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Bolt E-Commerce Operations

In the modern age, many firms are opting to adopt new technological operations. Companies have had to change from traditional brick-and-motor systems to e-commerce techniques. One of the firms that have accepted the transition is Bolt Inc. After rebranding in 2019, the organization decided to adopt some of the vibrant technologies. One of the major apps is using the gift card, which allows users to store and make preferred choices (Vallas & Schor, 2020). The gift card can then be used when paying for taxi services. The new card can be conveniently used on the phones and reloaded when balances get low.

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As a result of such development, the organization has become one of the largest online retailers. Bolt also uses a comprehensive information technology (IT) platform as a prominent player in the e-commerce industry to expand its operations (Vallas & Schor, 2020). In optimizing e-commerce operations, the organization has built online information systems which have positively enhanced its business processes. Some of the key systems implemented by the organization include video chat, co-browsing, and e-signature technologies. Video Chat technology has created a personalized, visually consultative, and cross-channel experience for consumers. It has led to customer satisfaction and the expansion of the user base (Oliveira et al, 2017). Similarly, its curb browsing technology component, a visual engagement system, connects both its customers and agents, enabling agents to guide users seamlessly. The system allows the firm to resolve consumer difficulties in completing their transactions. Additionally, the system has enabled the business to widen the demand making it one of the rapidly expanding brands worldwide.

In a nutshell, these mechanisms have made it possible to extend the market venture’s products and services. Presently, the organization has continued to enjoy a vast market share in America. Further, it has continued to work on the best modalities of expanding and achieving a competitive advantage in the market. As a result, other firms must adopt these new technologies and achieve maximum profits.


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