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Bush Administration’s Aggressive Tactics Toward the Iraqis

Terrorism affects world peace and hinders the development of the relationship between nations. When one considers the war on terror in Iraq, the threat of terrorism is still critical. There is a real need for a complete reassessment of the war on terror in Iraq. According to Ron Suskind, there is a connection between the financial crisis and the post 9/11 actions in America. Bush administration’s aggressive tactics towards the Iraqis contributed only to worsen the situation in Iraq. So, there is a need for devising a reasonable plan for achieving better results in our endeavor to combat terrorism. The reconciliation of foreign and domestic policies on terrorism need to be reviewed and suitable changes adopted where necessary.

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The economic and security interests of the US in the Middle East must be protected and so as to connect it there must be some drastic changes in international affairs. Al-Qaeda’s influence is of a global outlook, which can be seen in serial suicide blasts in Iraq. The invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US troops helped to worsen the situation in the Middle East. Terrorists consider that invasion of one country by another country is a violation of the sovereignty of that country. Ron Suskind points out that the war on terrorism was considered reckless aggression on other countries. Moreover, the US Forces in Iraq failed to gain the confidence and the support of Iraqis and the neighboring Arab countries. This is the real cause behind the strong resistance and suicidal attacks in Iraq.

The events in Iraq are based on an Anti-American policy and militancy of Terrorist groups. Moreover, Iraq is providing a base for terrorist forces. James Dobbins in his article namely- ‘Iraq: Winning the Unwinnable War’ makes clear that Bush must gain the trust of the people of Iraq. To help the people of Iraq to reconstruct their country, the US should reduce its military presence and train Iraqis to combat their internal problems. “To help them, the United States should reduce and ultimately eliminate its military presence, train Iraqis to beat the insurgency on their own, and rally Iran and European allies to the cause.” (Dobbins, p.1). Keeping the US troops in Iraq for a long time provides fiercer and more extensive opposition from the side of the civilians. On the other hand, the sudden withdrawal from Iraq may lead to civil war. Measures must be taken to gain the co-operation of neighboring states in the Middle East. The support of the international community is essential for combating terrorism.

Bush administration must gain the confidence of the UN besides seeking the help of other countries. The opinion of the people of Iraq on this issue is that they are against the invasion and they consider American presence as a foreign invasion. Richard A. Falkenrath in ‘Grading the War on Terrorism points out that the domestic support for the US forces in Iraq is gradually declining and steps must be taken to withdraw the forces. “domestic support for the U.S. presence is in decline.” (Falkenrath). Training Iraqi police to combat terrorism and establishing the counterterrorist special branch are the other measures that would help the US in reducing terrorist activities in the region.

Ron Suskind is of the opinion that the cause behind Anti-Americanism is the foreign policies on war and peacekeeping. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq affected the peace in the Middle East, especially in Iraq. In order to maintain peace in Iraq, it is imperative that the Bush administration should try to get the support of the Iraqi people. When the US gains the confidence of the people and gives due importance to national and international peace, steadiness, autonomy, and territorial integrity, then the problem of terrorism will come to an end.


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