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Business Questions: Ethical Conduct

Good morals are very crucial to the success of any organization. No individual, society or organization will attain its goals and objective if they do not adopt good behaviors. Most organizations have their code of conduct that defines ethical and unethical behaviors. However, it is important to note that there is a difference between codes and standards.

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The two are written and mandatory. Standards define how codes can be attained, while codes define what is good and right (Gagnon, 2007). This article will evaluate the effects that ethical or unethical conduct is likely to have on an engineering company.

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The fire lighting department is one that is very crucial since it is concerned with saving lives and property that is succumbed to a fire accident. It has become an issue of concern that most of the people who work in this department do not understand the various codes or differentiate between codes and standards (Backstom, 2013).

It is not easy for an inspector to understand the language and jargon used in those codes due to the complexity of the codes. The language used might be intimidating to the inspectors since it is usually law language. Only lawyers and people who are in the law profession are likely to comprehend the jargon.

There are some situations in the professional lives of individuals when they are tempted to act in a manner that is not professional. For instance, there could be a situation outside the organization that is likely to tempt a professional to do something that he or she knows is unethical. Also, there are situations when a professional is usually not aware of what is ethical or unethical. There are some engineers who might opt to read only the part of the code of conduct that is favorable to them and apply it while ignoring the rest.

It then follows that such engineers might not observe the responsibility of safeguarding the welfare and safety of the public (Backstom, 2013). Unethical actions by an engineer will have a very negative impact on the company, as well as to the profession.

For instance, an individual or an engineering company that acts unethically might construct structures that are not standard. The result of this is that the structure will not last for long, or it will be hard to deal with an accident that occurs in it; for example, it would be hard to fight fire in case it occurs.

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The NSPE code of conduct stipulates that engineers hold the paramount safety of the people they serve. Engineers are required to notify their employer or client if they do not understand a clause in the code (Backstom, 2013). Engineers should not perform something that they do not understand since they are likely to end up doing substandard work. Also, engineers are expected to perform services strictly in the areas they clearly and vividly understand.

The code also provides that engineers are not supposed to aid in a practice of engineering that is deemed unlawful. Engineers are required to collect and analyze any relevant data before performing any duties or services. These codes, among others, ensure that an engineering company performs its duties in an ethical manner, thereby building a good reputation to the society and its clients (Backstom, 2013).


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