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Resolving Business Conflicts: Negotiation Strategies


Negotiation is bargain or discussion about particular deal or issue to be resolved. Two or more parties are involved in negotiations. It’s an exchange of series of ideas and offers between two (or more) people or groups (Kumar, 2005). Different types of negotiation strategies are employed for different problems to achieve desired results. Negotiations do not necessarily end in positive or desired results.

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Currently two different articles under consideration are “Chrysler Debtholder Talks Pick Up Pace” by Krisher and “Globe Union Seeks Public Negotiations” by McConville. Both employ different types of negotiation strategies to resolve different issues under different circumstances.


The first article is about negotiations for Chrysler debtholder. Negotiations are between Chrysler LLC and its debtholder. Two companies Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp both have been given deadlines by the government to clear off some of their debts in order to avoid any bankruptcy due to unpaid debts. Negotiations are between all the groups and people involved as creditors or debtors. Chrysler creditors and banks that hold $6.9 billion liability for the company refused to leave $1 billion debt as requested by the government and Chrysler itself, however creditors started to prepare a counteroffer for the company. In this type of discussions negotiations are done to reach a certain solution about the debt company has. Such negotiations will be called “decision-making” negotiations. There are several different factors involved to be considered in influencing each other’s decision. Each party employs different approach to affect other person’s or group’s decision in order to reach some middle solution at which both will agree. Decision-making negotiations are about reaching certain solutions for certain disputes or issue to be resolved.

“But it is important to realize that conflict that requires resolution is neither good nor bad. There can be positive and negative outcomes. It can be destructive but can also play a productive role for you personally and for your relationships-both personal and professional. The important point is to manage the conflict, not to suppress conflict and not to let conflict escalate out of control. Many of us seek to avoid conflict when it arises but there are many times when we should use conflict as a critical aspect of creativity and motivation.” (Wertheim)

In the second article, the problem under consideration is totally different. It is about Globe union seeking public negotiations. Public negotiations are open to public then the decisions reached involve varied options. In this scenario negotiations were held between the Guild and management. However, these negotiations will be conducted in public. As many people are involved in negotiations then nothing is taken very serious and several people propose their own points and solutions when they are actually not aware of the core issues and problems arising thereafter. According to Thomas Seger, who is a labor lawyer said, “When negotiations are done in public, it becomes mostly theater and drama, and people do a lot of posturing,” hence the results obtained sometimes are off the record and undesired.


Therefore public negotiations are not very fruitful and several discussions not relevant with the core issues emerge in such negotiations. Public negotiations should always be employed when public owe assets in the company and their suggestions are necessary to reach certain decision and to get wide range of support from public in order to take any action.


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