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Black Lives Matter: Social Movement Reflection


Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a highly centralized political and social movement that supports non-violent civil disobedience in protest of police brutality and all racially based oppression against blacks. The wider movement typically advocates against police brutality towards black people as well as multiple other issues such as policy changes that are deemed to align with the liberation of the black population. The movement was founded in 2013 as a result of the conflict over the murder of Trayvon Martin, whereby his killer was exonerated (Clare, 2016). The objective of the BLM is to eradicate the nation’s white supremacy, stop police harassment of the black population, and create a secure space for the prosperity of black lives.

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How I learned about this Social Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement has grown in popularity and, as a result, it is continuously debated in every Internet news database, social media, local and national news and, newspaper. Nevertheless, I read and heard about this social movement on the Internet and local news. There have been meetings and other kinds of forums to discuss or argue about this campaign throughout the country.

The Main Question Black Lives Matter Movement is Trying to Answer

The social problem which the BLM is seeking to address is the murdering and brutalizing of people of color around the United States. Its ultimate aim is to create a world free of anti-Blackness, where every black individual has the social, economic, and political strength to succeed. There are several other motives for joining the campaign, but the key one is the explicit disrespect of the back population by police. BLM seeks to ensure violent and oppressive police officers who get away with the killing of unarmed black people who pose no danger receive the proper punishment they deserve. Recently, policemen have forgotten their role of serving and protecting people and allowing their power to get to their heads. They harass the black community by shooting and assaulting them and claiming it was out of self-defense. The movement needs to see those law enforcement officers adequately charged for their misconduct. The campaign also aims at creating a society where the black population is not assaulted because of their color or racial background.

Why the Movement Gained or Lost Momentum and its Impacts on my Daily Life

In the aftermath of the twisted constellation of black people’s deaths at the hands of police, America’s new incarnation of Black Lives Matter is much more powerful than before. The urgency and legitimacy of the campaign have finally been acknowledged internationally, and it is the greatest collective display of civil unrest across State oppression in the history of today’s generation. The recent killing of George Floyd Mayweather, on May 29th this year by police who knelt on his neck choking him to death, triggered massive demonstrations across the United States. It has given the movement more power and voice to demand justice for the Africa-American. The emergence of Covid-19 is yet another factor that helped the movement gain momentum. The disease has overwhelmingly impacted black people and ethnic minorities, and this is said to be because of the social disparities which have been created by white supremacy and which tend to favor the white population.

Another factor is President Trump’s recent partisan response which shifted the attention on the globe’s racial divides like never before. Lastly, BLM has been winning support from some of the white population, who feel it is fair for everyone to be treated equally. A combination of the four factors has helped the movement gain momentum at a very high rate.

Having read about this movement, I have come to understand it is a legitimate campaign, and therefore I support its objective of trying to liberate the black man from racial discrimination and police brutality. The campaign will help bring about changes that will guarantee the blacks fair treatment in every sector of the economy. The success achieved will be a win for every citizen in America, as this will bring equality to all.


Clare, R. (2016). Black Lives Matter. Transfers, 6(1), 122-125. Web.

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