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Case of McDonald’s. McDonald’s on Campus


The world of business is a versatile dimension in present days where every convenient means for making it effective is one more chance to exceed domains of a company’s influence. In this respect the ability of a company to provide new projects in making business successful and closer to direct customers is a goal which determines tomorrow’s place of a company in the market. It is high time to indicate the issue of whether or not should McDonald’s be placed on side of a campus. In the research the main intentions are promoted by the need to define advantages and limitations of such project. Moreover, the idea of cheap and fast lunches is of great concernment for students living in campuses. Every now and then the need in qualitative food is increasing in comparison with its price and conditions of services applied. This is why the problem of McDonald’s relocation to the area of a campus should be resolved and learnt before doing any actions. Research is important due to its probable use to make sales increased and the circling of production process spread in the dimension of huge gathering of people. It is known that many of McDonald’s restaurants are placed off campuses in the United States and in the UK, though, the issue is vital for the dynamics of the company’s further development and leading positions in comparison with closest rivals in this field of activities. The research asks for several questions, namely:

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  • What is a current situation with fast food industry in its relation to campuses?
  • Why is it important to implement McDonald’s restaurants inside the areas of campuses?
  • What are the benefits of in campus McDonald’s restaurants?
  • What mechanisms should be used for this purpose?


A wide of literature in the research shows different aspects according to the problem. In fact, this research is intended to show and develop the relation of such initiative toward current achievements of the company; pros and cons of McDonald’s on campus emergence; concern of the society and different communities, especially student ones, about the problem etc. The bibliography is based on the relevantly contemporary sources, which in turn represent not only reasoning about the problem, but also different researches published in journal articles.

Thereupon, the research is aimed at the critical analysis of the perspectives and rational approach toward the problem. Moreover, it is concerned with an implementation of attitudinal concept of masses living in the United States and in the UK. The world experience and current positions in sharing market area are outlined in order to show the reliability and straightforward relation of the issue toward improvements of social and national programs supporting student communities. As Groom and Groom (2000) outline McDonald’s has a strong structure and organization along with the use of high technologies and the experience in networking. Such objective makes the company apt to compete for the most progressive generations of people, meaning students and youngsters.


The research takes into account data gathered during the previous few years of discussion over the concentration of fast-food restaurants within easy reach from campuses. In this case the work was provided by different social organizations and centers within universities in terms of staying in touch with the latest news. Thus, the population of campuses is the main audience of the research with their structural or traditional peculiarities. Sampling of current and potential attitudes of young people toward McDonald’s Company is described in an intention to make out the societal evaluation of the problem with possible propositions and restrictions as well.

The investigation of problem by Vault Editors (2006) shows that a general attitude of students toward their campuses is outlined as something great and pretty which is concerned with good conditions for living, studying, and food. In this case the survey on the problem is seen to be based on the questionnaires which are needful to have an idea of students in campus searching for optimal ways of having lunch. For example, in the University of Missouri, as Rosenbaum (2005) states, the statistical data show that students are highly motivated to urge for lunches in fast-food restaurants, but they are bothered with a long period of time while being catered. Clyde (2008) proves the idea that off campus location of any within restaurants, and McDonald’s is not the exclusion in this respect, is considered to be dangerous and inconvenient for students. Gunderman (2005) shows in his observation of off campus dining prospects provides an idea that while McDonald’s is located outside campuses the rivals, such as Pizza Hut, Burger King and others, getting closer and closer to on campus locations. Moreover, the need of students to have not only bite, but also a part-time job is outlined as one of the main prospects (McElhaney, 2008). With regards to Reynolds (1994, p. 52) there should be a place for “management by wandering around”.

The variables of the research can be shown on different stands and graphical charts and schedules with pointing of the previous situation and its improvement in the short and long run. For this reason, the users and current customers will be informed via mass media sources, mainly by means of the Internet, with definite achievements at the time. So, the research should be concerned with the work of the IT department as well as the Customer Support department and structures responsible for the work with partners of the company. It is known that the company collaborates with other large corporations, so that to provide clients with a desired product (Hildreth, 2005). In this respect the cooperation with the Coca-Cola Company is helpful, because such an international beverage may serve as a stimulus for young people living in a campus to insist on McDonald’s on campus location.

With the above mentioned ideas the research is intended to have a definite period of time for making questionnaires completed throughout the largest campuses and universities as well. This can be done both according to other researchers’ reports and making an online questionnaire on the official site of the company. The points on encouragement will be exposed for the purpose of the objective estimation of people about the strategy of the project. Thus, it will take a month to collect and process the needful data.

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Points on reliability and validity will be optimized with a thorough cooperation with sociological centers, so that to promote the authority of some well-known organizations with all their pretences as of the data collection and the drive of the research. Furthermore, such cooperation can be emphasized with a charity work of the company’s social initiatives. In this respect, as Combs (2002, p. 35) notes, the experience of McDenver’s collaboration with universities was also aimed at the near-to-campus location of the restaurants, so that to “work with children from diverse backgrounds”.

The ethical issues will be concerned with the conveniences and perspectives for students in a bilateral direction of having bite and having a work opportunity. Moreover, this will be underlined with a necessity to provide better conditions for students’ safety. A possible negative attitude of the society may be concerned with healthcare domains and fast-food as a source of “health foes”. According to Debres (2005) such negative intentions can be simplified due to popularity of the brand within people in a long-term framework. In other words, people are still adored with McDonald’s since their childhood and during decades of years. Kirp and Roberts (2002) provide a thought about the tendency to make McDonald’s a part of the campuses notwithstanding its historical background on the example of the University of Virginia. Thereupon, it is vital to have tools for making such ethical objections not so categorical.

The Presentation of Results

Finally, the results will be performed in the form of the presentation with definite slides and additional aids in terms of making such project concerned with the contemporary needs of the society. Moreover, technical equipment for the presentation will be supported with the fluent verbal explanation and analysis of all goals and methods for making progress in the research. This presupposes that a direct presentation of facts will be accompanied with means for making current situation of the company more varied and improved. The results will be published after a procedure of agreement with the senior management team on the official web page of the company and in the mass media, namely in journals, such as Journal of Cultural Geography, Economic Perspectives etc.

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