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Californian Gold Discovery and Migration to West


People migrate from one end to the other with varied motives. The discovery of gold in California led to massive migration of people to the country. The desire for wealth turned people to monsters who could slaughter and kill one another for gold. Conflict emerged from inadequate resources available for the migrants. Land was a scarce resource especially for the foreigners who wanted to grab it from the natives. To date people still complain about limited resources and frequent occurrence of war especially in places where resources are available. There is need to enlighten people to consider living in unison for maximum development and sustainability.

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The world is a capitalist society. People will always remain optimistic to flee from poverty. The case is evidenced in the episodes of The West. An analysis of The People by Richard White and Speck of the Future by J. S Holiday episodes demonstrated the way people can change to insanity. The discovery of precious minerals destabilizes the peaceful coexistence of people. For instance, the current demand for oil in the world is affecting the stability of Arabian countries. The number of precious minerals dictates the stability of a country’s economy. The discovery of Gold in the West led to growth of the economy.

People’s movement into the dreamland

The West is a land rich in natural factors necessary for human survival. People move from one place to the other in search of basic and luxurious goods and services. The environment they chose to inhabit has to meet the needs they hold in their hearts. The west is described as a dreamland in the article The People. People migrated from the east and other parts of the globe to enjoy the beautiful terrain in the west. It is astonishing how people can engage in extremely evil things to succeed. The desire for wealth turns people to beasts. They chose to enslave others so that they can be able to meet their needs. Some even slaughter others due to their thirst or lust for wealth.

America has grown from movement of people to the city. According to White (2001), the West has become the most powerful reality in the history of man. The citizens hold varied promises and visions for the country. The inhabitants are also proud of the West and always attempt to describe the good things from it. People are naturally egocentric. They are born in a world inhabited by capitalists who want what is best for them. The world has become a battleground where only the fittest can survive the existing competition for resources. People are different some do not get tired while others give up so easily before they achieve their vision or dream. Holliday (2001) notes the difference in these people saying they fail to follow the tradition. This is because Holliday’s great-grandfather never ceased to search for the precious stone.

Discovery of Gold and its impact

People are not aware when life’s opportunity will strike. In the normal course of the day along the American river, James Marshall discovered gold. This precious metal transformed people to beasts as they strived to procure it. They could work hard all day to get it. In 1848, War emerged in Mexico stretching to the pacific. The United States claimed practically the whole of the West. The precious metal discovered in California changed everything. People from other lands including china, Mexico and London among others, inhabited the country. The three immigrants wished to increase their earnings. Their activities included farming and tailoring among other activities that earned little.

All people according to Holliday (2001) were optimistic and wanted to be rich even with inadequate experience. They believed they would achieve and return home to their families. The discovery of the metal transformed a village into a city with thousands of occupants from different parts of the world. Conflict emerged as the original inhabitants’ land was threatened by the immigrants who wanted to rob them their land. America became revolutionized from the movement of the people who had to set up industries and trading centers where they would trade goods for survival. Banks had to open for storage of the precious metals. The movement led to extension of America’s boundary to the whole of the west. The country stretched from the Atlantic to the pacific a dream Jefferson held for long.

People should remain optimistic and visionary when exploiting the world. They should take opportunities and challenges as they present themselves. It is significant that the desire for wealth does not transform people to beasts who end up killing one another. The discovery of the precious stone in California was a plus to the development of the country and neighboring nations, the same did transform the economy of the world.

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