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Business-to-Business Marketing Plan

Mission statement

To work towards a clean environment by developing products that work and are friendly to the environment.

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Marketing objectives

  • To increase awareness by 35% of the market on the need for a clean working environment
  • To increase the demand for the new cleaning products by 50 percent in the first year.
  • Increase the level of awareness in the target market of the high-quality products that meet their needs.
  • To increase the sales volume of the cleaning products by 30% by the end of the first year of trade.
  • To reduce the chances of customers disregarding the cleaning products by 50% in the first year.
  • To create awareness by over 50% margin on the new unique brands of cleaning agents that would be introduced in the market.

Strategic objectives

  • In the first year that company must be able to produce the best cleaning products that cannot be compared to the competitors.
  • In one year the company must be able to distribute 60% of its production in terms of cleaning agents to 50 % of the targeted market.
  • The company must be able to increase the production of cleaning products by 20% after the first year.
  • The organization must also be able to increase its market share by more than 10% after 1 year of marketing and distribution.

Financial strategies

  • By the end of the year the sales made should be more than $ 100000
  • There should be a gross margin of over 50% by the end of the first year of operation.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy would mainly focus on the various aspects of the product that would increase its competitive advantage in the market.

Target market

The cleaning products would target both small and big organizations in the market.

Small income classes and the high-income classes in the market would also be put into consideration. The marketing strategy would target schools, hospitals, clinics and other small business enterprises within the locality. Individuals would also not be left out in the target market.


The price of the new cleaning agents would be varied according to the various market segments. In low and middle-income earners, there would be packages for as little as $3 so as to ensure that the consumers do not complain about affordability of the cleaning agents according to their earnings. In the high-income earners segment, packages would be priced as high as $200. However both the low and high-priced packages would be found in all the market segments. The prices of the cleaning agents shall depend on color and the fragrances present among other ingredients that would be included. Generally the price would be made more affordable to the consumers than the competitors. The price would be the determinant in making the increased sales targets that have been set to be achieved within the year.


The cleaning agents would come in different brands. Each branch shall be unique in its own identity by the various features. Color would be a very important aspect that would differentiate between brands. The brands shall also have fragrances that would still be used to differentiate between them. Suitable names shall be used for the various brands of cleaning agents to reach the target markets. The brands would make the customers have different choices to take rather than only one as in some of the competitors. It is through the brands that the individual needs of the customers would be easily met. The brands are expected to increase the sales volumes through production efficiency in the company.


A lot of effort will be used to make the cleaning products well known in the target market. Advertisement would involve both the print and the nonprint media. The message would be set right in the Newspapers and other popular print media. Billboard advertisements would also be explored although they would be a bit costly. A good company for doing the job at a competitive price would be outsourced. This would be after intensive radio and TV advertising and promotional activities that would make the products well known in the market.

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The location of the products would be made such that they would be easily accessible to the customers in the distribution channels. The product would be found in all the major retail stores and the distribution network would ensure that the stocks are well maintained to keep the customers satisfied with their specific brands.

Distribution channels

These would be the main determinants of product movement in the company’s supply chain. The product would be adequately stored in all its stores from the company warehouse. From the stores, the products would be made available in chain supermarkets and other retail outlets. This would facilitate easy accessibility for the customers to the specific brands that would be displayed by the retailers. The retail stores would work to reduce transportation costs for the customers as they order more stocks of the cleaning products. The distribution channels have been tailored to meet the huge demands for the products that would arise after promotional activities.


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