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Drake- Gods Plan: Visual Analysis on the Music Video

Music videos are created to accompany the songs and promote music artists. They often present specific messages or a story that musicians would like to tell their listeners. At the same time, the direction in which the performer works also significantly affects the clips. These videos are pretty common, and the audience is hard to surprise. However, the music video of Canadian rapper Drake created for the song “God’s Plan” can be called unusual, both for the artist and for the entire rap direction. Despite the high possibility of criticism about the use of social problems for his promotion, the performer presents a clip showing his charity.

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All video events occur in real life, and this is not just a realistic transmission of some situations but documented events. However, before this, the clip begins with announcing that almost a million dollars were spent on it (Drake – God’s Plan 00:00 – 00:03). This fact may mislead the audience to expect something excessively fancy and telling about wealth. Nevertheless, the next frame that all the money was given instantly changes the mood. Then, the story tells how the performer met with various people and organizations in Miami, providing them with financial assistance. People with whom Drake meets do not know what should happen, and therefore their sincere emotions are shown. Thus, ordinary people and their feelings become the main heroes and the features of the video. They are not popular throughout the world, but still beautiful and remind the audience that life is good.

The rapper raises relevant questions about how teenagers may not have enough money to study or families to care for children. It is crucial to note that a positive mood is still set on the screen from the first notes – one man recalls his youth and says that “It’s a good life” (Drake – God’s Plan 00:28 – 00:31). This atmosphere remains, showing the smiles of the participants in the video, sometimes their tears of happiness, or a little childish, and for this reason positive, dances of the performer himself. Such a plot setting reveals another message correlating with the lyrics – that adverse events will occur in life in any case, but they should not prevent people from doing something good. The video does not use special effects, or pavilions for filming, and the frames just replace each other. The simplicity and high quality of the image allow focusing on promoted ideas.

Considering this clip as a presentation of Drake himself, it can be argued that he wants to create an image of a kind and generous person. Critics of the clip may say that the rapper made charitable donations to show it to the public and for advertising. In response to such accusations, Drake replied, “This is the most important thing I’ve ever done” (Hall para. 4). However, even if criticism meets reality, the video’s messages as a whole are more optimistic. It can inspire other powerful and wealthy people to help those who are less fortunate. The video may also remind listeners that good can happen to everyone.

Thus, the music video for the song “God’s Plan” is documented real meetings and acts of charity of the rapper Drake. According to the video, an entire budget of almost a million dollars was spent to help people. High-quality frames represent the shooting of the video without additional special effects. The established atmosphere resonates with lyrics and helps promote the ideas of the musician. With his music video, Drake wanted to help people, draw attention to some social problems, and inspire his audience to concentrate on positive aspects of life.

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