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Character Analysis in the Mean Girls Movie

Character Analysis

The movie Mean Girls explains how gifted students act. One of the myths and stereotypes of a gifted person states the person can solve the average class problem faster than the normal student. Some myths and stereotypes of gifted persons are correct.

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Mean Girls Summary

The Mean Girls movie focuses on the struggle of one gifted child (Michaels, 2004). The child, Cady, strives to belong to a group. Her new school friends, Janis and Damian, persuade Cady to infiltrate Regina’s high society group, Plastics. Once inside, Cady creates chaos among the Plastics group members. The members are Gretchen, Regina and Karen. In retaliation, Regina distributes the burn book gossips. The blame for the distribution is falsely placed on Cady, Karen and Gretchen. Clearly, Cady goes out her way to belong to a preferred group.

In order to win new school friends, Cady eagerly obeys the instructions of both Janis and Damien. Cady hides her superior intelligence. Cady pretends to have low math intelligence. Consequently, Cady seeks Aaron’s tutorial help. Later, Cady dumps Aaron. Cady decides to expose her real academic self. Cady joins the school’s math team. Being mentally intelligent, Cady wins the math contest. The story ends with Cady patching up with everyone (Michaels, 2004).

Characteristics of the gifted student, Cady

The gifted person has several telltale characteristics (Bybee, 2010). When analyzing a problem or class question, the gifted person employs logic. Cady logically obeys the instructions of Janis and Damian. Cady realizes that destroying Regina’s reputation retain the friendship of both Janis and Damien. Surely, the gifted person is a logical person.

Like other gifted persons, Cady eagerly does whatever it takes to win the academic contest (Bybee, 2010). Cady can see the patterns and relationships of every test question. Math problems can be solved by applying the standard math concepts. Clearly, the gifted person eagerly tries to win academic activities.

The gifted student prioritizes getting the correct exercise answers. During the academic contest, Cady radiates her mental prowess by getting the highest score (Montgomery, 2009). Cady proves to everyone that the gifted person can easily arrive at the right classroom solution. Surely, the gifted person produces the right solution (Bybee, 2010).

The gifted student prefers entering intellect-based challenges (Bybee, 2010). Solving the math problems, the gifted Cady effectively scrutinizes each problem’s given information. Cady decides to stop pretending to be a mundane math student. Instead, Cady prepares for the upcoming math contest. Cady dumps the normally intelligent Aaron. Without a doubt, the gifted person dwells in intellectually challenging environments.

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Similarities between the characteristics of gifted children and Cady, the gifted student

Both the average gifted person and Cady have similar characteristics. Both the average gifted person and Cady love mental challenges (Bybee, 2010). The average gifted person and Cady prefer solving complex classroom problems. Clearly, mental challenges attract all gifted persons, including Cady.

Second, the average gifted person and the gifted Cady abhor boring activities (Bybee, 2010). The joining of academic contests allows both the average gifted person and Cady the privilege to challenge the other gifted students. Surely, all gifted individuals hate boring actions.

Third, both the average gifted person and the gifted Cady often lead the group of normal persons. In a group, all gifted persons help their mediocre group mates arrive at the correct problem or research question (Bybee, 2010). The average person enthusiastically learns from the gifted group leader. Undoubtedly, the gifted individuals, especially Cady, lead the members to the right conclusion.

Characteristics Variances between the Average Gifted

Person and Gifted Cady

There are differences between the characteristics of the average gifted person and the gifted Cady. Most gifted persons do not hide their intelligence. On the other hand, Cady feigns being an averagely intelligently person. Pretending to be weak in the math subjects allowed Aaron’s tutoring of Cady (Bybee, 2010).

Second, the average gifted person prioritizes challenging activities alone. On the other hand, gifted Cady focuses some of her precious time helping the Plastics group. Cady’s superior intelligence will not maximize her mental prowess (Bybee, 2010). Clearly, the gifted person loves challenges.

Insightful Reflection of the movie

The movie Mean Girls correctly shows a realistic view of giftedness, adding something to the current understanding. The superior intelligence often bothers the gifted person. It is difficult for a gifted student to enter into an understanding relationship with other normal students. The gifted student, Cady, loves challenging discussions. Without a doubt, gifted Cady is troubled by her superior intelligence (Michaels, 2004).

In the Mean Girls movie, the classroom situation correctly shows gifted Cady can effortlessly absorb the day’s class lessons. When the teacher slows down the discussion to the average intelligence level speed, the gifted Cady feels the discussion is unfavorably slow. Evidently, the gifted Cady effortlessly learns her class lessons (Michaels, 2004).

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Summarizing the above discussion, the gifted person can easily solve complex classroom problems. The gifted person, especially Cady, prefers joining mind-challenging activities. Cady, the gifted person also falls in love, pretending to be an average person. Overwhelmingly, several myths and stereotypes of the gifted person are true.


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