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  1. The Code of Ethics in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
    The Texas Department of Criminal Justice adheres to an elaborate code of conduct and code of ethics. The paper analyzes the standards from various perspectives.
  2. Ethical Issues in Animal Research
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific example of a research study involving animals that had ethical issues.
  3. Technical Writing on Ethics
    This paper analyses technically the “516 Words” article through applying rules and quotes on ethical writing techniques.
  4. Ethical Problems of Animal Testing
    This paper will explore the issue of experimentation on animals and a conclusion will be arrived at in the concluding part of the paper.
  5. The Evolution of Business Ethics
    Drastic changes have occurred in the last few years in the position and duties of the leaders of the company or business establishments.
  6. Ethics of Stem Cell Research
    Looking at the benefits and shortcomings presented by stem cell research, one is left in a dilemma whether to support it or advocate for its discontinuity.
  7. Ethics of Working Environment
    Ethics are a set of principles that are founded on work and diligence, which helps mould the character of the employees in the workplace.
  8. Bio Ethics and Stem Cell Research
    Stem Cell Research, when started, sprung with controversies since the start as it proved to be unethical when seen through the religious perspective.
  9. Making Decisions That Are Legal and Ethical
    The situation with Enoch Thomson at the White Arch Casino requires consideration of contractual law and its legal applicability in this case.
  10. The Issue of Global Climate Change and the Use of Global Ethic
    Modern technologies such as “the use of satellites have made it easier for scientists to analyze climate on a global scale”.
  11. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: When Corporate Values Must Be Upgraded a Few Notches
    Even though the principles of ethical behavior in business have been in use for quite a while, there are still debates concerning the definition of the term.
  12. Financial Reform Ethics: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform
    Passed by the Congress, Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform is a landmark legislative alteration to financial supervision which was signed into law by President Barack Obama.
  13. Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy About Ethics
    Immanuel Kant has extensively written on the topic of ethics. Even today, Kant’s work on the highest moral principles is adequate to outline the truth and essence of life.
  14. Ethical Issues: Euthanasia Debate
    Voluntary euthanasia occurs due to permission from the patient. Active euthanasia happens when a third party carries out a deliberate act which causes death of a patient.
  15. Engineering Professionalism and Ethics
    This essay analyses the situations in engineering profession in which ethics are considered. Risks, which are part of engineering, are also analyzed in this essay.
  16. College Sport Ethical Issues
    Ethics plays an important role in college sports. Ethics is what stands between sportsmanship and gamesmanship and prevents the leaders, educators, and athletes.
  17. Business Ethics and Dilemmas in the Film ‘Michael Clayton’
    The movie “Michael Clayton” addresses a wide range of ethical issues faced by corporations and advocates. One of the ethical issues addressed entails the impacts of capitalism on morality.
  18. Ethics of Using Animals in Medical Researches
    This paper explores how the principles of the deontological ethics can be applied to the discussion of using animals in the medical research and laboratory experiments.
  19. Scientific Experiments on Animals from Ethical Perspectives
    This paper discusses using animals in scientific experiments from the consequentialist, Kantian deontological and Donna Yarri’s Christian character-based perspectives.
  20. Companies Ethics: Concepts and Cases
    Many companies exploit their employees by paying them poorly. Some companies also fail to provide their employees with the best working conditions.
  21. American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics: Overview and Analysis
    American Nurses Association provides with a code of ethics that help nurses understand how training promotes client care. The paper explains special importance of ANA Provision 2.
  22. Aristotle’s Views on Ethics
    Ethics for people’s lives viewed in Aristotle’s argument stating that all humans share a certain function in life. This paper will present an objection to Aristotle’s function argument.
  23. International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
    The ethical issues and their influence on business operation are discussed, as well as the incidences that have occurred in the Shell and BP companies.
  24. Business Questions: Ethical Conduct
    This paper will evaluate the effects that ethical or unethical conduct is likely to have on an engineering company.
  25. Embryo Harvesting Ethical Implications
    The main ethical challenge is whether potential lives should be destroyed at the expense of improving the wellbeing of human beings.
  26. Truth Concepts in Mathematics, the Arts and Ethics
    To many, truth means reality hence, depending on what one takes to be right or prevailing conditions truth varies.
  27. Professionalism and Ethics: Impacts of Computers, Ethical Obligations and Information Awareness
    One of the first negative impacts of computers and their related software that will be discussed can be seen in the arguments of Nicholas Carr in his book “The Shallows”.
  28. Euthanizing Handicapped People: Ethical and Moral Concerns
    While arguing whether to euthanize handicapped people or not, it should not escape our minds that they are human beings.
  29. Code of Federal Regulations: Definition of Ethics
    Research ethics is a doubtlessly significant part of any scientific project, especially when the project in question is carried out within the realm of the biomedical or behavioral studies.
  30. Ethics Issues: Personal Responsibility
    The enthusiasm for admitting the significance of values that societies set for personal behavior is referred to as personal responsibility.
  31. British Petroleum: Corruption Involving Ethics
    Economists rate BP previously referred to as British Petroleum as the third-largest oil company in the world. Its locality in London. It merged with Amoco and changed its name to BP.
  32. Patient’s Violence and the Use of Doctor Force – Medical Ethics
    The essay discusses, on the example of one ill girl’s case, whether to use force or not when the child as a patient shows violence during the treatment.
  33. History of Assessment and Ethical Issues – Psychology
    Personality assessment involves the study of the characteristics which constitute the social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive functioning.
  34. Aristotle and Virtue Ethics
    Aristotle holds that virtues originate from actions that human beings perform because one can either be a good or bad person based on actions.
  35. Medical Ethics: Pet Euthanasia
    Pet-owners desire that their ailing pets have painless and stress-free deaths. This eliminates trauma for both a pet and its owner.
  36. Medical Ethics Dilemma: Ethical Theories and Law
    Health care provision is increasingly becoming complicated. In modern-day health care provision, certain ethical issues have to be addressed.
  37. Kant’s Deontological Ethical Theory
    Immanuel Kant’ deontological ethics perceives morality as an inherent attribute of an action, which contrasts with teleological ethics that perceivethe morality from the consequences of actions.
  38. Samsung and Child Labor: Business Ethics Case
    To make sure that no factory exploits child labor, Samsung claims to have compelled all the factories to install a hi-tech facial detection device.
  39. Aristotle Theory About Euthanasia – Ethics
    The paper explains the virtue theory from an Aristotelian perspective and demonstrates how virtuous doctors can use the theory to judge euthanasia patients.
  40. Jackson Hospital in Miami: Legal and Ethical Environment
    This paper examines the legal and ethical environment restrictions and opportunities affecting health care provision at the Jackson Hospital in Miami.

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  1. Nightingale Pledge: Medical Ethics Perspectives
    The Nightingale pledge was developed as an oath students graduating from the Farrand Training School for Nurses. The pledge was created in 1893 and revised in 1935 to improve its scope.
  2. Ethical and Moral Philosophy: Opinions Difference
    Idea of virtue ethics was based on the set of personal traits or virtues that shaped a good individual with proper morals. This understanding is different from the other opinions.
  3. Pharmacare Company Ethic and Corporate Responsibility
    This paper evaluates the ethical and corporate responsibility issues that arise in the scenario presented involving Pharmacare: ethical treatment of employees and whistle blowing.
  4. Ethical Aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate social responsibility is a company’s awareness of its impact on society and reducing negative effects. It includes legal, economic, ethical and philanthropic components.
  5. Cryonics and Its Ethical Side
    Humanity looks up to cryonics because of its fear of death and willing to live. However, moral beliefs don’t keep pace with scientific innovations.
  6. The Code of Ethics of the American Nurses Association
    The paper examines the provisions of the Code of Ethics developed by the American Nurses Association that guide the behavior and decisions of nursing professionals.
  7. Medical Ethics: Implications of a Confidentiality Breach
    The violation of the patients’ right to secrecy of their private data can be viewed from ethical standpoints. The therapists should acknowledge their responsibility for the issue.
  8. Obamacare and Healthcare Reform Ethical Challenges
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act involves several ethical issues connected with failing to protect some of the most fundamental rights.
  9. Terri Schiavo Medical Ethics Case
    The case of Terri Schiavo raised major medical, legal and ethical issues in history. Most importantly, it brought about the relevance of individual autonomy and liberty interests.
  10. Life Philosophy in “Nicomochaen Ethics” and “Exodus”
    “Nicomochaen Ethics” is a piece of work consisting of ten books written by Aristotle. “Exodus” is the book included in the Old Testament of the Bible. Both works explore the purpose of human life.
  11. PharmaCare Company Ethical Issues
    This paper presents a case study of PharmaCare, which is one of those companies that have been victims of ethical issues. It will consider the emerging marketing strategy.
  12. Sea Dumping: Legal and Ethical Issues
    The paper explores legal and ethical issues regarding the sea dumping and examines the approaches used by cruise lines to increase the social responsibility.
  13. Patient Confidentiality – Medical Ethics
    This paper considers patient confidentiality basing on Nathanson’s article “Bioethics on NBC’s ER: Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? When Is It Ok to Break Confidentiality?”.
  14. Engineering Competence and the Code of Ethics
    Risk is part of engineering and technological progress. This means that for growth to be witnessed, various risks have to be taken.
  15. Circumcision: Medical, Ethical and Human Rights Issues
    Human genitals is a matter that is to be treated with utmost care. Genital mutilations are mainly referred to as “a cultural practice”.
  16. A Defense on Abortion: Ethical Issues
    Abortion is considered the intended action to expel a fetus from the womb of a woman. The expulsion of a fetus leads to death, the intentional expulsion of a fetus is murder.
  17. Ethical, Legal, Moral Dilemmas of Terminal Illness
    The moral behavior of nurses has often been described as grounded in commitment to, and receptivity for, the experience of patients, and directed towards alleviating suffering.
  18. Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues Case
    The paper studies a case of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease and her family who have to decide whether it is correct to provide her with machines to support life.
  19. Ethical, Legal, and Moral Dilemmas in Nursing
    The nurse may be faced with challenge of deciding whether to respect the autonomy of patient or report to relevant authorities about the intention of patient to end own life.
  20. Utilitarian Ethical Problems and the Utility Common Good Test
    According to utilitarianism, an organization is said to be ethical if it engages in actions that aim at bringing satisfaction to the majority.
  21. Apple Company’s Business Ethics
    This paper reviews Apple Corporation with regard to the way it handles its ethics and social responsibilities. It also looks at the role of suppliers and their effects on Apple Corporation.
  22. Medical Intervention: Ethical, Legal, and Moral Dilemmas
    The main ethical task of a nurse who knows about the patient’s plans to commit suicide is to prevent the realization of the client’s intentions.
  23. Apple Corporation Ethical and Social Responsibility
    The report aims at finding out whether practicing strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility has an impact on the operations of Apple.
  24. American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics
    American Nurses Association’s code of ethics ensures nurses relate professionally with their clients and maintain health facilities to promote the provision of health services.
  25. Chevron Company Ethical Analysis
    Businesses implement codes of ethics to promote honesty, integrity, and organizational success. Chevron is a company with a code of conduct that guarantees success.
  26. Underweight Products and Deontological Ethics
    Business firms have the moral obligation to ensure that they deliver quality goods to their customers. This paper explores the case of non-compliance moral ethics in business.
  27. Business Ethical Standards and Processes
    The ethics program explains some of the applicable standards and procedures that define how employees of Company X should behave and identifies unacceptable elements.
  28. Cultural Ethics in Regulatory Risks Management
    The research has helped me to better understand the importance of cultural ethics in managing regulation risks.
  29. “The Padding that Hurt”: Human Resource and Ethics
    The case scenario “The padding that hurt” does appear to contain a number of ethical issues, which call to be resolved in one way or another.
  30. PharmaCARE Company: Workplace Ethical Considerations
    PharmaCARE is a drug manufacturing company situated in New Jersey, but it has a production plant in Colberia. The company is surrounded by numerous ethical issues.
  31. Ethics of Obamacare and Trumpcare
    This paper discusses conflicts that exist between ethics and healthcare reform that has been brought upon the execution of the affordable care act aka Obamacare/Trumpcare.
  32. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Ethical Controversy
    Tuskegee case set the background for the reconsideration of healthcare ethics, which means that the ethical value of the given case deserves reconsideration.
  33. Teleological Ethics and Its Forms in Business
    This paper discusses three forms of teleological ethics, namely utilitarianism, ethical egoism and virtue ethics, and how they can be applied to business situations.
  34. Abortion: Legal, Ethical and Professional Evidence
    Some members of society strongly recent abortion. In this paper, the researcher will evaluate the ethical arguments for abortion.
  35. Ethical and Cultural Issues in Group Work
    The targeted scenario for this analysis is a group composed of students in a learning institution. The members of the group are from different social, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds.
  36. Microsoft Company’s Marketing Ethics
    Microsoft is an example of an ethical business because it enhances responsibility, commitment through a network of partners like businesses, nonprofits, and governments.
  37. Online Counseling: Ethical and Legal Issues
    This paper discusses the ethical and legal issues associated with online or technology-assisted counseling and advises how to address the issues of online counseling.
  38. Health Care Fraud, Abuse and Ethics
    The necessity of preventing fraud and abuse is evident. Medical institutions should take responsibility for their actions to ensure the principal mission of health care.
  39. Understanding Ethics and How We Approach Ethical Decisions
    The chapter Understanding Ethics and How We Approach Ethical Decisions of the book Health Care Ethics discusses aspects that influence the making of moral decisions.
  40. Ethical Approaches in Career Choice
    This paper discusses some of the ethical choices that a people should consider when deciding their occupations.

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  1. Biomedical Ethics Study in the Christian Narrative
    The case study at hand contains several controversial issues that can be called pressing if regarded in the context of the Christian narrative and Christian vision.
  2. The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights
    The argument about the legitimacy of abortion has been in existence for quite a while. The proponents of prohibiting abortions are nowadays labeled as the pro-life movement.
  3. Nestlé Animal Testing and Business Ethics
    Business organizations should embrace the best ethical practices. The essay gives a detailed analysis of the ethical issues arising from Nestle’s animal testing practices.
  4. Ethics and Business in Finland
    In this paper, the ethical behaviors of business organizations in Finland will be analyzed since they have an influence on the living conditions of the locals.
  5. Canada’s Oil Sands as Ethical Oil Sources
    This paper argues that Canada’s oil sands are more ethical than oil from Nigeria. It considers the political and socio-economic issues of the country.
  6. Religion and Ethics in Healthcare Provision
    Religion is often a major factor in the provision of health care to a patient. All major religions imply cherishing one’s health and making efforts to prevent harming life.
  7. The Internet and Ethical Debate on Information Privacy
    The internet has become a vital tool for obtaining information, trading, learning, politics administration, socialisation, and entertainment in the world.
  8. Fair Trade: Ethics in the UK Garment Industry
    This paper will aim at understanding the code of conduct that is voluntarily disclosed by the UK apparel companies.
  9. 1st and 4th Tenets in the Nursing Code of Ethics
    This paper analyzes two tenets of the Code of Ethics for Nurses to retrieve their purpose, to describe an application to practice, and to provide several examples of their use.
  10. Ethics and Issues of Male and Female Circumcision
    Circumcision is an operation that can be performed on both men and women. Male circumcision is part of the traditions of some ethnic groups, such as Jews and Muslims.
  11. Obesity in Afro-Americans: Ethics of Intervention
    Nowadays, black people in the United States of America face the problem of obesity. Approximately forty percent of Afro-American citizens have significant overweight issues.
  12. Ethical Issues in Healthcare Delivery
    The United States has recorded unprecedented demographic changes within the past three decades. The number of elderly people in the country is on the rise.
  13. Executive Compensation Ethical Controversy
    The boundary between just and excessive compensation is vague, and this paper contains an attempt at demonstrating the roots of the problem as well as its possible solutions.
  14. Indian Creek Foundation: Ethics of Change
    The paper discusses the professional code of ethics necessary for the work on a new strategy through implementing change to the Indian Creek Foundation.
  15. Hiring a Hacker: Ethical Issue and Solution
    This paper set out to address the ethical issues that a manager charged with hiring staff faces when hiring a person with a record for illegal activities.
  16. Biomedical Ethics in Christian Narrative
    The case study demonstrates how religious beliefs, in this case, Christian beliefs have a negative influence on the treatment of a patient.
  17. Counseling, Its Ethical Standards and Principles
    Since counseling is a significant activity in psychology, it should be performed in compliance with the applicable ethical standards and principles.
  18. Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    The field of artificial intelligence indeed brings numerous ethical, social, professional and legal issues; but are those so disturbing as some people claim?
  19. Integrity as a Concept in the Ethical Dictionary
    This paper gives an extended definition of integrity. Integrity is a concept that is applied in many codes of ethics and evaluated using different perspectives.
  20. Ethical Obligations for International Companies
    The paper discusses ethical obligations for the United States companies that operate in other countries. It considers a living wage and paying a bribe.
  21. Ethical Codes and Competitive Intelligence
    The paper discusses 6 steps to the adoption of the ethical norms and formulating codes in the organization and the methods of regulation for competitive intelligence.
  22. Abortion: Judith Thomson’s Ethical Perspective
    This work looks into the issue of abortion, a situation will be discussed based on what has been said about abortion with much emphasis on Judith Thomson’s perspective.
  23. Counseling Depression: Ethical Aspects
    This paper explores the ethical aspects required to work with a widower who diminished passion for food, secluding himself in the house, portraying signs of depression.
  24. Lee and Li Law Firm’s Ethical Misconduct
    The present case involves the actions of one of the workers of Lee and Li. Having discovered his malfeasance, the officials creates a strategic plan to solve the problems.
  25. Virtue Ethics as an Army Officer’s Moral Code
    The paper discusses and compares utilitarianism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics in application to the moral decisions of army officers and soldiers.
  26. Nursing Ethics in “Invisible Patients” Documentary
    Invisible Patients is a documentary that describes the work of a nurse practitioner who helps the most vulnerable patients to live and struggle with their illnesses.
  27. Health Care Ethics Instructional Design Plan
    The learning and training sessions on health care ethics are often time-consuming, and the contemporary approach is important to organize the instruction effectively.
  28. Law and Ethics in the Nursing Profession
    This paper aims to explore the conflicts between ethics and the law in nursing and how they influence professional practice.
  29. Communication and Social Media Ethics in United Arab Emirates
    The delivery of strategic information to the public through social media in United Arab Emirates must be evaluated for relevance and abuse.
  30. Economic Rationality and Ethical Behaviour
    This paper analysis the idea that businesses promote the common good through the pursuit of their economic interests. Profits are ethical according to the perspectives of corporate institutions.
  31. Informatics Ethical Principles: Nursing Organizations
    This paper seeks to carry out an assessment of the various ethical principles applicable to nursing and non-nursing organizations before identifying the advantages and disadvantages in each case.
  32. Worksite Health Promotions and Ethical Issues
    In nursing, ethics is one of the most important aspects of practice. This paper examines an article that focused on worksite health promotions and ethical considerations.
  33. Chile’s Copper Mining Industry and Business Ethics
    This paper discusses the ethical aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility in Chile’s copper mining industry as these companies can profit if they respect the environment.
  34. Fetal Abnormality and Ethical Dilemms of Abortion
    In the case study “Fetal Abnormality,” four characters face the same problem: an abnormal condition of a fetus and the necessity to decide if to save a child or consider abortion.
  35. Enron’s Corporate Culture and Ethics Failure
    Enron’s corporate culture had little regulators and system monitors to balance the goals of the company and expected behavior when handling business environment risks.
  36. Health Promotion and Autonomy-Based Ethical Concerns
    Health promotion initiatives are associated with ethical concerns that affect their implementation and effectiveness.
  37. Gay Marriage and Ethical Theories
    Despite being supported by some ethical theories, gay marriages are not good for the marriage institution and should not be supported.
  38. Data Integrity: Legal and Ethical Implications
    Data encompass structured ideas and facts that can be used to generate important information capable of being communicated and interpreted in a series of processes.
  39. Ethical and Legal Considerations in Modern Nursing
    Every hospital case is different, yet nurses should always put patients’ wellbeing at the top of their priorities. Dealing with mentally unfit patients may be ethically challenging.
  40. Nursing Legal and Ethical Principles
    There are many principles according to which nurses and patients can develop their relations. Each principle is a unique combination of ethical and legal aspects.

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  1. Medical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
    The case study presents a medical dilemma. Joanne and Mike encounter a unique problem arising from their son’s health condition. James has been diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis.
  2. Making Moral and Ethical Decisions in Nursing
    The profession of a nurse is associated with several obligations since a nurse is responsible for the lives of the patients.
  3. Reproductive Technology in Ethical Debates
    Advocates and opponents of surrogacy appealed to cultural and social tradition, law, psychophysiology, religious belief, without coming close to a definitive conclusion.
  4. Communication and Media Ethics
    This paper will establish an argument to narrate whether the contents shared through social media expose the public to improper contents or misinformation.
  5. Autism Ethics: Accept or Cure?
    The paper considers the debate on whether autistic people should be accepted by the community as a diversity of the society or a cure should be found out and developed.
  6. Ethical, Legal, Multicultural Challenges in Crisis
    A crisis that is not properly managed draws negative ideas or perceptions from different stakeholders such as community members, government officials, employees, suppliers.
  7. Sections 2.3a, 3.9a-b in Engineering Ethical Code
    Engineering ethical principles are guidelines that define expected rules of engagement for professionals in the dynamic engineering field.
  8. Medical Treatment in Religious Beliefs and Ethics
    This essay analyzes a clinical situation that involved an ethical dilemma, in particular, the patient’s refusal to proceed with medical treatment due to his religious beliefs.
  9. Kant’s and Mill’s Ethical Philosophies
    Human beings have always been troubled by various ethical and moral issues. These issues are associated with the major principles that define what is wrong or right.
  10. Debate on Circumcision: Is It Unethical and Unlawful?
    Studies have established that circumcision is more than a medical issue because they are both ethical and human issues that influence its application.
  11. Ethical Issues and Strategies in Nursing Practice
    The paper reviews a study by Park that identifies the most common ethical issues in nursing practice and the respective strategies used to resolve them effectively.
  12. Childhood Obesity Research and Ethical Concerns
    Since the present study is focused on the exploration of a problem that affects children, it is logical that the sample is comprised mainly of children and their parents.
  13. Early Feature Films and Ethical Considerations
    The essay discusses the early feature films that brought social considerations regarding ethics as they were devoted to gangsters, crime, and imprisonment horrors.
  14. Negotiating Ethical Conflicts in Nursing
    Negotiating ethical conflicts is part of a nurse’s everyday duties. However, this does not mean that all nurses can make effective ethical decisions.
  15. Chernobyl Disaster and Engineering Ethics
    The disaster of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was the largest nuclear power accident in world history. This paper examines ethical Issues in its engineering.
  16. Nurse Educator’s Legal and Ethical Implications
    This paper will examine the due process for students and new nurses concerning any practice deemed unsafe in the clinical setting.
  17. Circumcision: Ethical and Human Issues
    Some researchers suggest that circumcision provides medical benefits for both genders while others consider that it is ethically unacceptable and should be forbidden.
  18. Animal Research in Medical Studies and Ethics
    The necessity of animal research in medical studies is among the most controversial topics discussed by healthcare specialists and those specializing in medical ethics.
  19. Gift Marketing and Ethics in Healthcare
    Over the years, ethical standards of healthcare marketing changed for worse because of the increased demand for healthcare services as well as companies’ goal to earn more.
  20. Health Promotion and Ethical Considerations
    Sometimes a nurse might wish to manipulate a patient’s fears to achieve the goal. However, it is not appropriate to use manipulation, even for the benefit of a patient.
  21. Nursing Code of Ethics, Human Dignity and Commitment
    Code of Ethics for Nurses describes suitable nurses` behavior and cultivate a specific ethical climate beneficial for the enhanced connection between a health worker and a patient.
  22. Employee Conflicts Resolution and Ethical Dilemmas
    Any workplace is an environment in which many people have to interact with each other; as a result, there is a possibility of conflicts between employees.
  23. Healing by Faith Ethics and Organ Transplantation
    This paper examines the issue if the healing by faith over proven medical methods is ethical with regards to the eight-year-old boy in need of an organ transplant.
  24. Debate on Abortion: Ethics and Principals
    This paper relooks at the debate surrounding the topic of abortion to the extent that when views on either side are considered, then whose right should be used to make a ruling.
  25. US Healthcare Sector: ObamaCare and Ethical Problems
    ObamaCare includes the programs according to which a practice of bundled payments is introduced. It means that hospitals receive a certain sum for treating a certain disease.
  26. Ethical and Legal Issues of the Physician
    Physicians have to focus on the ethical guidelines and legal requirements before making a decision in response to the patient’s non-compliant nature.
  27. Ethical Business: Essential or Optional?
    Companies by inheritance are interested in doing business in accordance with ethical principles, which is the main condition for their competitiveness.
  28. Ethical Regulations in the Workplace
    It is necessary for the companies to conform to ethical regulations if they want to sustain respectable relations with their customers and within an organization.
  29. Ethical Eating in Daily Food Practices
    “Good food, good people” by Johnston et al. explains how consumers from diverse class environments understand ethical eating and reinforce these ideas into routine food practices.
  30. Theories of Ethics: Consequentialism and Ethical Relativism
    The ethical relativism and consequentialism schools of thought highlight the basis upon which decisions can be made when face with ethical dilemmas that require moral solutions.
  31. Indian Tea Plantation’s Business Ethics
    This paper is aimed at examining the investigation provided by BBC that revealed shocking working and living conditions of tea plantation workers in Assam, India.
  32. McDonald’s Company: Business Ethics Case
    McDonald’s provides exhaustive information about the amount of nutrients in every product. The company washes its hands of any accusations in failing to perform its obligations to customers.
  33. The Ethics of Moving Jobs Overseas
    Research has established that the concept of moving jobs overseas has created a huge ethical dilemma between its proponents and opponents.
  34. Society’s View About Ethics
    Ethics and morality are notions that have been studied widely to influence human behaviours and relationships.
  35. Role of Ethics in Healthcare Leadership
    Healthcare administrators use the principle of nonmaleficence to resolve challenges associated with service delivery.
  36. Global Ethics and Ethical Compliances Promotion
    People who face moral issues try to limit the attention paid to them to avoid their development, which is not right. Ethics is critical at every instance in various contexts.
  37. Commercial Ethics, Its History and Modern Problems
    In his book “Ethics at work: Creating virtue at an American corporation”, Terris deliberates the history of commercial ethics in the United States since the late 1800s.
  38. Honda Company’s Defective Airbags and Ethical Issues
    In 2015, Honda Company was fined for failing to respond to safety issues that affected its cars, which were fitted with defective airbags.
  39. Cloning Research Ethics: Ethical Dispute and Issues
    Cloning research is one of the most discussed issues in the health care system development. While admitting its benefits, the specialists scrutinize its legal and ethical aspects.
  40. Cicero’s Views on Citizenship and Ethics
    Cicero argued that political action is the only way of putting virtue to use. However, if politics was devoid of virtue, people could not engage in analysis of the world.

💡 Simple Ethics Essay Ideas

📌 Easy Ethics Essay Topics

❓ Ethical Research Questions

  1. How Can Business Ethics Be Improved?
  2. What Is the Importance of Ethics in the Law Enforcement Organization?
  3. Can Having Nuclear Weapons Be Ethical in a Global Community?
  4. How Does Artificial Intelligence Relate to Ethics?
  5. What Is Aristotle’s Concept of Ethics?
  6. Are Classical Ethical Theories Still Relevant Today in the Works of Locke and Hume?
  7. Why Is It Important for Police Officers to Have Ethics?
  8. How Can Law and Ethics Conflict?
  9. Does the Ethical Leadership of Supervisors Generate Internal Social Capital?
  10. Are You Free and Responsible for Your Ethical Actions?
  11. What Are the Two Most Important Principles in AI Ethics?
  12. Is There a Relationship Between Justice Ethics and Morality?
  13. What Is the Relationship Between Law and Ethics in Healthcare?
  14. Can Business Ethics Exist in Today’s Business?
  15. Who Created the 4 Principles of Biomedical Ethics?
  16. Are Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Ethical?
  17. Can Ethical Business Strategy Influence Consumers’ Buying Behavior and Loyalty?
  18. Why Is Business Ethics Important in Decision Making?
  19. Is a Code of Ethics Important in the Profession?
  20. How Will You Apply Ethics in Your Daily Life?
  21. Can Ethical Leadership Improve Employees’ Well-Being at Work?
  22. Are Socially Responsible Managers Really Ethical?
  23. Why Is the Ethics of Care Branded as a Feminine Morality?
  24. Can Scientific Progress Destroy the Moral and Ethical Fiber of Society?
  25. Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries?
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