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Bragg Apple Vinegar Cider Purchase

Buying Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar was not a spontaneous decision. Before the purchase, a thorough investigation of its benefits was conducted by the whole family. It turned out that the vinegar is not only tasty but useful as well. Most people advise using it for cooking, making salads, non-sweet sauces, and raising bread through the use of baking powder. Nevertheless, the main factor forcing the purchase was a significant benefit for health.

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First of all, it is useful for detox and losing weight, whereas practically all the women are concerned about such issues. According to the reviews, after using the product for several months, women lose weight and significantly improve their health (Ashley 2018). Some of them noted the drop in triglyceride levels and LDL (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) levels. Additionally, it has a strong effect when applied to acne, oily or reddish skin, and wrinkles (Ashley 2018). The last is very important for a family with a mother and grandmothers willing to prolong their youth and good-looking style. Oily skin and acne is a crucial problem for every teenager. It is better to use a natural product instead of toxic chemical toners, creams, and prescribed medications in the most severe cases.

It is the family’s tradition to keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid the use of chemical and genetically modified food. Moreover, the colorful design of the bottle is very attractive. Therefore, it makes the customer stop near the shelve with the vinegar, take it, and read the nutrient content. The nutrient content claims that the product is organic and natural; hence, it gives a feeling of need to buy and support the healthy habits of the whole family. Moreover, the label mentions that the product is gluten-free, which is another added benefit for health.

There is much yellow and orange color on the vinegar’s label. It is a significant marketing policy to use those colors as they also contribute to an increase in sales. According to the psychologists, Orange is a very energetic color, being the combination of red and yellow. It develops the feelings of enthusiasm, warmth, and excitement in people’s minds (Przybyla, “Orange Color” 2015). That is the actual reason why this color is often used in advertising and traffic signs. In turn, yellow color means optimism and happiness as it is firmly associated with the sunshine (Przybyla, “Yellow Color” 2015). It is believed to stimulate the brain’s left side dwelling perception and deep thinking. Therefore, the use of this color also effectively attracts the potential customer’s attention.

Another critical factor affecting the vinegar’s purchase is the easy access to it. The item might be easily found and bought both in physical and online stores such as Amazon and others. Therefore, if it is impossible to buy it physically, the vinegar can be purchased via the internet within a minute. The time-saving factor is crucial for many customers loaded with heavy work or studying. Finally, the economic factor is not less decisive while choosing what to purchase. Moreover, it is the main foundation of any individual’s purchase decision. On a psychological level, product affordability is often more important than the need for the product itself.

People become consumers with purchasing power much earlier than they realize. It happens at the moment when an individual chooses what to eat or which toy to play with for the first time. Customers might not be aware that they develop mental shortcuts and rules of thumb, providing systematic choices among alternatives. Commonly, the defining factors include marketing and environmental factors, psychological and personal factors, the situation, culture, and family.

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