led to the emergence of the new level of working relationships. Earlier no one paid much attention to interaction in the team, but today there is a term of corporate policy that provides a certain order of relations. For instance, I believe that support is always needed for successful work.

If colleagues are ready to help me, I will be ready to help them. Furthermore, a successful strategy is a personal example. Helping others, I can also personally prove my professional suitability, which not only the authorities but also the company’s employees may appreciate. Following an active and ambitious colleague motivates rather well, and I try to follow this principle.

Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

As in any other sphere of life, there are also rules of etiquette in the workplace, which should be adhered to. The rules of behavior fulfill a particular task: they create conditions for the successful operation of a particular company as a whole and each employee in particular. To demonstrate positive ethical behavior in the workplace means showing respect to a person’s colleagues and observing the accepted norms of communication and interaction in the team.

While working in a team, it is important to possess the fundamentals of time management. It is useful to be able to plan a working day, correctly sort the business for relevant and urgent, delegate some of the routine tasks, and monitor the course of affairs. It will help not only look like a decent employee but also earn credibility among colleagues. Besides, it will enable a worker to control his or her workflow better and achieve higher productivity and work efficiency, which is also important.

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Another rule that requires compliance with corporate ethics is the dress code. Appearance determines the status and position in society; it can tell about the character and inner world of a particular person much more than his or her words. Information is borne not only by speech but also by clothing, hair, and toilet parts. The dress code is given as a separate rule in many large companies, and if these laws are not specified, it is necessary to follow the norms accepted in the business world.

The microclimate in the team largely depends on what kind of relationships have developed between colleagues in a particular company. Equal, benevolent, respectful relationships are the basis of a good team. If one of the colleagues makes a mistake, it is important for partners to learn how not to ridicule it but correctly point out the shortcomings and offer their help. It is such a relationship that is the key to an efficient and, at the same time, pleasant work.


Block, P. (2016). The empowered manager: Positive political skills at work (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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