Carrefour Company: Retail Chain Configuration Updating

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Improving the design of a retail chain is an essential step toward enhancing the company’s competitiveness and performance rates in the global economy (Mangan, Lalwani, & Butcher, 2011). Since the retail chain design defines the speed and quality of the product and raw materials delivery, its configuration aimed at meeting the current standards and even possibly excelling them is bound to trigger an increase in the number of customers and the rates of their satisfaction.

To move the retail chain configuration of a firm such as Carrefour up the existing list of the typical retail chain designs can be carried out by reconsidering the current location of its stores and the quality standards adopted in the organization.

The relocation of the company’s stores can be justified by the fact that the accessibility of the product is one of the essential factors that define the consumers’ choices. In other words, as long as the shops are located in the vicinity and can be identified easily, Carrefour is likely to attract an increasingly large number of clients. More to the point, the specified strategy will help single Carrefour out among a variety of similar firm, therefore, increasing its competitive advantage.

Another essential change to be made to the design of the company’s operations, the quality of the products needs to be improved so that the retail chain could be enhanced and upgraded to the type IV. Working in the global market presupposes catering to the needs of the target population in the realm of increased competition rates; therefore, a firm needs to stand out of a range of similar ones to prosper.

Thus, it is essential that Carrefour should reinforce its quality standards and enhance corporate values to make sure that the staff members follow the instructions provided (Chan, Lettice, & Durowoju, 2011).

Additionally, the logistic strategy of the entrepreneurship will have to be reconsidered. As ti has been stressed above, it is crucial that the organization should improve the quality standards for the delivery of raw materials and the products to improve its retail chain. While the quality of the goods depends heavily on the specifics of the production process, they may also be damaged during the transportation.

Moreover, the transfer of raw materials and end products may take much time, thus, leading to the deterioration of the retail chain and, therefore, a drop in the customer satisfaction rates. Hence, the choice of the transportation methods, the identification of the route and the location of the possible hindrances is an essential component of the strategy for improving the retail chain.

Establishing a strong and efficient retail chain in the environment of the global economy is a challenging task that required the analysis of the physical location of the stores, the quality assurance process and the logistic operations performed in the firm.

Therefore, Carrefour will have to consider the redesign of some of its operations along with a change of its quality standards. By making sure that the clients could feel comfortable using its services, the organization is likely to succeed in the global economy.

Consequently, to make sure that the entrepreneurship moves up the list of the retail chain configurations list and improves the retail-related processes, one must focus on the physical location of its stores and the quality of the products. By arranging the stores in the manner that will make them more accessible by the target denizens of the population, the organization is going to benefit significantly.

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