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Black Lives Matter: Fight Against the Inequality

The movement known as Black Lives Matter is one of the most controversial initiatives of present-day American society. Its beginning was justified by various brutalities against the representatives of this population group. However, despite the initial reasonability of such actions in ensuring the safety of this category of citizens, it evolved into unnecessary violence. Thus, black communities’ attempts to maintain their rights in the United States became a series of riots. In this way, the silent forms of racism were emphasized as a principal threat. All people living on the United States territory should be protected by the government against discrimination of any kind. Nevertheless, the protests of Black Lives Matter’s supporters not only do not contribute to the search for a solution to this problem but also violate the rights of other citizens by threatening their security.

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The principal reason why Black Lives Matter is a negative phenomenon is the lack of means to achieve their goals and no apparent actions in this direction. Most decisions are intended to increase public awareness of the problem, whereas everybody already knows about it. Further measures do not imply real change and only aim to attract more people to join the movement. From this perspective, the supporters of Black Lives Matter only create chaos. There is no denying the power of social media in the organization of similar initiatives, which, in turn, results in social and political change. However, to reach this objective, continuous protests are insufficient in the absence of valuable suggestions. This circumstance allows concluding on the uselessness of Black Lives Matter in its current state for establishing equality.

The considerations of the implemented measures’ ineffectiveness are complemented by the lack of a clear structure or movement organization. The absence of hierarchy in Black Lives Matter is conditional upon the non-acceptance of the concept of leadership as such. Therefore, the chaos created by its supporters can be explained by the anonymity of the founders of the initiative. As can be seen from the history of the movement, the idea that any active participant can be viewed as a leader resulted not in the promotion of their ideals but in uncontrolled violence. Moreover, this situation led to the confusion of other population groups not involved in Black Lives Matter. Since there were so many spokespeople, it was impossible to identify this initiative’s fundamental principles and take one or another stance. As a result, the contradictory provisions of activists created an unfavorable reputation for an allegedly positive trend.

Considering the above, the situation of Black Lives Matter is complicated by the lack of support from White and Hispanic adults and, therefore, the failure to cooperate with them for the benefit of all people. The number of citizens from these population groups promoting the rights of the Black population is rapidly decreasing. This outcome is directly connected to the ambiguity of the goals and actions mentioned above. Meanwhile, such a global movement’s success is hardly possible without the inclusion of all categories of citizens in the matter. The cooperation, however, can be established only if the initiators of Black Lives Matter start considering the interests of others. At present, they emphasize the importance of black people’s rights, thereby neglecting the effects of their activity on White and Hispanic citizens. This situation is reflected in the violence the supporters of Black Lives Matter cause.

The movement, which started as a more or less peaceful initiative, turned into a series of killings. Most victims were white cops since they were believed to be involved in the conflicts regarding the discrimination against this population group. Nevertheless, the activists did not stop there, and the cases of killed black children and white people continued to emerge. From this point of view, there is no longer a question of how to attract new supporters. Black Lives Matter’s initial goals seem to have been substituted by the aim to generate disturbances and express anger instead of solving the problem of discrimination. It allows conclusion on the impossibility for the movement to be taken seriously by political leaders until it will cease to present a threat to all citizens of the United States.

To summarize, the beginning of Black Lives Matter reflected the attitudes of black people of the country towards the killings caused by white cops. It implied the need to fight against the existing inequality and highlighted the necessity to change all citizens’ perceptions regarding this problem. However, what seemed to be a peaceful method to resolve the specified issue turned into uncontrolled violence and overall chaos in the United States. The principal reason for the failure of the movement was the lack of clear objectives. It was accompanied by the ambiguous structure of the organization and the absence of apparent leaders. As a result, the initiative started to lose the support of White and Hispanic citizens, and the killings in the streets contributed to the negative image of Black Lives Matter, which can hardly be improved.

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