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Buying Things to Solve Personal Problems

It is a universal true that modern people cannot exist without buying. Almost every day every person goes shopping. We may buy food, clothes, pets, TVs, books, furniture, cars, houses, and many other things we need for our every day life. And there is no difference between Americans and other nations. All people need to eat for living and sleep for health that is why to buy food and bed is not only useful, it is necessary. It means that buying is the best way to solve our every day problems and make our life comfortable.

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That is why, it must be mentioned that life is impossible without buying. And it is normal that people go shopping if they need to get something, no matter if it is medicine or a new sweater. We buy things to solve our personal problems. Any family quarrel makes people be sad and even cry. Any kid’s disease always becomes parents’ sleepless nights. If a lovely puppy dies, life becomes bootless. Many other similar problems people consider the most awful and in case one of them happens they do everything to solve it as quickly as possible.

To solve all these problems we are to buy different things. In case of kid’s disease some medicine must be bought after consulting the doctor; in case of family quarrel flowers must be presented; in case of puppy’s death a new pet must be got. These are the ways to solve the problems in materialistic American society and in every other society all over the world, as solution of any trouble is always connected with buying something.

They say that any person to feel well should purchase something, at last, once a week. And it obviously is not just an attempt to follow the fashion. It is a proved fact that is why there should not be argues about benefit of shopping, besides, people are to spend money they have earned. This point of view is tested by my own experience, as nothing can change my mood and make me feel better as buying of something new for my wardrobe.

However, it should be mentioned that sometimes purchasing really is not the only way out as troubles of major part of people are psychological. For instance, kid’s headache, as psychotherapists consider, may be just a way to attract parents’ attention. In this case there is no need to buy something for child’s recovering, as the only method to help is to attend to him/her even if there is lack of time. If a family quarrel happened, the best way to put things right a simple word “sorry” can be pronounced by both and that is better than buying of flowers. But in spite of this psychological side of the question, people really feel better after buying something useful that is why it is better to buy and feel good than not to buy and feel bad.

My life is full of facts proving that buying can help to solve not only every day personal problems but to make our mood better. My mother told me that when I have been a little kid I liked my pet – a parrot. But once, we forgot to close a cage and he went away. I was upset and refused to talk to my parents and friends. My mother did not know what to do and, then, my dad found the best way out – he has bought a puppy. And this puppy brought me back to life rather quickly.

One more example, showing that purchasing is one of the best ways to solve any problems had happened, when I was older. Then, I had a bad mood due to some problems at school. I was sad about two weeks, then, I went shopping and have bought a new dress. On arriving home I felt much better and forgot about my troubles. These are my own examples, proving that buying is necessary for people to feel well.

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To conclude, it must be mentioned that buying helps us to solve all possible problems, buying medicine helps us to recover, buying food helps us to be alive, buying clothes helps us to feel better. And there is no matter, what problems we have, we can solve those buying things.

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