Capital Punishment Applied Research Proposal

Nowadays corporal punishment remains one of the most controversial issues examined in the context of public administration. Although some people believe that it should continue to exist to ensure an appropriate punishment, others strongly adhere to the opinion that the death penalty should be prohibited due to its inhumane nature.

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In this regard, it is essential to thoroughly investigate the suggested topic to make relevant conclusions. The ethics of corporal punishment raises the majority of questions. Since it had long been applied in the past and is still used in some countries, people tend to experience controversial feelings towards such punishment. According to Hood and Hoyle (2015), public support promotes the continuation of this type of punishment. In their turn, Falco and Freiburger (2011) state that “strong public support can sway legislators to vote in favor of the death penalty and against any statutes seeking its repeal” (p. 830).

In other words, it becomes evident that the issue is quite elaborated in terms of public opinion. Speaking of the potential study approach, it seems beneficial to apply a case study to examine the stated topic in detail (Sharp, Aguirre, & Kickham, 2011). The relevance of the study cannot be overestimated as corporal punishment is directly connected with human life and the question of the inherited right to life of every individual. The relevance of the mentioned topic is also caused by the need for more effective punishment instruments that would decrease crime rates.

It is suggested that the research will reveal better ways of punishing criminal offenders that will be more ethical and holistic. In particular, prison might be more suitable for the expected outcomes of the punishment


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