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Information Technology in Preschool Structure Change


Organizational structure provides the platform for advanced process organization and decision-making. It directly affects the effectiveness of any given organization in completing its goals. Information technology plays an essential part in the organizational process by improving the speed of information transfer and enabling the use of leaner management structures, thus saving costs without losing managerial flexibility (Raghu, 2010). The concept of utilizing IT in the scope of small-scaled organizations is a topic that requires additional study and research. Nevertheless, the available data indicate that organizations that integrate IT into their organizational structure see higher chances of success in the market. This memorandum will cover the list of recommendations for the existing organizational structure regarding the use of information technology.

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As it stands, our preschool organization operates using a traditional top-to-bottom hierarchy. It is called a departmental model, where every individual teacher has his or her distinct class and range of responsibilities (Bauer & Wise, 2016). While it is a model primarily utilized in schools, it may not be as effective for pre-schooling, where the most basic skills are being taught to young children. It would be prudent to transform the organization from a departmental model to an integrative model, which provides an assortment of skills and abilities to students without connecting them with particular subjects or teachers.

Information technology gets to plays an important role in the organization of the new teaching processes. Since all teachers will be expected to follow consecutive steps as outlined by the curriculum to provide an integrative approach to preschool education, they will utilize an electronic curriculum available for everyone. That way the educators would track the effectiveness of overall progress, facilitating a sense of continuity. Another use of information technology would be found in scheduling processes. Since all teachers will become universal specialists, they will be able to replace one another in the event of someone getting sick, without drastically altering the educational process (Bauer & Wise, 2016). It will also allow the introduction of flexible scheduling, which will be managed by specialized software. As a result, teachers would have more free time without being harmful to the students.

These recommendations provide cost-efficient ways of altering the organizational structure of our preschool to address the needs of its students. The current organizational structure, while providing adequate results, is more vulnerable to accidents and force majeure events. Also, it does not use the available time and resources as efficiently as it would under the integrative model. These modifications would enable the organization to take full advantage of their existing IT resources and provide a non-interrupted teaching process, which should lend better results for preschoolers. Also, the introduction of flexible schedules and free access to them from computers and mobile devises would ensure greater satisfaction for our educators, which would play a part in the company’s retention strategy (Bauer & Wise, 2016). As a result, the competitive advantage of the organization will increase, which would be beneficial in short-term and long-term perspectives. An increase in students will help to expand our preschool, provide additional funding, and gain an advantage when applying for various grants provided by the government and international educational organizations.


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