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Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment of Tina Turner

Identifying Information

  1. Tina Turner, Nutbush, Tennessee, United States, Telephone: +1 888 000 000
  2. November 26, 1939. Brownsville, Tennessee, Female.
  3. Tina Turner is an American-born Swiss
  4. Zelma, Tina’s mother, Eileen, Tina’s sister, and Ike Turner, Tina’s husband.

Tina has a sour relationship with both Ike Turner and the mother. The sour relationships are based on her husband’s abusive behavior and her mother for abandoning her at a young age (Gibson, 1993). She has a mutual relationship with her sister Eileen shown by her sister’s supportive relationship by seeking clubs where Tina could sing for a source of income.

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Referral Source


  1. The urgency is one of the leading premier psychiatric clinics which provide parenting, psychiatric solutions, legal guidance, as well as financial advice. The firm’s key objectives are personalized to all persons irrespective of age. Moreover, the urgency explores the various motives and tends to explain why certain people act in the way they do and recommend constructive and authenticated ways to establish behavioral change.
  2. Not applicable because the client presented herself to the urgency. No direct referral was done to Tina Turner.

Client’s Presenting Problem/Want/Need; Client’s Initial Expectation of Agency

Tina Turner presents problems related to domestic violence. Her husband is an abusive and obsessive person who does not believe in the power of women, making her jealous of the achievements that Turner was developing.

The movie shows how Ike Turner physically, sexually, emotionally, and financially abused Turner. Though Turner wanted to keep her family intact by avoiding diverse processes, her children were continually endangered by Ike. In the movie, Ike showed emotional abuse by making Turner feel guilt when she stated she wanted to quit the relationship (Gibson, 1993). For instance, Ike shouted at Turner, “What are you going to do, walk out on me like everyone”. This made Turner feel guilty because she was once abandoned by her parents. Based on the objective data above, it is imperative to say that Turner presented the urgency to seek parenting needs, psychiatric needs, and legal advice concerning her divorce issues.

Because the urgency objective services include psychiatric clinic, domestic violence issues, parenting, and legal advice, the client was optimistic that her problems and needs would be solved because almost all of her issues are found within the urgency of missions and goals.

History of the Problem/Want/Need

Tina’s problems started in the small town in Nutbush, where she was born. Being abandoned by her parents at a young was the major reason for her need for parental advice. She ended up being raised by her maternal mother, who eventually died. Moving to Chicago and with the plight to seek income-generating activities, she met Ike, a controlling man, and when Ike started using cocaine, he even became more abusive to Tina. Since she never had any income and anywhere to go, she could not leave the abusive relationship. Moreover, her mother who could have supported her was receiving gifts from Ike; hence she could not get any parental advice from her mother regarding marriage issues.

Financially, she sought employment at the “Manhattan” club where she sang for a source of living. She ended up joining Ike’s band, even though no single woman succeeded in the band. Emotionally, she sought advice from her friend Jackie, whom she never followed her advice by saying, Ike’s violence would stop once she got another hit record. Moreover, she tried to leave the domestic violence she was getting but she was never supported by her mother who never wanted to disturb her financial help she was getting from Ike.

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Currently, there are no previous contacts with other urgencies.

Tina’s financial problems had an impact on her family, school, employment, and housing. For instance, first, due to financial needs, she was abandoned by her parents. The impact was even great because her mother could not substitute her financial help she was getting from Ike for the sake of solving her daughter’s marriage. Though she went through all basic school stages, she learned within her community school because of its affordability. Due to depression, her employment-seeking status was negative for almost eight years. Turner grew up in humble housing units with her maternal grandmother because of financial issues. However, after becoming famous through Ike’s band, she co-owned real estate.

Turner’s domestic violence was affected by her mother, a core family member, inability to support her daughter; instead, she chose money and financial assistance over getting her daughter through the domestic violence she was facing. In the movie, apart from the normal education, turner was performing and singing in the church choir with her maternal mother being a deacon and a choir conductor. Though she could learn to sing, she was never taught how to deal with the depression and stresses of life, thus leading to her being over-depressed to an extent that she thought of suicide. Lack of proper employment resulted in the inability of Turner to quit her abusive relationship because she depended on Ike for financial assistance. Moreover, the luxurious housing units and the real estate co-owned by Ike and Turner also played a part in Tina not quitting the relationship. However, upon divorce, Turner only wanted her name rather than the wealth Ike had as divorce settlements and compensations.

Other Significant Data

Significant issues that Turner was experiencing in the past as a child included poor parenting problems. In the present, her problems included domestic violence, depression, and other forms of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Both her current and past relationships were estranged. In the past, she was abandoned and felt her mother never liked her. In the present, she lacks parental support, with frequent abuse from her husband. Additionally, she has lacks a social circle of friends apart from her friend Jackie, though her public display is huge because of her singing. Her employment history includes working at the “Manhattan” club before working for Ike’s band.

Her hobbies comprised singing and playing basketball

No other significant data apart from the discussed data.

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Bio-psycho-social Assessment

Current Functioning: Based on the case study of Turner’s situation, it is evident that she lacked such pertinent systems that are related to negative social skills acquisition. Turned lacked effective communication strategies as portrayed when she communicates her problems to Jackie or the mother. She could not cope well with her stressful triggers, making her suffer depression, and to some extent developed suicide ideation because of poor defense mechanism.

According to Hepworth et al. (2017), social skills and leadership competencies should be perceived as defensive factors in individuals indicating susceptibility–stress-protective factors theory in mental illness. Hepworth et al. (2017) established that through gaining strengths of the social skills, coupled with evidence-based practices, a person can mitigate and reimburse for the harmful effects of rational insufficiencies, traumatic occasions, and community maladjustment. Therefore, coping skills and competencies should convene not only to provide fortification against trauma-induced setbacks but also pliability, relational supports, societal attachment, and enhanced quality of life and well-being.

External Factors: Turner had a mutual friendship with her close friend Jackie whom she discussed everything about her situation with. Though the friendship was a source of strength in times of abusive events from Ike, it was a limitation in the context that it resulted in social withdrawal. As such, Turner had no other person in her special circle to discuss her problems, thus resulting in her continuous domestic violence. Despite being abused by Ike, her husband was a source of strength too. For instance, Ike made sure that Turner was the best in her music with her frequent training and booking of singing events to generate money. However, this Turner-Ike intimacy relationship also results in Turner’s social withdrawal, a limitation that made her stay for long in the abusive environment. Poor hospital environment where Turner was being treated facilitated her organized escape for a concert organized by Ike, thus, negative pertinent systems.

When Turner filed for divorce, she had hoped that if the divorce process was successful, her abusive relationship with Ike would be solved. When Turner finally escaped, Ike tried to persuade her to stay. According to Hepworth et al. (2017), the existence of predisposing factors such as attitude, perceptions, and beliefs often facilitate or hinder an individual motivation to act in stressful situations. Such predisposing factors hindered Turner’s effort to leave Ike even with several attempts to leave. However, because of persistence and motivation to quit, she finally escaped. Through Jackie, Eileen, and her supportive fans, she has an environment that would provide an opportunity and help through the change processes to realize her goals.

The general cause of all the problems Turner faced was related to poor parenting skills. Uninvolved parenting, often described as neglectful parenting is marked by a lack of receptiveness to a child’s desires while growing up. Such parenting behavior constitutes no demands from parents to offspring and is commonly unresponsive, contemptuous, or even utterly careless. Through this, Turner grew up with a lack of self-esteem, inadequate existence of a role model, and a lack of love. Notably, even after growing, her mother still lacked parenting skills to advise her against the abusive relationship but rather preferred the gifts she was receiving from Ike.

Agreed-upon Goals and Plan

Facilitating behavioral change. The agreed-upon behavior modification includes assisting to develop the client’s capacity to institute and sustain affiliations. Facilitating the enhancement of a client’s value and their aptitude to cope and manage stress (Hepworth et al., 2017). Moreover, it necessitates the role of aiding and encouraging the decision-making practice while enabling Turner’s potentials, thus, establishing positive behavioral development.

The involvement of a multidisciplinary urgency is important in addressing depression-related mental illnesses. For instance, eliminating ideation of worthlessness and guilt through cognitive restructuring should be done by either Psychiatrist or an occupational therapist. Moreover, occupational therapists help people overcome physical and mental problems that are the result of disability. The urgency can also seek the services of a lawyer to advise her through the legal processes of divorce. A spiritual leader may help reduce the risk of suicide, particularly for those who are socially isolated, as in the case of Turner. Finally, involvement of family members as proxies in cases of mental capacity and consent.

The task will be performed at the rehabilitation center and the time will be agreed-upon between the client and the urgency, time which would facilitate quality life improvements.

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