Career in Developmental and Personality Psychology

Developmental Psychology

The types of work

Professionals who work in this area of psychology concentrate on the provision of required assistance to people with developmental issues. They often work with children who are retarded and try to improve their condition so that they can catch up with their peers. In addition to that, developmental psychologists spend much time helping the elderly because the representatives of this population are rather vulnerable to memory problems, etc. All in all, these professionals communicate with patients, define their physical or mental problems, create and follow a treatment plan (Kuther & Morgan, 2012).

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The type and level of education

In order to become a developmental psychologist, a person should get at least a bachelor’s degree, but the doctoral level gives one more chances to practice independently. So it is more advantageous for one to use a possibility to continue learning and receive master’s degree, Ph. D or Psy. D., as those who have a greater degree obtain more employment opportunities. Being a student, a person should focus on theory, statistics, and methodology of this area of psychology. Social and emotional development should also receive much attention.

Work settings and average incomes

Developmental psychologists can earn about $65,000. Still, it is significant to remember that salary can vary greatly, depending on the occupation, workplace, working hours, etc. Becoming a professional in this area, one receives an opportunity to work in different facilities. In general, they include educational, research or government settings and often prefer healthcare establishments.

Interest in the career

As I got to know more about development psychology, I realized that it appeals to me. I can see myself working in this sphere in the nearest future. Personally, I would like to help children who fail to reach the progress made by their peers. I believe that kind tend to be too cruel to those who differ. Thus, my assistance can be useful because it can help those who are special to become a part of the community and be treated just like others.

The most interesting thing in the work

It was interesting for me to get to know that developmental psychologists can work in governmental agencies and that many of them focus on the connection between personal characteristics, behavior, and the environment. This information is significant because it can help me to consider what I will do in future.

Everyday and real-world human experience in psychological pod-casts

In his podcast, Michael (2014) spoke about dementia. He paid attention to the fact that this disease affects the lives of the seniors enormously. Still, I was impressed to find out that it can be a two-edged sword. Even though I always realized that it prevents people from having positive memories as they are just forgotten, I could hardly imagine that it has advantages, such as a possibility to forget about quarrels.

The hot topic in the specialty area

The hot topic I am interested in is the lack of attention paid to developmental problems of the elderly. On the basis of my personal experience, I can say that people mainly connect developmental psychology with childhood issues. They often do not know that problems seniors have are treated by these professionals. That is why the life of the elderly worsens as well as their health condition. The representatives of the general public should know more about symptoms and treatment of such things as dementia so that this sphere can develop and improve the quality of life for the elderly.

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Personality Psychology

The types of work

Of course, developmental and personality psychologists have much in common, as they represent the same sphere. Still, it is critical to differentiate these professionals because the scopes of their practice hardly have much in common. For example, the last one focuses on people’s actions and thoughts. In addition to that, the emphasis is made on how they deal with their emotions, both positive and negative, and adjust to society. They can also consider how experiences from the childhood have affected one’s current state. The influence may be discussed concentrating on both physical and mental issues.

The type and level of education

Developmental and personality psychologists work in the same sphere that is why it is not surprising that the level of education, which they are expected to obtain does not differ. Professionals should be at least bachelors or masters while more benefit and independent practice can be obtained when becoming Ph. D or Psy. D. The knowledge received during the studies should concentrate on individual characteristics that motivate behaviors. They often discuss specific aspects of personality. Social norms should also be studied.

Work settings and average incomes

A professional earns about $72,000, but this number can become greater if one decides to work in a private field. Changes can also be observed depending on the facility and workload. Psychologists who operate in this area have an opportunity to choose whether they want to work in universities, research and healthcare facilities, profit or non-profit agencies. A wide range of workplaces ensures that every person can find something to his or her liking.

Interest in the career

As a got to know more about personality psychology, I realized that I may become a professional who works in this area because I am interested in its sphere. I always want to know why people think and behave in the way they do. I am interested in the things that shape a person, what makes people similar or different. To my mind, people who can answer these questions can change the lives of their subjects so that they can achieve their targets.

The most interesting thing in the work

When perceiving new information about personality psychology, I was surprised to get to know that these professionals can spend hours in archives. I realized that working with historical archives; they receive a chance to find out something more about people who lived before us and to focus on past societies. I was also impressed by the fact that they can help to design educational programs. Considering influences made on learners, they assist teachers for them not to waste time and effort, in defining the most optimal plan.

Everyday and real-world human experience in psychological pod-casts

In his podcast, Michael (2013) discussed the fact that people tend to get absorbed in some books and movies while others do not interest them much. He wondered why this happens only in particular cases and found out that the most appealing stories and films make individuals imagine that they are the protagonists. In this way, the representatives of the general public can receive an opportunity to reach new experiences that are not available in real life.

The hot topic in the specialty area

Brain training is discussed in the framework of personality psychology. This topic is rather hot today due to the innovations that are made in the sphere of technology. People always tried to increase their intelligence, but now new techniques appear which allows them to improve the process. Professionals start considering computerized training but remain skeptical. Research is needed to enhance the knowledge of the topic.

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