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Biology as the Branch of Science

We live in a unique era. Today we could observe the blistering rise of science and processes that come along with it. Numerous discoveries of the last decades altered our mentality significantly. We become able to think about fantastic things and, which is more important, we possess enough knowledge to make these things real. That is why we live at the edge of the radical change of our world and the appearance of innovative approaches that will be applied to all spheres of our lives. Even now, the technological advance becomes obvious, especially if to compare the modern digitalized society and the world we had several decades ago. Cultivation of different branches of science delivered its benefits and shifted priorities towards the usage of technologies in any field that is crucial for the evolution of our society.

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Natural sciences also become extremely important today. Discoveries in this field alter the way we live significantly and introduce new information about the peculiarities of our functioning. As for me, I am committed to biology. I am sure that any organism is a unique system the functioning of which is a great process that should be investigated to obtain answers to numerous questions we have today. I know that there are many issues related to our bodies and the way they work which remains unclear. For this reason, an investigator working in the given field acquires a limitless number of opportunities for research and discoveries that can alter our lives significantly.

My great commitment to biology could also be explained by its outstanding practical use. Numerous studies and investigations performed in terms of this branch of science resulted in the appearance of new ways to treat diseases and approaches to improve the quality of our lives. Moreover, biology also provides specialists with numerous tools for the further investigation of our bodies and the increase of the lifespan. For this reason, I am sure that this branch of science is extremely topical and demanded today. We still have to discover ways to treat cancer, HIV, and other diseases that threaten individuals and make people suffer.

Nevertheless, biomechanics, as the branch of biology, also attracts my attention. It is focused on the investigation of the mechanics of living beings and the way one or another process could be improved. One could see numerous innovative bionic prostheses that embody our knowledge in the sphere of mechanics and biology to improve the quality of peoples lives significantly. These are the result of numerous studies in terms of biomechanics. However, we should move beyond and improve our understanding of the main processes of our bodies to provide paralyzed people or other individuals with problematic locomotor apparatus with an opportunity to forget about their health problems and enjoy the feeling of movement and get rid of their helplessness forever.

I am sure that biology could alter the modern world and introduce numerous innovations that will alter the way we live and help us to treat illnesses and diseases. I have a great desire to continue the investigation of the way our bodies work and contribute to the improvement of this branch by conducting studies and assessing the main needs of people to understand how they could be met and what innovations are needed to assist individuals in their speedy recovery. For this reason, biology seems very promising to me.

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