Morning and Evening Classes’ Effects on Students

Morning and evening classes have different outcomes for students who either take morning or evening classes. Most learning institutions emphasize greatly on morning classes rather than evening ones since there are more pros of morning classes than those of evening ones. This ensures that students can remain occupied most of the time to avoid free time which can lead to them being involved in other bad activities. Students in most cases find it difficult to adhere to the rules that they must attend these classes. These classes are preferred by both the teachers and students since regulation of the number of students in the class was enabled and for students, they can be flexible depending on their occupation for those who are working or are involved in other activities. Students who do not really understand the benefit of morning classes tend to keep off from those schools that offer such studies. This has resulted in a number of advantages and disadvantages in regard to students who attend such classes.

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Evening classes are mostly attended by those students who are either working or for some reason they can not attend morning classes. These students are greatly disadvantaged since evening classes have more cons as compared to morning classes.

Morning classes are quite important since those who mostly attend these classes are very fresh in the morning and their interactive level is quite high. Based on the fact that not all students like attending these classes, the teacher- students’ interaction rate is very high due to the small number of students per class. Their minds are quite fresh in the morning and therefore those who attend these classes have a higher possibility of doing better than those who boycott them. Morning classes give great motivation to those who attend them since they will have the desire to learn the whole day. In comparison, late evening classes are quite important especially for social purposes since people can interact freely and discuss various topics that they have learned during the day. This increases their understanding capacity since they try to help each other and also the number that can attend these classes is very low which increases the effectiveness of the discussion.

Early in the morning, the climate is very pleasing. This is so because there is no extreme hotness like the one that is experienced during the day. In the cool climate of either morning, there is less likelihood of feeling tired or bored since most people feel bored when the climate is too hot. The level at which one can understand can be determined by these external factors such as hotness which results in many students feeling bored and sleepy.

There is great thermal comfort in the early morning hours. In morning hours most classrooms are cool, clean and the air is very fresh which results in a great understanding of whatever is learned. Those who attend evening classes are likely not to enjoy these aspects since the classrooms are dumpy after many activities which have taken place during the day.

During the day, there are many activities that go around the school compound. Such activities result in a lot of disturbances and some even draw the attention of students which end up reducing concentration take to most students. When studies are taken either early in the morning or late in the evening some of these disturbances are quite minimal since there are no many activities taking place at these hours. Therefore, those students who attend classes in the morning or in the evening are more likely to do better than those who attend only daytime classes.

Very early in the morning, one has a fresh mind since he/she has rested the whole night. When the mind is fresh, one can take in a lot of information, and also the level of concentration is quite high since the mind has taken enough rest throughout the night. This aspect applies to morning studies only since late in the evening minds of many are not fresh because they are bombarded with all the tasks that one has carried the whole day (Bloom &Krathwohl, 30). Therefore, one can be able to gain more when he/she attend morning classes than in the evening. When one starts off the day early in the morning he or she is much motivated to work hard in class for the rest of the day than when one wakes up late and finds that he or she cannot be able to manage his or her time. This results in one being clumsy the whole day which reduces the level of understanding various concepts in class.

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When students participate in the morning, students will remain more active in classes and this will reduce the risk of these students getting involved in some outlawed activities. It has been noted that those students who do not attend evening classes are involved in crimes such as taking alcohol and other drugs. They also end up being involved in other activities such as pre-marital sex since they have a lot of time which they are idle. Morning classes keep students occupied such that they do not have room to get involved in bad behaviors and other aspects which can result in a rapid decrease in their final grade. It has been noted that those students who attend evening classes are likely to be idle during the day which can result in involvement in some outlawed activities.

When students start participating in morning classes they become better in the future since they will learn to work early in the mornings or in the evenings. This increases their productivity and potential in the future (Webster & Dee, 105). These aspects allow students to be more active and take their work seriously which is an aspect that is carried on in the future.

Basically, those who attend morning and evening classes do much better than those who do not attend these classes. A lot of learning takes place early in the morning than at any other time of the day. According to research, it was seen that those students who attend morning classes end up doing better than those students who boycott these classes. This is because a lot of learning and concentration takes place at this time than at any other time of the day.

Both, in the mornings and late evenings, students may be quite bored either due to lack of enough sleep or as a result of other daily activities. In such situations, it is quite hard to recruit leaders in class which makes participation levels in the class go down. When students are active in class and interact freely in class, they end up taking in more than when they are being lectured only. It is possible that when students are allowed to get enough sleep in the morning they can wake up when they are active and their level of participation in class can be quite high which can end up boosting their grades without necessarily attending either the morning or evening classes. The idea of morning and evening classes results in the failure of the teacher to recruit readers since the class becomes chill and unable to participate well.

Most students like relaxing, mainly in the evenings which is the time that they mostly stay glued to the television. Students who attend evening classes have no time to stay watching television. This has impacted positive aspects of the lives of many students since bad behavior and other negative aspects of television do not carry away their morals. Students who attend such classes watch television only when it is necessary for education purposes since they do not have time to watch movies which can cause violence, immorality or fear amongst them (Rebeca 114). This aspect has shown that those student who are not involved in such activities which are mainly influenced by television end up scoring high grades in their exams. When students have time to watch their movies they end up practicing all the aspect that they have learnt from the television.

These who attend evening classes are likely to perform poorly than those who attend morning classes since they are tired due to dairy activities by the time they enter their classes. This has lead to low level of concentration which has impacted negatively onto their grades. Those who attend morning classes are fresh and they are likely to perform better. More also, for those who attend evening classes, most of them are working and therefore they are involved in other non curriculum activity which reduces their performance rate.

The fact that there classes are quite small enables students to grapse almost everything that is taught to them. This is because most students absent themselves from these classes and therefore the number is quite small. When the number is quite low the level of interaction and socialization between teacher and student is quite high since close attention can be given to all students than when there is a large class. The teacher can get to know the names of all students who attend his/her classes and also he or she can be able to interact with students be ware of their weak areas. When teachers find out which areas students are weak on, immediate assistance can be offered which results to increased final grade. When class is quite small, students can grapse key concepts get to talk about them which finally end up increasing their final grades.

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Nevertheless, there are a number of disadvantages to students who participates in such classes. To start with, their social like become ruined in that they do not have enough time for social aspects which can result to them being social misfit in future. Many students who attend evening classes since most of their times are either occupied by work or class.

Stress can build up as a result of regular attendance to these classes. First those who attend these classes do not get enough sleep since they wake up very early in the morning and retire to bed quite late in the evening. Lack of enough sleep can cause tiredness and build up of body tension which is not quite good for students. One can lack clear meaning of life in that if one does not have any time to interact with others and the only time there is interaction it regards to class work one can get bored in life and end up being a social misfit. As a student one should have enough time to interact with other people of all social levels so that no regret can be made in future. During interaction one can get to know about other people, their way of life and other social aspects.

Despite the fact that learning is good, one should spare enough time whereby he or she can relate with others freely and interact so that one can gain from both the class work and the social aspect. Due balance should be maintained to ensure that all aspects are taken care of so that one will not end up acquiring high grades which will not help them in future.

Students’ social life is reduced since they will not have time to get involved in other activities. They regularly rug behind others since they are less informed the fact that these students do not have time to watch television and other form of entertainment. Television should be given minimal time by students since its educative and informative in many aspects of life. Some of the educative programs aired in television are quite useful and when students have no time for such programs they lose many aspects that they need to know. More also, news are very important and other form of advertisements which are aired on television since students will stay informed and they can be aware of some of the higher institutions that they can join in future to enhance their career.

The aspect of stress is likely to affect those who are taking evening classes most especially for those who do so as a result of work. They wake up early in the morning to go to work and they are occupied with work the whole day. After work these people go to class leaving no time to relax or socialize with others. This can negatively impact onto the final grade that those students who operates in this manner attains.

Evening classes result to a lot of absenteeism to student since some of them feel that they are too tired for these classes. Some students equally do well even without attending to these classes and this results to a lot of absenteeism. Students end up losing important concepts of their class work as a result of absenteeism. This can be portrayed to the final grades but since some students are good at understanding some concepts they let those that they did not study go unnoticed.

Most students prefer flexibility of the day which will allow them to take in many activities which can increase their social life. Day time students can take some time off the class where they are involved in other extra-curriculum work such as games and sports which keep them refreshed and ready to interact (Clare 2005). Also, during these breaks and activities, students interact freely with each other which consequently boost their social life. This aspect places evening classes at a better stand so that students can enjoy the flexibility that they deserve.

Students who attend morning classes do not have enough sleep which is quite important for cognitive restitution. This plays a vital role in processing, learning and memory consolidation. When one does not have enough sleep, he or she lacks all these aspects and this has been known to contribute greatly to the performance of some of the students who are known to take part in these classes.

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It is believed that learning and consolidation takes place during sleep time. This has resulted to people who have sufficient sleep being socially fit since they will consolidate everything that they have encountered during the day. It has been noted that some students who take part in morning classes can get lower grades as compared to those who are learning during the day. These lower grades are mostly attributed to lack of enough sleep which results to inability of brain to process information.

Comparison between Morning and Evening classes:

Morning classes Evening classes
Students and teachers are fresh which increases level of interaction. Students and teachers are tired which results to low level of interaction and bored lessons.
Early in the morning the climate is pleasing The classroom climate is dumpy after long days work in those classes.
In the morning one is more active One is less active in the evening
Increased concentration has lead to high grades Decreased concentration has lead to low grades
There are few cases of absentism There are high cases of absentism.

Therefore, morning classes contribute greatly not only to academic performance but also to social lives of many as compared to evening classes. Participation of morning classes has both advantages which need to be considered and for those who values high grades, they should concinder attending morning classes rather than evening classes. In this case the many advantages which are listed have outweighed the disadvantages and therefore I believe that these morning classes are important to students than evening classes.


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