Business Information Systems in Preschool Setting

The Week’s Learning and the Final Project: Summary

Pre-school education is an important issue with which several parents are concerned nowadays. With a steep increase in the number and level of demands in the contemporary global economy, it is crucial to building the foundation for academic success for younger children. Herein lies the rationale for starting a business in the realm of education and creating a preschool where the target audience can acquire crucial knowledge and skills.

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The academic process will be based on teaching students to use the available information technology to acquire, process, and transfer data effectively. Electronic tools will be deployed at all levels of the business, including the education process, management issues, arrangement of the corporate data, and other elements of managing an organization. Thus, promoting the active use of IT is deemed as an essential recommendation to preschool facilities.

Driving Value from Business Information Systems: Recommendations

The adoption of IT-based strategies will help reinforce the security of students, which is especially important in the preschool setting. For instance, learners’ data will remain secure once appropriate IT management strategies and devices are deployed. For instance, the enhancement of the existing databases containing students’ data will have to become a priority (Afifi & Afifi, 2015). Furthermore, the specified devices will serve as the platform for keeping the academic process consistent and engaging for learners. The use of simulations and interactive tasks will help students develop a better understanding of a particular problem and see the vast number of solutions with which they can approach it (Afifi & Afifi, 2015). Finally, the application of IT devices will encourage learners to develop a certain amount of academic independence that will make the process of their learning significantly more inspiring.

Other Relevant Recommendations and Their Importance

Apart from the suggestions listed above, one may also have to consider teaching students the essentials of online security. The application of IT devices and especially the use of social networks as the platform or sharing data may be extraordinarily useful, yet it also contains a certain level of danger to students. Therefore, it is imperative to give learners exhaustive guidelines concerning appropriate online behavior and the means of avoiding online threats to their security and privacy.

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that a teacher meets the needs of learners from all backgrounds equally. Since the knowledge of the subject matter defines students’ safety, equity in education must be regarded as a priority (Afifi & Afifi, 2015). Specifically, it is the responsibility of an educator to create the setting in which the target audience will remain motivated and enthusiastic about learning. Keeping students’ attention is essential for the active development of the necessary habits and a profound understanding of information management in young children.

For this purpose, a teacher may need to consider using visuals coupled with the active discussions of the learned information. By incorporating the elements of traditional school media for data management with innovative ones, a teacher will be able to provide students with a full range of learning experiences. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that teachers should not restrict themselves to the use of solely IT tools. Instead, a combination of all available types of media needs to be integrated to ensure a complete understanding of the learning material and the relevant issues.


Afifi, T., & Afifi, W. (2015). Uncertainty, information management, and disclosure decisions: Theories and applications (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

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