Billing System of a Sole Company Owner


Having considered the billing system of Mr. Smith, a therapist and a sole proprietor, it should be stated that it is rather effective and consequent. It may be a good basis for making the whole billing process personally, without using the services of the billing company and pay the fees. Having assessed Mr. Smith’s billing system, the following conclusions have been made.

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  1. He has a perfect document and clients’ control. Each client’s visit is recorded in a special schedule book. Moreover, detailed information about each client is recorded there. This helps assess the necessary information about the client without much effort.
  2. Canceled visits are recorded.
  3. Personal data about each client is put into the computer. Mr. Smith creates a new record for a new client and updates the already existing clients’ information if new data becomes available. Previously written data helps Mr. Smith reduce the number of keystrokes that reduces the time spent on entering clients’ data when it is necessary. This technique helps achieve the goal of input accuracy and the goal of input validity since the date is a populated existing client file.
  4. Mr. Smith provides the information review of the client before sending it to the insurance company. This helps check whether the information requires updates or corrections.
  5. Using the data obtained from the insurance company, Mr. Smith checks the balance to assess the transactions on the client’s profile. The information process goal of input accuracy is achieved as well as input validity since the statement is printed by the insurance company. The statement is valid.
  6. Mr. Smith compares the batch report with the customer information to exclude the errors and fulfill the data he has. This procedure also reduces the amount of data that should be recorded. The data entry process takes less time, and the validity of the information is increased.
  7. The information authorization process is completed when the data from the insurance company is received. Mr. Smith checks the data and makes sure that everything is completed. The bills the clients’ remaining balance at this stage.
  8. The last step Mr. Smith completes is the printing and sending the clients’ statement. This final stage helps make sure that the recorded information is valid and accurate. In case when the clients’ statement contains some specific errors, he will be notified by the client. The final stage is critical as it helps agree with the client the data Mr. Smith has.

It may be concluded that Mr. Smith is ready to refuse from the services offered by the billing company as he completes the stages such companies usually do. He provides design document control, the procedure for rejected input, populates the preformatted screen with master data, reviews clients’ information which has not been billed yet, bills the balance for the clients, creates and coordinates batch total with the purpose of security of resource, provides the independent authorization, and prints and sent the information into folders which can be easily assessed with the work with a specific client.

These procedures are usually completed by billing companies. The presence of such moments in Mr. Smith’s actions proves that he is ready to refuse from outside services and complete the tasks personally. It is necessary to automate some procedures and correct the steps to make billing more manageable and less time-consuming.


Even though Mr. Smith’s billing actions correspond to the procedures professional billing companies provide, I have some suggestions which may improve the billing process and help him cope without professional help.

First of all, Mr. Smith prepares the forms he sends to the billing company intermittently. This method presupposes some difficulties that may be easily eliminated by organizing the information immediately. In this case, Mr. Smith is going to be aware of the information at once, at the time of its entry. Moreover, the record error is reduced to a minimum as the information is put exactly when received.

Second, Mr. Smith has an opportunity to reduce the outside help top minimum. There is no need to employ a person who will record the data received sometime earlier if Mr. Smith has an opportunity to do it, spending only a couple of minutes each time he gets some data. The iPhone is the right decision in this case as it may help him access the database and record the data even if he is far from his computer (telephone conversation, a call when a working day is over and Mr. Smith is not ah his working place).

Third, Mr. Smith should create a plan according to which he should record data. This plan is vital for the first time, as he may be confused by the number of actions he should complete. Having refused from the external billing company’s services, Mr. Smith may feel an incredible amount of responsibility, which may confuse him. The detailed step-by-step plan may help him make consequent steps, record valid and accurate information, and do everything on time. Rigid discipline is the primary skill Mr. Smith should follow if he wants to refuse from a billing company’s services.

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