Best Missing Homework Excuse Ever

Home works are assigned to students because it enhances various educational objectives. Homework inculcates discipline and students would be able to set up study habits. It also helps students to get rid of over strain in classroom education and enables students to become more responsible in their studies. It also helps them to develop a closer relation between school and home. A student becomes more creative and learns lessons on his own. Homework may be defined as a part of the curriculum that is to be done at home as an extension of studies in the classroom. Practice, preparation and extension are the three types of homework. Researches have shown that student achievement is higher if the concept of homework is practiced. There are many controversies regarding assigning homework to students. According to many parents and teachers, homework has developed initiatives and responsibilities among students. The only factor to be looked into while assigning homework is that it should be properly planned by the teachers and it should also help to improve the intellect of a student (What is homework). Assigning homework also indicates that the class teacher cares about the students. It is not just a busy work for namesake. It should be checked, discussed, and follow up classes also should be taken. Homework should be challenging assignments that would make the students think.

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Some students have a million excuses for not doing their homework’s on time. Not doing the homework shows the irresponsibility of the child and these children cannot perform well in class (Rosenblum-Lowden & Kimmel p.42-43). The battle between parents and children itself is a big reason for children for not doing the homework. Most of the children hate doing homework. In the same family one child does the homework very neatly and tidily whereas for the other child it might be a matter of continuous struggle. They might have something more important to do. They always feel disturbed and are unable to finish their homework. Students do not complete their homework when their study area is a mess with everything scattered around and are not in order. Some parents behave very harshly to children for not doing their work. This also creates a fear and frustration in the mind of the kids. Sometimes despite all efforts by the parents the child still does not want to do the homework. The style of doing homework also matters. Soon after coming from school and after having a snack the child has to go to his room and do his work. This style is boring for the children these days. Compelling the child to do homework in the same style can completely switch off the mood to learn. The child starts disliking studies (Prashnig p. 259, 261).

Children should be encouraged to create their own style of doing homework. Children should be allowed to complete their work by sitting in the living room and if preferred on the floor with some music on and their favorite pets around. Learning with distractions has helped many children in learning with interest. Teachers and parents have to accept this fact and encourage kids to develop their own style for everything. The homework battle will come to an end and it will create a peaceful atmosphere at home. A Hebrew proverb says that one should not confine a child to ones own learning as kids are born in a different setting. Every child has varying learning needs. The role of the parents and teachers is look into the need of the child. They are the people who can support and help the children to develop a successful future (Prashnig p.261). A teacher can listen to the students and help them according to the need. The fine quality of work done by a student should be appreciated by the teacher. For trouble givers these tips can work wonders. The above methods can make the children responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow (Gootmanp.45).


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