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Tropical Juice Manufacturing Company Brand

Tropical juice manufacturing company is an institution involved in producing and processing freshly blended fruit such as mango, passion, apple, among others. The firm produces a non-alcoholic beverage made from original tropical fruit rich in nutrients and vitamins essential in boosting the body’s immunity (Anjum et al. 2). The brand products will range from pulp, puree, or juice. Moreover, the brand will promote consumers’ health through natural additives such as fresh milk, honey, sugar syrup, freshwater, and ice cubes to add taste to the products. Elimination of chemicals in the production process ensures the brand complies with the food and safety regulation and increases the consumer base.

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The tropical brand’s mission is geared towards meeting the company’s desired goals and objectives. The firm will create value in the beverage industry through our brands and actions which will positively change human lives. The vision is to craft the ultimate refreshing, healthy drink for customers in a sustainable way while committing to environmental preservation, community empowerment, and health education. Through the application of such clear goals, the organization aspires to maximize sales.

Presently, there are different ways in which the products may be introduced to the market. Foremost, a quick study of the product potential will ensure the right audience is targeted. Therefore, by selecting the right strategies which would be developed including the use of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, it will be easier to deliver products to potential customers (Anjum et al. 3). However, direct messages on the platforms are the most efficient way to reach a specific audience. Consequently, video advertisement may be another strategy. Although running an advert on media is considered costly, it is a worthy venture. If successful, the brand will have a tremendous social effect, which creates consumer awareness. The provision of all these promotion strategies is expected to help in promoting the new brand in the market.

According to the video, fair pricing gives the product a competitive advantage against other competing brands such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Working hand in hand with our distributors in the supply chain is another way to cement the brand presence (Erin). Subsequently, the company should develop credit policies for easy bulk buying of the product. Education and sensitization of the brand’s benefits in the food and beverage industry is another fundamental building block in promoting the company. For instance, a partnership with safety boards and costumers watch agencies will improve the consumers’ confidence in our products. The safety strategy provides an opportunity to persuade new and potential buyers as well as foster business partnerships easily.

Ideally, it is important to consider the physical location where the brand operations occur. A strategic position means easy access as well as distribution of products to suppliers. When promoting a new brand, this aspect cannot be overlooked. The company’s expectations when launching the products in the markets is wide acceptance by clients. Our products are not limited to any age group, and, therefore, winning the users is more important than winning the market.

In conclusion, the long-run expectation of the Tropical Juice Manufacturing Company is to achieve total recognition. Present vibrant and computable goals ensure that consumers can identify with our drinks’ logo, taste, and packaging once the brand hits the market. This kind of clarity will help measure the profits and change consumers’ lifestyle, resulting in them increasing the consumption of tropical juices which are rich in nutrients.

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