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Concepts of Brandt Company: Canada


Brandt Company is a group of industries primarily dealing with manufacture of engineering products. In the past the company was called Brandt electric, but to due to innovations and expansion of its manufacturing sector, it has gradually adopted the new logo “Brandt industries limited.” The company’s headquarter is in Saskatchewan Canada, although its industries are widespread in Canada. The company comprises of many industries integrated together, which work in close coordination to achieve the overall objective of the company. Industries that make Brandt are Brandt agricultural products, Brandt road Rail Corporation, Brandt tractor, and Brandt engineering products (Foster Equipments, 2009, Para.4).

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Brandt Company

Brandt majors in manufacturing engineering equipments used in the agriculture and other sectors to enhance efficiency and profitability. In addition, the company’s management in collaboration with specific production units always fights to ensure their farm equipments are of high quality and secure to users. The company has many innovations in terms of production of engineering equipments for example, the art powder paint methodology, which the company uses on its products to ensure they are long lasting and attractive (Brandt industries, 2009, Para. 1-4).

The company’s agriculture equipment manufacturing sector is the most developed and advanced, whereby since time memorial it has received a lot of appraisal from both the public and agriculture ministry. The sector manufactures equipments such as sprayers, bale processers, and grain handlers. Examples of equipment manufactured by this sector include 1340 transport auger, 20 series harvester conveyers, and tracker 2. Engineering designs used by this company ensures such farm equipment are safe and of high profitability not only to user, but also to the industry.

Brandt also has an engineering sector that specializes in production of conveyor systems, processing machineries, and pipe mill accessories used by different industries. In addition to manufacturing, the industry offers its customers installation opportunities internationally and locally. Brandt’s main projects of engineering are manufacturing of paper mill appliances, cooling tables, bevellers, feed conveyers, and tip tables. On the other hand, the company also takes contracts from the rail industry, whereby it manufactures for the industry products such as car movers and locomotives. The company’s engineering department has also great contributions to the mining industry, whereby most of its contracts include manufacture of wobbler feeders, conveyor machinery, and chute machinery (Brand industries: Engineering products, 2009, p.1).

Brandt has a specific sector of its industries that specializes in manufacturing or rail road equipments. Although this department seems more to be integrated in the engineering department, it has its own specializations, whereby it manufactures heavy railway machineries such as custom railcars and heavy load handlers.

Recently the industry established another industry called the Brandt equipment solutions. This sector is primarily concerned with manufacture of appliances for heavy machineries, which helps to ensure such machinery receive required protection while in operation. The company manufactures these protectors depending on customer requirements. Example of products this sector specializes in includes track dozers, John Deere excavators, and motor graders.

The last section of Brandt industries is the Brandt tractors; a section that has specialized in manufacture of tractor equipments and appliances. It majors in manufacturing forestry machinery for example, skid steers, trenchers, grinder, graders, and other appliances used in dealing with waste products.

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Brandt not only operates as manufacturing industry, but also it has many workshops all over Canada that are main training and maintenance centers. This company also works in close collaboration with other engineering companies such as John Deere construction, which deals primarily with forest conservation (Semple, 2009, p.1).


In conclusion, Brandt is a well established engineering company that deals with a range of products that serve many industries both locally and internationally. Recipient sectors of Brandt’s engineering works include agriculture, manufacturing, railway, and environmental conservation.

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