Service Provider for Young People

Why and Who

The majority of organizations in the modern world focus on gaining profit and concentrate merely on the financial aspect of a business. Many fail to understand that many customers struggle with various interpersonal issues that need addressing, and companies can contribute to addressing these problems. Because of this, is a service that was created to combine the customer-centric approach with educational and consultation services that target individuals in need. The service was created to serve young people, which is the company’s primary target market, who rely heavily on interactions with friends and acquaintances. Helping young people overcome the challenges of growing up and encouraging them to eliminate self-doubt when being worried about their future is the reason why was created.

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Establishing a healthy teenage lifestyle is the principal purpose of the company due to the focus on the care for young people because of the need to develop healthy behaviors that could help them become successful in future life. The organization is expected to include people who care about the needs of others and can act as advocates and supporters. This means that the organization will foster positive connections between its customers and professionals working with individuals.

Issues That Young People Face

The problem of teenagers facing adverse psychological issues affects millions of people. Such issues are related to various causes, such as the high expectation to succeed in life, the pressure of social media, and the threats posed by the external world (Hall et al. 3). The levels of anxiety among younger people are continuously rising because they are pressured to succeed by their parents. For example, in 2016, 41% of students in their freshmen year of the college said that they felt overwhelmed by the expectations that higher educational institutions impose on them (McCarthy).

In 2000, 28% of students agreed with the statement, which points to the need to provide support and assistance to young people. Besides, more than 35 million children have experienced one or several types of childhood trauma (Stevens). The trauma causes young people to deal with further adverse mental health issues that limit the quality of life. Therefore, such services as the ones offered by are imperative for showing young people that they are valued and cared for.

Reachable Target Market

The target market of is niche and reachable because it is expected to include young people who struggle with reaching their goals as they are faced with multiple challenges. The consulting services that the organization offers are associated with helping young people develop healthy lifestyles, manage their behaviors, invest time and effort in education, and seek employment opportunities to become more successful in life. This specific target market of potential clients was selected because young people do not receive the desired level of support from the community. The clients will be reached with the help of phone hotlines, which are accessible to all young people.


To understand the target market that the organization will address, it is important to discuss the demographics. According to the OECD, the youth population is defined as those aged less than 15 years old. Moreover, adolescents will also be included in the target market, and they represent the population of persons aged up to 19 years old. In terms of the global trend, the number of adolescents and youth is at an all-time high; however, the proportion of young people globally is expected to decrease from 17.6% to 13.5% by 2050 (UNFPA 1).

It is expected that the population aged between 13 and 19 years old are the most likely to use the services offered by the organization because the teenage years are the most complicated period of their lives. As mentioned by Better Health, challenges that younger people aged 13-19 face include family issues, peer pressure, alcohol, and drug abuse, as well as sex and relationships.

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More younger people now tend to develop “mental health problems because of the social and family context. 24% of young people aged 5-19 who reported to have a mental health disorder were in a family that struggled with poor functioning” (Campbell). 28% of troubled young people have reported having a parent struggling with mental health illnesses themselves (Campbell). The social isolation of children has shown to lead to the exclusion of “their involvement in relationships with peers, which has led to the development of mental health issues that must be eliminated” (Matthews et al. 225).

The unmet needs of the target population are therefore concerned with addressing the challenges in mental health that have been mentioned above. When young people are struggling with adverse complications in psychological health, the services that offer support and guidance are fundamental (Ogundele 9).


The two flyers shown below are intended to be used for promoting Educare:

Promotion Educare
Promotion Educare

Buyer Persona

As seen from the buyer persona profile below, will be offering services to young people who struggle with reaching the established goals. The person is studying at an educational facility and has specific goals for the life of being successful. The individual fears failure and being unable to provide for his loved ones when growing up. Besides, the client needs to combine his work with the hobby of playing a musical instrument. In the second buyer profile, the concerns of a young person’s mother are reflected. This means that parents who are worried about their children’s future and well-being will also seek the services of

Buyer Persona
Buyer Persona

Strategic Solution

The strategic solution offered by is associated with meeting the needs of the company’s customers through addressing the pain points of target customers. The table below illustrates the expected pain points to be expressed by their potential customers. Based on the buyer profile above, several important pain points and the solutions for overcoming them can be presented.

Pain point:

Unable to find a job in the current economy.

Who is affected? Do you care about helping them?

Young people that study at college. Yes.

Target Customer/Market (who will you be communicating to help with the solution?)

Young people as well as employers at local businesses who can hire young people.

Target Customer/Market: This will become your “club” or tribe. Do you love helping them?


Target Customer Pain Point

Young people are challenged by the lack of work available to them. They need to find a reliable job that they can use as a resource for the future.

Strategic Solution to target’s pain?

Young people being more persistent in seeking work. Employers should be advised to be more accepting of hiring younger individuals who may have less experience but are ready to work.

Strategic solution statement: Are you young and cannot find work in your local community? Be more persistent and seek the assistance of community leaders that can communicate with employers.

Pain point:

Worries about a child becoming antisocial.

Who is affected? Do you care about helping them?

A parent of a child becoming antisocial. Yes.

Target Customer/Market (who will you be communicating to help with the solution?)

The parents whose child is getting antisocial. The young person experiencing complications in social integration.

Target Customer/Market: This will become your “club” or tribe. Do you love helping them?


Target Customer Pain Point

The mother is worried about the lack of social adaptation of her child and wants her to have a healthy lifestyle.

Strategic Solution to target’s pain?

Developing a community intervention for young persons becoming antisocial.

Strategic solution statement: Worried about your children being antisocial? Join a community intervention to help young people become better integrated into society.

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Value Proposition

A value proposition refers to the value that an organization promises to deliver to customers should they choose to purchase a certain product or service (Twin). As deals with communicating with people, the unique value proposition of the brand will be associated with providing the general community with support and guidance regarding solving their issues and challenges. The table below presents the approaches to the position of alongside the examples that show the range of propositions offered to its clients.

Approach Example
Positioning against a competitor provides better services as compared to SidebySide, Teen Line, The Youth Alliance, and Youthline.
Positioning within a category Within the category of online youth support services, is the most reliable and convenient service.
Positioning according to product benefit Online and telephone hotline that provides support and guidance to youth in trouble as well as their parents.
Positioning along price lines The service is available for free for everyone in need.


Goal Numerical Amount/ Measure of Goal to Achieve Attainable? Who’s Responsible Time Start Time End
1. Deliver flyers to potential customers 1000 flyers delivered to next college fair Yes. Me Dec 15 Dec 20
2. Post 5 Instagram social media posts 5 Instagram posts made to raise awareness of the service. Yes. Me Jan 1 Jan 30
3. Develop a YouTube video to market the service 1 YouTube video shot. Yes. Me. Feb 1 Feb 20
4. Collect feedback from customers Feedback collected from 100 clients. Yes. Me. Feb 21 Mar 15
5 Collect feedback from workers of Feedback collected from 20 employees. Yes. Me. Mar 16 Mar 30

Marketing/Sales Communication

Social media is expected to become the focus of the marketing efforts of because young people use them every day for both networking and entertainment. The content of the advertisement is likely to be in the same realm as the flyers that will be disseminated physically among customers. The designs of the flyers can be used as visual materials supporting the advertisements. It is necessary to engage potential clients in a conversation about their mental health and personal life to show that Educare is a service from which young people can benefit. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles will be created to raise awareness of the service across multiple platforms. Moreover, the platforms will encourage the interactions between Educare and prospective clients because of the anonymity aspect of social media use.

Media Strategy Schedule

Time Channel Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10-11 AM Twitter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 AM – 6 PM Fax/Phone Calls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 AM – 1 PM Facebook Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 PM – 3 PM Instagram Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 PM – 5 PM YouTube Yes Yes Yes
11 AM – 6 PM Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Risk Management

For to develop a positive brand image and provide high-quality services to its customers, it is imperative to account for several risks. Working in the sphere of mental health support and guidance, the organization requires the expertise of skilled professionals with a background in social services and mental health care. The table below shows the expected risks that the organization may encounter alongside mitigation strategies targeted at eliminating the problems.

Risk Probability Impact Likely/
1. Failure to attract clients to the services that provides. High High Med Implementing effective marketing and public relations efforts. Using social media as the key tool for attracting potential clients.
2. The lack of expertise provided by professionals working at Mod High Mod The HR department of the organization is expected to hire only professional workers who know how to communicate with
3. Inability of the company to meet the expectations of clients. High High High It is essential to communicate with clients about their needs and expectations when it comes to helping them. Collecting feedback frequently on the satisfaction with services is expected to provide the company with a comprehensive look at the effectiveness of its services.
4. The lack of customers’ engagement and poor brand image. Mod Mod Mod should engage their customers in a conversation regarding the quality of their services and encourage the sharing of their experiences with others.

Short Budget Table

Item to achieve the goal(s) Cost of Item
Deliver flyers to potential customers, up to 1000 disseminated among potential clients. The flyers are expected to cost around $200.
Post 5 Instagram social media posts to encourage brand awareness and recognizability. The cost spent on Instagram posts and their advertisement can amount to $500.
Develop a YouTube video to market the service to potential customers. The costs spent on YouTube are expected to reach $1000.
Collect feedback from customers regarding their experiences. This goal can amount to $100 on networking expenses.
Collect feedback from workers of regarding their experiences. The goal is not expected to cost anything.
Total Estimate $1800.

The breakdown of goals and their expected costs shows that the established goals are not expected to cost much because all of them are targeted at promoting the services at, and the dissemination of information does not cost much when technologies are involved. The steps developed are all focused on shaping the positive brand image and encouraging the engagement of potential customers into the conversation about how their needs can be met.


The implementation of a project involving a company that offers guidance and support services to customers in need revealed several important issues. One of the key takeaways of the project is associated with the need to create an environment of collaboration and conversation with the potential clients of the organization. The youth, which is the target population of, presents a complex customer profile because of the multi-dimensional nature of the issues that they face on an everyday basis. The problem of mental health and poor social adjustment is especially relevant in the context of the chosen target population.

Another important takeaway from the project is concerned with developing a brand image that would facilitate the engagement of the target audience. This is possible through using social media as the primary method of communicating with young people. Such online platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube represent opportunities for promoting the services of while also engaging young people in the conversation about their present challenges and issues. Moreover, the youth is the main audience of social media platforms. Overall, such services as offer young people the support they need to succeed in life and reach their goals.

The incorporation of tools such as SMART goals, Buyer persona, strategic solutions, media strategy schedule, risk management, and budgeting allowed to develop an all-encompassing perspective on important steps involved in developing a business project. For a company to become successful, even if it is hypothetical, it is necessary to account for every step associated with developing a concept and its further realization.

Works Cited

Better Health. “Young People (13-19).” Better Health. Web.

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