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Blistering Development of Technologies

The blistering development of various technologies gives rise to a number of concerns related to the reconsideration of some traditional approaches. This process is triggered by the desire to increase the efficiency of the most important spheres of human activity and align their functioning under the new conditions. For this reason, a number of scientists admit the significant alterations in the structure of society and its most important institutions.

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Nevertheless, there are still limitless possibilities for the evolution introduced by the scientific process. Digital media is one of the concerns created due to the appearance of the Internet and its rapid growth. At the moment, it could be considered as an influential source of information; however, it is just the beginning of the development. Janet Murray is one of the authors who investigate this issue.

Her book Inventing the Medium delves into the peculiarities of the innovative interaction between the new objects of the digital medium [1]. The author highlights the importance of design in terms of new media and the way it impacts media’s further evolution. Defying the term as “the conscious creation of a particular artifact within a long cultural tradition of practice” [1.p. ,25], Murray emphasizes the mutual dependence between the new media and society.

She claims that the evolution of the approaches used to present some information within this new tool is conditioned by the alteration of people’s demands towards the content of Web sites and the manner of the presentation of the information. Therefore, cultural values and economic aspects form the new tendencies and predetermine the direction in which the digital media will move.

In these regards, the author is sure that the further sophistication and reconsideration of the approach to this phenomena will be conditioned by the appearance of new values appreciated by the members of society. Providing the evolution of music distribution as an example, Murray demonstrates the way how digital media responds to the new conditions. Furthermore, the author outlines the processes of inscription, transmission, and representation as to the core of the functioning of any media. They all are impacted by the design choices and contribute to the increase of the diversity of digital media [1].

Analyzing the work, its great importance for the understanding of the key organizational principles of the new media should be admitted. The author improves the comprehension of the basic principles of the functioning of the new source of information and highlights its further perspectives. She is sure that the growth of its popularity will result in the appearance of a number of new formats and genres created to interact with people and satisfy their needs. Additionally, the new formats might be optimized for certain devices to increase the mobility and efficiency of the tool.

In these regards, the analysis of the work provides significant information related to the further evolution of digital media. One realizes the great potential of this invention; however, Murray manages to suggest the next steps and possible barriers limiting its development. Yet, the future of digital media depends on two major concerns, which are cultural values and economic imperatives that introduce new requirements for convenience, efficiency, mobility, etc. Besides, if to accept the idea that society and digital technologies will hardly stop their blistering evolution, the digital media’s perspectives could be considered impressive.

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