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“C Jam Blues” by Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington, C Jam Blues is based on a 12-bar Blues pattern which uses a succession of various tone colours and hence leads to the different variety of this piece done by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra. At the start, the music starts with a repetitive melody and is mixed by Drums, Guitar, Basa, and piano. The melody is repetitive by the saxophones and is followed by a rhythm section added to Drums, Guitar, Bass, and Piano. The opening is finished by hearing solos played by various instruments and is heard alone mixed with the orchestra’s Rhythm section. The soloist is heard first and has a rhythm and solos, which are improvised by the players, and music is created as when it is performed.

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Benjamin Britten, The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

The theme adopts a counterpoint where the melody follows each other sequentially, one melody at a time. The theme variation of the melody consists of percussion, strings, brass, and woodwinds. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra has individual instruments where each theme changes the mood and tempo. The variations change and consist of trumpets, harps, horns, violins, bassoons, and flutes.

The theme and variations start with the use of piccolo, which is then played in a fugue. The fugue consists of some counterpoint, which is a kind of a race between the instruments used in the orchestra. The instruments used are used till the use of brass takes over again and becomes the main theme used to end the work (Jameson 2). The theme is the musical composition that becomes the first melody that a person heats and tends to show the tone used in the music. The variations provide a repetitive harmonic basis which is an evolving structure that is repetitive. The variation form closely emanates from the fundamental musical theme, and it is altered form done repetitively in a different manner.

The piece’s theme is solemn and regal, with strings, percussion, brass, woodwinds, and an entire orchestra. The meter of the opening statement is a simple triple meter. The variations of the music are compound and can also be seen to be Simple quadruple. The mode of the theme melody when starting is Homophonic.

Discussion Board Post

Primarily, my thoughts are that the best way of making an audience to be active is to ensure they can participate in the musical event. In this respect, the audience ought to become more interested and this will ensure they can sing along in the musical event. My opinion is that the audience ought to be persons who have interest in that particular type of music.

Music Class

The discussion on my thoughts reinforce my thought that music is a rhythm and tune that creates a melody that makes people prepare oneself to enjoy a musical event. The author further reinforces my thoughts that allowing oneself to be part of a musical event gives a person a chance to be sad or happy depending on the situation.

The discussion made by the student reinforces my thought that the success of a musical performance depends on audience engagement. It further reinforces my thoughts as music tends to pass messages to the audience and this can help to make the performance engaging. Also, music expresses an emotion and can help in making a crowd happy further reinforcing my thoughts on audience engagement.

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