CAVA Company’s Recruiting Practices

At the moment, CAVA company faces some challenges that might prevent it from further development and growth. The low entry-level payment in fast casual restaurants might serve as a limiting factor for the acquisition of new employees and cooperation with talented workers. For this reason, there is a critical need for the introduction of effective recruiting practices that might help to solve the situation and avoid understaffing.

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In accordance with the dominant trends in human resource management, motivation is one of the core components that might attract workers even if conditions are worse if to compare with other offerings that exist in the sector at the moment (Kotler and Keller 56). For this reason, it is critical to create an environment that might inspire potential employees and be beneficial for the personal and professional development of workers.

The first possible improvement is the introduction of special breaks of 5-6 minutes every two hours. The primary goal for this measure is that the majority of employees sit or stand for many hours during their working day. The creation of the practice of breaks will help to stretch their bodies, improve the bloodstream and brain circulation. It can be taken as a good benefit for all stakeholders of the company as after the pause and some physical activity, employees are ready to start with more energy and humor. It can also attract new specialists as the existence of this strategy can be taken as a beneficial condition that should be taken into account when looking for a good job.

The second possible action is the provision of specific training programs for all employees who agree to cooperate with CAVA for a prolonged period of time. From one hand, it will help to compensate for a comparatively low entry-level payment. The proposed courses are a central source of knowledge and skills for young specialists, and working with the company, they will be able to create the basis for their personal and professional development (Kotler and Keller 56).

From another, CAVA will also benefit from the improvement of its employees’ skills as they will contribute to its further growth. This practice can also motivate individuals who hesitate about their final solution to start working for the company.

Finally, top-talents can be attracted by the perspective of creativity. The fact is that small restaurants can be a good place for the use of innovative approaches to work, cooking, and other skills. Gifted employees can benefit from the opportunity to use their own recipes or unusual methods in work. It can also increase motivation levels and attract a big number of individuals to cooperate with the company.

Altogether, the proposed measures can be considered an effective way to align the improved work of CAVA and solve the problem of understaffing. Low payment at the initial stages of cooperation can serve as a limiting factor for new specialists. That is why the core task is to create an environment that will differ from other existing ones and attract talented workers by motivating them and outlining opportunities for personal and professional development. It should become the main strategy that will create the basis for the further evolution and CAVA’s becoming one of the leading actors in the selected sphere as a big pool of professionals can help to generate a serious competitive advantage.

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