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McDonald’s Fast Food Company’s Marketing Analysis


McDonald’s is an American fast-food chain that came up in San Bernardino, California, in 1940 as an eating place run by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It is one of the most well-known food brands globally, with a worldwide presence and strong consumer loyalty. Also, it keeps its management spot in the worldwide fast-food eatery segment by applying strategies that tackle domestic and peripheral variables, resulting in a rise in its growth rate. Its growth rate has become a sign of globalization and the expansion of the American lifestyle as it has extended into many states abroad. Although it has good consumer-focused strategies, it faces competition from other brands such as Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many others.

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Marketing Principles

After studying the market situation, determining the primary factor, determining the target segment, and determining the market demand, every Company must produce offers or other plans to accelerate the growth of the business. McDonald’s has always enhanced itself by giving fast services, which is a huge value increase in the business. There is no other location where you can get such a large selection of things at reasonable prices while still receiving efficiency, convenience, and customer service. The following are the marketing principles used by McDonald’s to enhance good services to its customers.

Product Strategy

The product refers to the tangible items and services provided by the Company to its clients. It mostly serves burgers, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts as a fast-food eatery. Despite being well-known worldwide, regional variations exist to fit client preferences and tastes despite McDonald’s meals.

Price Strategy

McDonald’s pricing policy has always been to give high-quality meals at a fair price, contributing to the restaurant’s long-term success. With the rising cost of living, it has started to offer combinations and specials to focus on consumers and earn income through a financial system of scale. The pricing strategy was devised to appeal to those in the center and poorer income brackets, and the results may be seen in its current clientele.

Place and Distribution Strategy

For the most part, the location comprises a delivery canal and a company channel. It is critical because the service or produce must be obtainable to consumers at the appropriate instance, location, and quantity. It has developed a variety of eatery arrangements, including ample space for customers, online access to food, and a joint venture with a food delivery firm. These new structures permit clients to obtain their preferred cooking at a particular time and place, giving them a better general understanding.

Promotion Strategy

The Company’s measures of backing assist it in successfully interacting with possible consumers. It utilizes a selection of promotional plans to raise brand trustworthiness and significance. Also, it gives the public who might not otherwise visit McDonald’s a reason to come.

Collaborations of McDonald’s

McDonald’s has a lengthy history of collaborating with a variety of businesses and artists. The goal of these agreements is to keep the Company’s brand fresh in the minds of its customers, which is more than just generating ad campaigns to sell the value of its products.

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Marketing Challenges

Loss of Customers

It will have to figure out a method to revive loyal customers’ love affair with the Big Mac once premium competitors have turned their heads.


On the other hand, McDonald’s must ensure that it can continue to attract low-income customers or risk losing out to its long-time competitor.


Despite its tremendous performance, the quick-service restaurant chain had issues in other parts of the world. During the covid crisis, comparable sales declined by 2.2 percent.

Business Impacts/ Implications

Provides Employment

More home workforce is engaged as more projects are urbanized in various locations. This improves employment rates and permits people to sustain their people. Many people are hired in the eatery industry, particularly at McDonald’s, to offer human resources in a branch and high-quality consumer service.

Access to More Talents

It is now easier for industries to find more gifts or people from new states who are good for their firms. Eateries that wish to be as victorious as McDonald’s can now hire citizens of various ethnicities and capabilities to help them develop globally.

Low Cost of Products

Also, it helps people in a range of places to live healthier lives for a lesser amount of funds. Several more fast food businesses, such as McDonald’s, compete for customers’ attention, and the best way to do it is to cut their food prices.


McDonald’s will continue to develop as a fast-food retailer as long as it capitalizes on its strengths and takes advantage of the opportunities given by its operating environment. With a strong presence in retail and online marketing and solid control over manufacturing and delivery, McDonald’s appears to be well-positioned to face industry-changing challenges. Globalization has both beneficial and detrimental effects on society. These ramifications can be seen in McDonald’s globalization. Once the marketing strategy has been designed and applied, it should try to recognize the feedback or comments of its customers.

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