BMW Group Sustainability Plan | Free Essay Example

BMW Group Sustainability Plan

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Modern world is characterized by the great rivalry. To be successful means to be better than others.. That is why great attention is devoted to the remedies which will help company to become better than other companies and then turn into the best in the world. Right management of the company is the main issue in achieving the high level of productivity and worlds appreciation. It can guarantee companys further development and sustainability.

Sustainability is the main thing any company should try to achieve. That is why every self respecting international organization has its own sustainability plan and people who are responsible for bringing it to life.

BMW Group Case

BMW group is one of the international companies which are well known all over the world. Of course it has its own sustainability plan in place.

The company is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. However, it has its facilities in Thailand, India, Egypt, USA and so on. It becomes obvious that company adheres to the main principles of the sustainability, trying to make its facilities more effective replacing them in countries where the price of the land and work is relatively low or where the demand for its production is high.

The company does not have separate sustainability department, however there is a great management department there which is also responsible for the sustainability plan of the company with Norbert Reithofer in its head. It is very effective step to control this issue and create new ideas.

It is very easy to get to know about the plans and actions of the BMW group connected with sustainability. On the official website of the company its annual Sustainability Value Report is available. In it officials of the company describe the main steps they do in this field.


First of all attention of the reader is drawn to environmental issues. The company underlines its great work and efforts in this field. The main purpose of the company is to continue developing of environmentally friendly technologies. It has already directed its forces to the usage of renewable sources at the same time lowering CO2 emissions. This fact of course can have only positive effect on the sustainability of the company. It will not have to pay fees moreover it will become more popular with its potential customers.

The next important issue in the company’s sustainability plan is Product Responsibility. BMW automobiles are known all over the world with their high quality and safeness. In last decades the company however also added new property to its cars. This is its ability to be recycled which positively influences on the sustainability of the company. Officials underline that satisfaction of the customers of the company is of the main priority that is why they provide premium services and stimulate customers desire to give feedbacks in order for the company to get new ideas.

Another important thing in the plan is the interaction with society. BMW group pays great attention to educational sphere in order not to incur a deficit in qualified workers. Great charity work is also provided.

Having outlined only several aspects from the sustainability plan of the BMW group it is possible to make the conclusion that it is very well organized and thought over This great international corporation can serve as an example to show benefits of implementing sustainability principles in the work of the company.