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Cancer Treatment Research: Informed Consent

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Dear potential participant, you are invited to become a part of the research project dedicated to cancer treatment methods in Hispanic patients. You are welcome to discuss this invitation with your friends, relatives, or anyone else before accepting this invitation. Please, be sure to take your time to make an informed decision concerning our proposal (Miller, 2015). The ultimate decision concerning whether you want or do not want to join the research project is undeniably up to you. Within the framework of the current study, we expect to investigate the influence of conventional medicine compared to herbal treatment in terms of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

We certify that all the necessary information will be presented briefly and clearly to ensure that we can outline the results of the study correctly. At this stage, we cannot disclose some sensitive parts of our research project. Still, you can check the additional documentation that we provide to get acquainted with the background of the study and why we decided to conduct it. We would also like to ask you to share with us the things that you expect/ want to learn within the framework of the current research.

In the case, if you finally decide to become a part of our research project, you will have to fill in a custom-designed survey. We believe that this will take you not more than 30-45 minutes. We expect you to be courteous and professional. Overall, your role in this project is to answer the questions presented in the survey and hand in the blanks. We are going to collect your papers and then analyze them to synthesize the findings and make several conclusions regarding the end data that you will provide us with. Please, be aware of the fact that you are going to be a part of this research until we make all the necessary steps and disclose the findings of the study. The approximate length of this study is four months.

You should also remember that we will have the ability to stop the research project at any given moment or take you out of the latter if we believe that the project may harm you in some way. You can be removed from the study for several other unrelated reasons (these may include wrongful behavior, personal reasons, inability to follow research guidelines, and many others) (Miller, 2015). Please, remember that this can be done without your consent. Also, you have the full right to drop out of the study if you want. You will not lose anything, and your information will not be disclosed.

There are several risks that we believe can be important within the framework of this study. The first one is the unreliability of the results due to research bias. The second one is inaccuracy caused by the size of the sample. We guarantee that you will not be exposed to any risk that cannot be predicted. Please, be aware of the fact that there are no non-physical or physical risks associated with our research project. To expand on this topic, we are making sure that our investigation does not cause economic harm to you and does not impose any psychological or social risks on any participant of the study. Your employability and social status will not be affected.

Based on the information presented above, we can conclude that several benefits can be interesting to you. Within the framework of the current research, you will most probably learn critical things regarding the effectiveness of herbal treatment methods and their influence on the organism (Butts & Rich, 2016). Besides that, the researchers do not guarantee any personal benefits. It may only be expected that you will benefit from the research by addressing the findings of the study if necessary.

It is also important to mention that the researchers guarantee that the project will be confidential and all the information will be stored properly. The researchers take the issues of confidentiality rather seriously and will make sure that no damage is caused and unauthorized data disclosure is impossible. The obtained data will only be available to the researchers throughout the whole lifetime of the project. After the project is completed, the outcomes and discussion of the study will be published online (no personal info will be disclosed). To ensure the safety of the data, the surveys will be kept in electronic format and protected by a complex password (the PC on which the files will be stored is also going to be password-protected).

You will not receive anything for participating in the current research project because your contribution to the investigation is voluntary. You have the full right to drop out of the study at any given moment. This decision will not end up in you being penalized, losing any benefits, or harming your interpersonal relationships with your family and relatives. If you decide to leave the project, your information will be withdrawn, and we will not use it at all.


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