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Mission and Vision Statements in a Health Organization


Healthcare organizations are social systems that have been purposely developed to deliver health care facilities. In the process, they have been experiencing challenges like changes in technology, emerging trends with customers and employers, and government policies that affect their operation negatively. To manage these issues, their main aims should be to advance possible present or future solutions. This paper discusses the mission and vision statements of a particular hospital by showing the rationale of the words. The specific strengths and weaknesses selected are strategic plans which are also reviewed. Further, an illustration of how the vision and mission statements drive the health care organization.

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Mission and Vision Statements

A vision statement describes what an organization aims to fulfill in the future hence a long-term goal. A mission statement defines the present state of an organization and can be the primary goals and objectives. The mission statement for this particular hospital is; ‘to improve health by providing high-quality care’. While the vision statement is ‘to provide the broadcast range of services in the country’.


Both the above statements define the purpose of the particular organization which must be legal and genuine. The core function is the treatment of various diseases in patients. They are also responsible for educating the mass on preventing some sicknesses from attacking them and common signs and symptoms of different ailments. They develop strategies for the development by making decisions on the allocation and flow of resources (Milette et al., 2017). The statements provide direction in which the institute must follow to meet its future goals. They also act as tools for planning various activities revolving around the hospital setup. Their other objective is to increase efficiency in providing unique and quality health services (Millete et al., 2017). The statements help in the decision-making process to ensure better decision which is positive and relevant are followed.

Strengths of the Statements

Mission and vision statements provide opportunities for future research on various issues affecting the institution, such as environmental degradation. They create cost-effectiveness to utilize the available funds and minimize wastage (Rzotkiewicz et al., 2018). These declarations are time effective as they make a guideline on what should be done at a particular time. This is to give urgent needs first priority before undertaking other activities. The statements allow easy access to health resources by organizing them in order and promoting teamwork, especially among employers.

Weaknesses of Statements

Insufficient resources like the laboratories where medical tests are done may hinder the operation of the organization. In some cases, there is poor management of the establishment due to a lack of leadership qualities in the managers. The institute may need more time and money to be attained due to insufficient funds available (Rzotkiewicz et al., 2018). Furthermore, some resources are unrealistic and difficult to achieve due to the diverse cultural and personal preferences of people. The lack of implementation of vision statements made is another weakness (Rzotkiewicz et al., 2018). The absence of specificity and focus on making profits rather than improving the quality of care is the other flaw.

Drive to Strategic Plan by Mission and Vision statements

The strategic plan inspires the personnel in the organization to strive in achieving their future goals. They create opportunities for research and improvement when the business realizes the aims and objectives that have not been completed (Vaishnavi et al., 2019). It tracks progress based on the purposes, and necessary corrections are made whenever required. These programs create a sense of responsibility in each member and remind them of their roles to achieve their limits. The initiatives act as motivating factors to enable the staff to work hard even with the current challenges.


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