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  1. Carrefour Company: Retail Chain Configuration Updating
    To move the retail chain configuration of Carrefour up can be carried out by reconsidering the current location of its stores and the quality standards adopted in the organization.
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart Company’s Retail Networks
    The paper presents the analysis of business concept applications on the example of the Shoppers Drug Mart company. It suggests ways to maintain the market share of retail networks.
  3. Bellevue Mall: Successful Retail in the Digital Age
    Bellevue Mall is an outlier in the retail space owned by a person and not a conglomerate corporation. This paper discusses the success of the mall.
  4. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation’s Retail and Services
    Shoppers Drug Mart pays significant attention to the development of an efficient retail network that makes the business attractive to customers.
  5. Customer Perception of Advertisements in Organised Retail
    This article is ideal in comprehending the impact of customer perception towards floor ads in retail stores in Oman.
  6. Apple Inc. in the Retailing of Consumer Electronics
    Apple is a quickly developed brand that focuses on improving the peculiarities of the company’s support of the customers and on providing an effective price policy.
  7. Retailing Strategies and Multichannel Marketing
    Retailing is a process that encompasses all the activities that sellers use to add value to the products that they sell to customers for personal use.
  8. Small and Medium-Sized Fashion Retail Enterprises
    The current dissertation proposal offers to investigate several success factors for small and medium-sized enterprises in fashion retail business in the UK.
  9. Retail Inventory Control Project Management
    This project ensures that the organization will save money and time thereby reducing the cost that the company is incurring while maximizing profits.
  10. The HR Business Partner Role in the Retail Industry
    HR business partners are specialists working with the main leaders of an organization to guarantee its evolution. This paper defines the role of the HRBP in the retail industry.
  11. The Importance of Sustainable Development in the Food Retail Sector
    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are discussed from the perspective of their relevance to the Canadian business in general and the food retail sector in particular.
  12. Information Technology-Based Data Management in Retail
    The following paper discusses the specificities of data management and identifies the most apparent ethical considerations using retail as an example.
  13. Bonobos: Digital Economy in the Fashion Retail Sector
    This paper will discuss the organization’s digital initiatives and their success, and the financial effect of the online strategies the company has adopted.
  14. Retail Environment: Employee Relationship, Channel Strengths and Weaknesses
    The most of the developed retail industry developed enough loyalty and incentive programs for customers to obtain the general reward. This forms their vital growth instrument.
  15. TNCs Contribution to Globalization of Retail Industry
    Transnational corporations make a great contribution to globalization issues and development of the global industry structure.
  16. Three New Original Future Retails Forms or Retail Combinations
    The article analyzes new forms of retail stores and combinations as one of the nowadays major trends in retailing.
  17. Ben Sherman: Retail Marketing and Logistics Issues
    This report observes the current positioning strategy of Ben Sherman company and illustrates the current competitive environment, as well as recommends future strategies.

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  1. Supervalu Retail Chain of Stores’ Market Analysis
    Currently, the chain stores are grappling with the effects of current recessions and inroads by discounters such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Sam’s Club.
  2. JS Sainbury and Its Non-store Retailing Business
    J.Sainsbury is based in the UK and its main business is in retailing sector while it has also diversified into providing financial services.
  3. High-End Retail Strategy Mix for a Shoe Store
    Location, operating procedures, goods and services offered, pricing tactics, and various promotional methods are very essential factors for the development of a company.
  4. The Competitive Advantage in the Aero-Engine and Global Retailing Markets
    This paper, on the example of four enterprises, analyzes aero-engine and global retailing markets with the intention of comparing their competitive advantages.
  5. Media in Retail Business
    This paper examines the context of media in a hypermarket business: How to maximize media revenue and create the greatest brand experience.
  6. Bibliography: Logistics, Retail and HR Management
    This article describes three sources about logistics, retail, and human resource management, its types of problems in difficult conditions, etc.
  7. Working in a Sphere of Retail
    Working in a sphere of retail has always been a questionable endeavor in terms of employee engagement in the work process and inner motivation.
  8. The Concept of Omnichannel Retailing
    The functioning of omnichannel marketing implies the creation of a seamless message adjusted through the company’s sales funnel to its customers on the basis of their behavior.
  9. Overhaul of the Retail Industry
    Retail is one of the industries that has undergone the most dramatic transformation in the last couple of decades.
  10. Marketing Strategies of Asda Company in Retail Market
    The main aim of this report is to identify the current stage of Asda in the retail market and its marketing strategies.
  11. Retail Online System Management
    This paper presents an information system project – retail online system management, which describes instructions with step-by-step description.
  12. Retail Trends of the Millennial Generation
    The Millennial generation tends to be active on the Internet, which is suitable for retailers as it brings various advantages to their businesses.
  13. Researching Retail Pharmacy
    Retail pharmacies are on the leading edge of rendering health care services to patients after the pharmacist has filled the consumer’s drug.
  14. Retail and Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Retail is the result of work to optimize B2B strategy and logistics. The pharmaceutical industry has become a classic business that increases sales and revenue from customers.
  15. Marketing. A Major Trend in Retailing
    Sales have been proven to be resilient in the past year and, consumers opted to shop online majorly serving as an acceleration of the preceding trends.
  16. Nine West: Retail Environment
    This paper discusses the retail environment of Nine West: Choosing a store location, the main weakness of the location, and channels of retail.
  17. Analysis of Structure of Copious Online Retail Company
    Copious is an online retail company that employs virtual teams in its management which common in today’s workforce as more organizations move to a management-by-projects approach.

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  1. Regulation of Retailing Through Parking Taxation
  2. E-Business & Traditional Retailing: Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping
  3. Consumption, Retailing, and Medicine in Early-modern London
  4. Online Book Retailing: Amazon and Its Competitors
  5. Why Are Personnel an Important Element of the Retailing Marketing Mix?
  6. Business Ethics and Manners in Retailing Sector
  7. Retailing Public Goods: The Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. Price Rigidity and Market Power in German Retailing
  9. Retailing Issues: Changing Demographics Customer Service to Millennials
  10. Jewelry, Watches, and Accessories Retailing in South Korea
  11. Electronic Commerce, Consumer Search, and Retailing Cost Reduction
  12. Home and Garden Products Retailing in Denmark
  13. Delivery Pattern and Transportation Planning in Grocery Retailing
  14. Crafting Integrated Multichannel Retailing Strategies
  15. Luggage and Leather Goods Retailing in Japan
  16. Business: Retailing and Low Price Guarantee
  17. Global Retailing and Civil Aero-Engine Manufacturing
  18. India Pakistan Apparel Retailing Operations Roadmap
  19. Environmental Implications for Online Retailing
  20. How Artificial Intelligence Affects the Retail Industry
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